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Big T Restoration
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Big T Restoration
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Sustaining Donors
May 27, 15-May 26, 16
$500-$999 Rainbow Donors

Rainbow Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

CMS Mechanical Services, Inc.
Dr. Ron Sheets Memorial
Greg Evans
Bob Green
Wil Huett
Jax Outdoors
Kirk’s Fly Shop
David Piske
Vicky Russell
Stone Creek, Ltd.
The Coloradoan

$100-$499 Brown Donors

Brown Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

Frank Cada
Tom Culbertson
Yang Qian & Edward McConnaughey
Lee Evans
Handmade Art Co.
Horse & Dragon Brewing
Jax Fish House
Jay’s Bistro
Marc McKenzie
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Steve Schweitzer
Robert Streeter
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Yampa Valley Anglers

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Rocky Mountain Flycasters and Trout Unlimited

May Annual Meeting

20160518JohnPerrygfxAt our Annual General meeting, we look forward to host John Perry, Alaskan guide and Bob Sampson discussing Pueblo tailwater. More on the meeting below.

Youth Day Camp

20150801CampRMNPOur Fly Fishing and Conservation Day Camp Application period is open. See Below.
Download the Application Packet.

Big Thompson River Riparian Restoration Project

Saturday, May 21 on the lower Big Thompson River at the Morey Reserve, restoring riparian habitat for the benefit of rare species and trout.
More information and contacts below.

Odell Fly Fishing Party

Join us for a great time at Odell’s RESCHEDULED Annual Fly Fishing Party below.

Trout Unlimited calls for accountability in Big Thompson fish kill Asks: How did this happen, and how can it be prevented from happening again?

(DENVER) – Trout Unlimited today called for answers and accountability in the wake of a construction spill last month that killed more than 5,600 wild trout on the Big Thompson River near Estes Park.

The massive fish kill, first reported Tuesday by High Country News, happened March 7, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) delayed reporting the accident until this week, it said, to conduct analysis of the fish kill. In a release, CPW said that “site conditions, weather, soil, topography” and other factors led to seepage from concrete work, which raised the pH of the water, killing and sickening fish in the North Fork of the Big Thompson and on the mainstem.

More than half of the trout in the 8-mile river stretch from Drake to west Loveland were killed by the spill, according to the CPW analysis.

“This is body blow to the Big Thompson that sets back efforts by several partners, including TU, to restore the wild trout population in the canyon,” said David Nickum, executive director of Colorado Trout Unlimited. “The Big T is a very famous and popular river with anglers, and we’re deeply concerned about how an accident of this magnitude could have happened.”

Nickum said TU has a number of questions about the spill.

“What mistakes or human failures caused the accident? What best practices were in place during construction to prevent a major spill like this into prime trout habitat? And what procedures or guidelines need to be changed to ensure that this kind of catastrophe doesn’t happen again?”

He added, “There need to be answers and accountability.” Nickum called for CPW to push for full financial restitution from responsible parties to offset damage to the Big Thompson trout fishery, which contributes $4.3 million annually to the local economy.

TU’s local grassroots chapters in Estes Park and Fort Collins have been involved with willow planting and other habitat improvement projects on the Big Thompson in the wake of the September 2013 floods that devastated the river corridor.

“We’re deeply disappointed that recovery work we’ve done since the flooding has taken a big hit,” said Wil Huett, president of TU’s Rocky Mountain Flycasters chapter in Fort Collins. “We’ll get back to work to rebuild habitat and fish populations in the river, but this is a major setback.”

RMF Conservation Projects – 2016

Big Thompson - Lower North Fork Revegetation

In 2015, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers began a massive 2-½ mile river restoration project along the North Fork of the Big Thompson River. Finally, road reconstruction is complete and the dam has been removed!!! Now join Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and Rocky Mountain Flycasters as we finish this project by restoring the riparian corridor.

Level of involvement: Intermediate, Full Day, Family Friendly, Miniumum Age: 16 and up with parent/guardian)

In cooperation with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, sign up now with WRV for your choice of any, or all, of the following 2016 dates. On the WRV registration page for each project, find a box having a line titled “Event Group”. Click on the “Select” button on that line and Trout Unlimited should appear on the button. With Trout Unlimited displayed, click on “Save” and you will be enrolled as a Trout Unlimited volunteer. Apr 2 (rescheduled from Mar 19), May 7, May 17, Jun 4, and/or Sep 10.

Volunteers will spread native seed across bare floodplains and mountain valley meadows a stone's throw from Rocky Mountain National Park. Containerized plants will also be planted. However, early in the season our priority is seed! This project will primarily spread native seed and mulch and will be on the easier side of "intermediate" in degrees of difficulty.

Have questions about the field day? or call 970-493-2075.

Our objective is to restore and enhance geomorphic and ecosystem function in the Big Thompson’s North Fork canyon, including the ongoing re-grading of stream banks and the stabilization of banks by installing erosion control bioproducts and planting native trees, grasses and shrubs whose roots naturally armor stream banks and provide habitat for fish and wildlife.

Poudre River trails construction and improvements in Fort Collins Natural Areas

The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department is in a multi-year program to improve the health of the Poudre as it flows through designated Natural Areas. Rocky Mountain Flycasters has been actively supporting these improvements for 5 years, and continues this year with two projects:

  • Poudre River Trail work
    Fort Collins Natural Areas Department – Adopt-a-Trail Program
    Saturday, April 30, 8:30am – 1:00 pm
    Trout Unlimited volunteers and friends are invited to help maintain trails along the Poudre River.  Volunteers will be constructing a new section of trail at North Shields Ponds and resurfacing tread near the Poudreometer at McMurry Natural Area. Join us for a morning of meaningful work and then celebrate with fishing afterward! Lunch, snacks, tools and all project supplies will be provided. Registration required: Email David Morse, our Gateway Coordinator.
  • Gateway Natural Area Trail Maintenance
    Fort Collins Natural Areas Department – Adopt-a-Trail Program
    Saturday, July 23, 8:30am – 1:00 pm
    Pitch in and spend the day in the beautiful Poudre River Canyon! Volunteers will be maintaining the Black Powder and Overlook Trails at Gateway Natural Area. All volunteers will receive free admission into Gateway and are invited to stay and fish after the project.  Lunch, snacks, tools and all project supplies will be provided. Registration required: Email David Morse, our Gateway Coordinator.

Skin Gulch Stream Restoration- Poudre Canyon

The High Park Fire ravaged over 85,000 acres of Northern Colorado lands, leaving hundreds of residents displaced and over 41,000 acres of land burned at a moderate to high severity! Along with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and the Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed (CPRW), Rocky Mountain Flycasters is happy to join in this last Skin Gulch project. This will finish the work begun at Skin Gulch once and for all!

Level of involvement: Intermediate, Full Day, Family Friendly
Sign up through WRV for Saturday, April 23.

Willow planting, seeding and mulching will complete restoration treatments on the last plot of land to be treated along Stove Prairie Creek right at the confluence of the Poudre River. Bring your fishing rod to finish out the day on the river after the project. for more info or with questions.

Release Notice - Living Streambanks:
A Manual of Bioengineering Treatments for Colorado Streams

Many of you are aware, following the 2013 floods Rocky Mountain Flycasters (RMF) was awarded a grant by the Colorado Water Conservation Board to support various defined objectives. Task two of the grant framework was the creation of a Bioengineering manual.

This bioengineering manual is a compilation of much of the best-available research and industry knowledge on the subject of streambank bioengineering, and has been developed by a team of geomorphologists, hydraulics engineers, river restoration practitioners, restoration ecologists, and others. Our original goal was to create a useful resource for planners, coalitions, designers and practitioners working on post-flood and other river restoration projects throughout Colorado.

While this version of the manual is complete, and reflects significant input from the review committee, it is still listed as draft with the hopes of receiving input/editorial feedback from a broad audience that will inform the final 2016 edition later this summer.

The companion revegetation matrix and willow and cottonwood restoration guide (see links below) are provided here for your review, and will be compiled into the final 2016 edition as a single document.

I believe this may be the first time a Colorado Chapter of Trout Unlimited has participated in the development of this type of resource. The information contained in the three documents is applicable to all drainages in Colorado. The information is available to any person of interest through the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Colorado Emergency Watershed Protection website.

A lot of work went into this product and we should be very proud that RMF is a noted partner in this work. I hope you will all take a few minutes to visit the linked sites. Please note the reveg matrix downloads as an Excel spreadsheet. It is an impressive amount of information that can be utilized for years to come.

Dick Jefferies, Past President

Download the poster
2016 Fly Fishing Day Camp Applications

A brown in hand
Abby & RMNP brown
We are happy to announce that the 2016 Fly Fishing Day Camp application materials are ready to download. This amazing six day camp is a great experience for learning about habitat, trout food, fly tying, casting, and much more. It is also a terrific opportunity to catch a few fish.
See the 2016 Camp page for more information and to download the application packet. Participants are limited to 15 so complete and submit your application as soon after April 1st as you can. GRAB THE 2016 APPLICATION PACKET.
On the camp page, be sure to read the random comments from parents and campers about their experiences during the previous camps. You will see why we are convinced this camp is important to our campers and to the future of our watersheds.

2016 Camp Download Button

Fishing Report

Over the weekend of March 18-20 of this year, Ben Zomer was host to a trip up into Wyoming to fish Gray Reef and the Miracle Mile. Our Outdoor Coordinator Mark Miller was part of the group fishing and taking pictures. We think he may have a future career in the F3T. Here for your pleasure is a short trailer about fishing Gray Reef and Fremont Canyon (meadow section). Includes underwater clips of rainbows preparing to spawn.

Grey Reef Trout
Click on the image to view the preview.

If you want to join up with other Rocky Mountain Flycasters for some fun fishing, see our Let’s Go Fishing! page.

RMF patch

Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ sew-on patches are back in stock.

You can order yours online or pick one up at our General Meetings. Show your pride in our chapter by showing your membership on your shirt, jacket, and/or vest.

What is noteable and quotable? See the brand new Quotes and Notes on the calendar page. Perhaps something you’ve written or said is included. There is a new one for every day of the year.


Trout Unlimited has been notified that a company called Platinum Publishing sent out renewal invoices for TROUT magazine for $79.95 to some of our members. Please be advised that this is a SCAM and did not originate from TU’s offices. Please do not respond to these invoices, but rest assured tu.org and our Woolly Bugger, WV, post office box are fully operational, secure and ready to process dues and gifts. Pass this message along to the volunteers in your chapter.


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  • May 18 Children’s Water Festival Fort Collins
  • May 18 Annual Meeting
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  • May 22 Rescheduled Odell’s Fly Fishing Party
  • June 4 USFS Kids Free Fishing Day at Redfeather Lakes
  • June 4 Poudre Riverfest at Ft. Collins Legacy Park
  • June 4 Lower North Fork Big Thompson - Revegetation
  • June 4 Fishing: Twin Buttes Reservoir near Laramie
  • June 25 Fishing: Joe Wright Reservoir
  • July 9 Fishing: Lake Agnes
  • July 23 Gateway Natural Area trail maintenance
  • July 31 Phantom Canyon Trail Maintenance and Fishing
  • August 1-6 RMF Fly Fishing/Conservation Day Camp
  • August 7 Phantom Canyon backup day
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  • August 21 Phantom Canyon Trail Maintenance and Fishing
  • August 28 Phantom Canyon backup day
  • Sep 10 Lower North Fork Big Thompson - Revegetation
  • September 16-18 Fishing: Yampa Tailwater
  • September 17 Phantom Canyon 50th Anniversary Volunteer Day
  • September 18 Phantom Canyon Trail Maintenance and Fishing
  • Oct early Fishing: Frying Pan/Roaring Fork

Are you a Sustaining Donor? Sustaining Donors are members of Trout Unlimited (TU), non-members, and businesses who recognize that without this kind of community support our Chapter can not adequately protect, conserve, and restore Colorado’s cold-water fisheries and their watersheds. Sustaining Donors are recognized at various levels. Contributions are greatly appreciated and we acknowledge sustaining donors in multiple ways. Find out more.

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The Flypaper newsletter

The May 2016 issue of The Flypaper newsletter is available on our website. You can sign up to receive it online by using our signup form or by sending a message to our Flypaper editor. You can also download a pdf version of the newsletter from the newsletter page. Inside this issue: May 2016: The Flypaper Newsletter 1.2 MB PDF file
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Behnke-RMF Research Fellowship

Rocky Mountain Flycasters continues to support the Robert J. Behnke-RMF Research Fellowship through donations for each year’s fellowship and we are actively seeking donations. Read more about the fellowship and you can use this Donation Form to make a contribution. This fellowship helps a Colorado State graduate student with research and honors the life-long contributions made by Dr. Behnke.

Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Exclusives

Stop cross-water contamination!

Whirling disease. Dydimo. New Zealand Mud Snails. Chytrid fungus. These are very real threats to our waters. If you follow some very simple, inexpensive procedures, you can help curb the spread of these diseases. See Common Sense Disinfection Procedure by Phil Wright.

Inexpensive Wading staff

Are you as "sure footed" as you would like to be? Are you ready for the spring run-off? The raging spring torrents can quicky take your feet from under you. It could be that you might need a wading stick. Here’s how to build one out of inexpensive/used materials. Phil Wright put together this helpful HOW-TO (pdf 412 KB) so you can have your own hand-crafted wading stick.

Current Issues

Rock Snot

Is didymo invading your favorite stream? Read this article and Phil Wright's about decontamination.

For water conditions in our area, please check U.S. Geological Survey’s Real-time water data.
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