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Dec 21, 13-Dec 22, 14
$100-$499 Brown Donors

Brown Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

Brooks & Tammy Bentley
Big Horn Brewery/CB & Potts
Marc Brown
Dennis Cook
Lee Evans
Finest Fly Tying Benches
Walt Graul
Handmade Art Co.
Wil Huett
JAX Mercantile
Mark Miller in memory of Jerry Ellsworth
Morrell Printing
NoCo FlyFishing
Robert Haberstroh Memorial
Sportsman’s Warehouse
St. Pete’s Fly Shop
Caleb VanWagner
Wayne Fishell Estate

$50-$99 Brook Donors

Brook Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

Kirk’s Fly Shop
Eric Pettine

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Rocky Mountain Flycasters and Trout Unlimited

What is noteable and quotable? See the brand new Quotes and Notes on the calendar page. Perhaps something you’ve written or said is included. There is a new one for every day of the year.

What is Happening on the Poudre?

On Saturday, January 31, 2015 attend the second annual Poudre River Forum. One River, Many Voices is the theme for this year’s Forum at The Ranch Events Complex. The Poudre River is a special place for those of us who live and recreate along it. Sometimes we take it for granted, but once a year we have an opportunity to join together to learn more about it and celebrate it.

You may register to attend on-line at: www.cwi.colostate.edu/thepoudrerunsthroughit

U.S. Forest Service Rapid Stream Assessment

The US Forest Service has asked Colorado TU to assist in assessing the post-flood stream conditions on Forest Service lands in the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest. CTU assigned portions of those streams to four Front Range TU chapters. RMF was assigned reaches on the Big Thompson River between the canyon mouth and Drake; headwater reaches on Buckhorn Creek; and the Muggins Gulch tributary of the Little Thompson River.

20141107 Buckhorn Crew
Rear (L-R): Dave Piske, Bruce Rosenthal, Phil Wright, Tim Meyer, Paul Wehr, Marc Brown,
and Frank Bub. Front (L-R): John Reardon and Dennis Cook
Rodney Albers and Bill O’Hare worked other days of the assessment.
Six RMF members had previously attended training sessions conducted by CTU staff. They learned the extensive list of data needed by the Forest Service personnel who will formulate plans for stream improvements, and how to observe, measure, and record the needed data.
On November 5, 7, and 8, the trainees, assisted by equally eager, untrained volunteers, dedicated long hours to conducting the highest priority on-stream assessments. Fortunately the weather was ideal on each of those days. Classroom-acquired knowledge was smoothly transferred to the untrained volunteers; on-stream procedures and specific team-member tasks were adopted by considering personal preferences and previous experience. Four-person teams seemed to be the most productive. And the combination of classroom-trained and on-stream trained volunteers functioned well. The teams also quickly learned that the combination of extensive data collection and physical obstacles to on-stream progress meant slower progress and long hours to accomplish the daily goals.
Overall, the enthusiasm of all the volunteers was truly amazing and, at the end of each day they were rightfully proud of their accomplishments.
There will be continuing base-line assessment work days into the spring of 2015 so there is still the opportunity to join a crew. Contact Conservation Chair Dave Piske.

RMF 2014 Youth Day Camp

Our 2014 Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Day Camp is now several weeks ago and a memory, but a great memory. Dennis Cook, Youth Outreach Chair and Camp Director says, “…this may have been the consistently highest caliber group of campers of all our five camps.” We have a gallery of photos from our days at camp and invite you to look through all the activities. See the six-day photo gallery and read more of the events in the August Flypaper newsletter.

2014 Campers & Mentors
2014 Rocky Mountain Flycasters Day Campers and Their Mentors after Fishing Cub Creek in Rocky Mountain National Park

Keep in mind the last weekend in July, 2015 for next year’s camp.

Awards for Excellence, Achievement, and Distinction

If you know someone who should be recognized by Rocky Mountain Flycasters, now is the time to think about making a nomination. Nominations are designed to recognize member volunteers and chapter partners' achievements. Recognition will be announced to chapter members and communicated prominently across our Colorado host community. Nominations for awards, with supportive information, must be received between January 1-31 by email to the RMF Secretary.

Award categories seek to recognize both RMF members and community partner organizations in multiple categories.
RMF Member Awards

  • Exemplary Chapter Function, Project or Activity Leadership Award
  • Exemplary Youth Education Award
  • Exemplary Youth Member Award
  • Exemplary Conservation Volunteer Award
  • Outstanding Chapter Volunteer Award

NoCO Outreach Awards

  • Exemplary NoCO Guide/Outfitter Award

Begin preparing soon by reviewing the Award criteria page.


Trout Unlimited has been notified that a called Platinum Publishing sent out renewal invoices for TROUT magazine for $79.95 to some of our members. Please be advised that this is a SCAM and did not originate from TU’s offices. Please do not respond to these invoices, but rest assured tu.org and our Woolly Bugger, WV, post office box are fully operational, secure and ready to process dues and gifts. Pass this message along to the volunteers in your chapter.


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Are you a Sustaining Donor? Sustaining Donors are members of Trout Unlimited (TU), non-members, and businesses who recognize that without this kind of community support our Chapter can not adequately protect, conserve, and restore Colorado’s cold-water fisheries and their watersheds. Sustaining Donors are recognized at various levels. Contributions are greatly appreciated and we acknowledge sustaining donors in multiple ways. Find out more.


The Flypaper newsletter

The December 2014 issue of The Flypaper newsletter is available now. You can sign up to receive it online by using our signup form or by sending a message to our Flypaper editor. You can also download a pdf version of the newsletter from the newsletter page. Inside this issue:
  • From the President
  • Special Events this Month
  • Conservation Notes
  • Community Outreach Notes
  • Let’s Go Fishing Notes
  • Rocky Mountain Flycasters Sustaining Donors


What else? Want to find out more about what Rocky Mountain Flycasters does in our area? Take a look at the About Us page and download the brochure we prepared.

More on our Current Calendar

Behnke-RMF Research Fellowship

Rocky Mountain Flycasters continues to support the Robert J. Behnke-RMF Research Fellowship. We need to raise money through donations for each year’s fellowship and we are seeking additional donations. Read more about the fellowship and you can use this Donation Form to make a contribution. This fellowship helps a Colorado State graduate student with research and honors the life-long contributions being made by Dr. Behnke.

Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Exclusives

Stop cross-water contamination!

Whirling disease. Dydimo. New Zealand Mud Snails. Chytrid fungus. These are very real threats to our waters. If you follow some very simple, inexpensive procedures, you can help curb the spread of these diseases. See Common Sense Disinfection Procedure by Phil Wright.

Inexpensive Wading staff

Are you as "sure footed" as you would like to be? Are you ready for the spring run-off? The raging spring torrents can quicky take your feet from under you. It could be that you might need a wading stick. Here’s how to build one out of inexpensive/used materials. Phil Wright put together this helpful HOW-TO (pdf 412 KB) so you can have your own hand-crafted wading stick.

Current Issues

Rock Snot

Is didymo invading your favorite stream? Read this article and Phil Wright's about decontamination.

For water conditions in our area, please check U.S. Geological Survey’s Real-time water data.
Last updated on 18 Dec, 2014