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August 2020
Youth Day Camp
Poudre Headwaters Research
Poudre Headwaters Research
Poudre Headwaters Research
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Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Sustaining Donors
Aug 15, 19-Aug 15, 20
$1000+ Cutthroat Donors

Cutthroat Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

John & Tharon Deakins
In Memory of Linda Jefferies
Odell Brewing Co.

$500-$999 Rainbow Donors

Rainbow Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

Carl Kronberg
Dennis Cook
Elkhorn Rod & Reel
Bob Green
Wil Huett
Dr. Dale Rellas
Rocky Mountain Angling Club
St. Pete’s Fly Shop

$100-$499 Brown Donors

Brown Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

Big Thompson Brewery
Jay Burge
Art Campfield
Matthew Doll
Lee Evans
Fidelity Charitable
Great Lakes Chiropractic
Zachary Jory
Chris Kruger
Loveland Brewery
Kirk Madsen
Jonathan McHugh
Mark Miller
Dave Morse
Eric Pettine
Rep Your Water
Michael Ringus
Ted Sammond
Sara Bella Fishing
Sportsman's Warehouse
Paul Wehr
Zen Tenkara Flyfishing

$50-$99 Brook Donors

Brook Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

5030 Local
Jimmy Head
Jay’s Bistro
Linda Jefferies
Phil Keller
Jeannie Weaver

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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Volunteer Opportunities


There are many opportunities to volunteer in various capacities to help meet our mission goals including conservation, protection and restoration of local trout fisheries and watersheds.

Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ members are enthusiastic in their contributions to support our programs. In our fiscal year 2015-2016, we contributed over six thousand five hundred hours—equivalent to over $158,000 in work hours. It’s fun, it’s productive, and the work often provides an opportunity to fish.

Please contact President Mickey McGuire for opportunities and to sign up for volunteer options.

Elective Positions: Chapter Board of Directors

RMF Board of Directors is accepting nominations for chapter leadership elective positions for the upcoming 2021 calendar year.

1 year term; maximum of three consecutively. Our current President’s term maximum will have ended, and we must elect a new President.
Vice President
1 year term; unlimited number of consecutive terms. This position is open for nominees or the incumbent can be re-nominated.
1 year term; maximum of three consecutively. This position is open for nominees or the incumbent can be re-nominated.
1 year term; unlimited number of consecutive terms. This position is open for nominees or the incumbent can be re-nominated.
Directors At Large (3)
Staggered terms. Two positions are 2-year terms. One position will be a 1-year term. Unlimited number of consecutive terms.

Chapter members who want more information about any of the positions, or who may be interested to be considered for or who want to recommend the name of a prospect any of the positions, please contact one of the Nominations Committee members listed below. All conversations will be handled with confidentiality.

Dennis Cook ph: 970-372-9229 or Email
Wil Huett ph: 970-222-5336 or Email

In addition varied volunteer options, there are openings in the Rocky Mountain Flycasters Leadership Council.

Leadership Openings

Member Services Chair
This position includes oversight of membership rosters and programs and activities to retain and increase membership. A group of Coordinators manage scheduling monthly programs and organizing monthly membership meetings, and also picnics, social events and family gatherings, community events participation, recording chapter history, and sales of RMF hats and clothing.
Social Media Outreach
Communications Committee Chair, Mark Miller, needs several additional members with high quality experience with social media reaching new audiences. The chapter needs to develop more effective volunteer recruitment access with our membership, and also with the general public younger age demographic to attract younger volunteers for some of our conservation activities that require more demanding physical fitness. Under oversight of the Communications Chairperson these would develop approaches to reach ‘media publics of interest’ using Facebook, Instagram, etc. with content to promote RMF Chapter’s image and also specific programs and activities. Social Media volunteers would confer with Youth Education, Conservation, Member Services committees and the Webmaster, etc. to prepare and publish subject content that will create readership growth, interest and prospective interaction with RMF Chapter.
Fly Fishing & Fun Photographers
Communications Committee Chair, Mark Miller, also plans to create a photographic/video staff to support all forms of chapter communications. Imagine supporting chapter social media with colorful pix and videos, traditional media news placements and activity/event announcements with colorful photos, colorful chapter brochures, creative video vignettes of youth or other chapter activities and pix of devoted conservation volunteers restoring Mother Nature’s beauties for placement to ‘liven up’ all chapter communications.
Conservation Committee
New Committee Chair, Dick Jefferies, is requesting chapter members who are interested in and enthusiastic about conservation, either as a committee member or as an energetic project volunteer, to please respond to this announcement and he will contact you to discuss how your interests may best fit with upcoming committee opportunities and/or project workdays.
Financial Development Committee
New Committee Chair, Ron Hanser, would like to talk with members who have skills or experience with fundraising activities. The committee will engage in Corporate Development and Programmed Giving programs, and needs members who want to explore committee membership and who also want to participate with digital outreach, letters, or event planning.
Youth Day Camp Coordinator
Education Chair, Dave Haeusler, has an excellent opportunity to leisurely transition into this exciting position. The 2020 Camp was cancelled out of Covid-19 caution, and the 2018 & 2019 Camp Coordinator relocated back to New England, so we have an opening. This presents a relaxed opportunity to prepare everything for the 2021 Day Camp. We’re seeking a member to lead the camp for at least several years who enjoys high school age youths, loves fly fishing, and who will coordinate with and perhaps enlarge the core team. Routine involves creating publicity and managing applicants, administering schedule, and recruiting volunteer mentors and guest presenters. All this has been done before and good records exist, so much is repetition, update and refinement, plus there is a previous Day Camp Coordinator and also numerous members and leaders who are familiar and will be supportive and very willing to help the selected person.
Adult Education Coordinator
Education Committee Chair, Dave Haeusler, plans to develop a series of adult fly fishing education modules. He is requesting member volunteers to step forward who are interested for either the Coordinator position or for other positions performing design and development and/or presentation of various module topics.
Trout in the Classroom Coordinator
Education Committee Chair, Dave Haeusler, also has another excellent, low pressure opportunity for a new TIC Coordinator to take over. We expect to have only one TIC classroom tank when this upcoming 2020-2021 fall academic year begins, and that middle school host teacher already has two successful TIC years under his belt. For the 2021-2022 academic year There are two more schools that have indicated serious interest to host TIC. Also, the outgoing TIC Coordinator is present and will offer guidance and support, and there is a comprehensive TIC Manual online offering step by step detailed instructions.
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