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Fish Stories

We all have memorable fishing moments, times when the fishing was just perfect or times when it wasn’t. This is a page to share those moments with fishing comrades or others interested in a good story.

  • Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge by Mark Miller
    With two drift boats in tow, five members of the Rocky Mountain Flycasters made the six hour trek to the Seedskadee.... [more]
  • Alaska Adventure by Coy Wiley
    Bucket list: places you want to go, experiences you want to have and memories you want to make.... [more]
  • Fishing the Headwaters of the Big Thompson River by Mark Miller
    Our Host Bill Gillett and Mark Miller were the only two fly fishers.... [more]
  • Classical Music and Fly Fishing in Aspen by Marc McKenzie
    By way of re-introduction, my name is Marc McKenzie and I’m a trout-a-holic. [more]
  • 2014 Green River Trip by Mark Miller
    Four RMF members left for Dutch John, Utah, early on Friday Sept 12th…. [more]
  • Brookies Galore: Fishing the Colorado River Headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park by Dennis Cook
    The Colorado River takes on an entirely different character… [more]
  • Gore Canyon “Salmonfly Hatch” by Mark Miller
    The fishing and the scenery was great - but the catching was really tough!… [more]
  • Delaney Buttes LakesMonster Trout by Mark Miller
    We know to expect wind at the Buttes…but at 5 a.m. on Saturday, someone flipped the wind switch on!… [more]
  • Memorial Weekend Dream Stream. by David Morse
    Six TU members made it to the South Park area on Memorial Day weekend. …[more]
  • RMNP Meadows Streams “Small but Mighty” by Dennis Cook
    Friday morning, April 13th, the sun rose fairly bright and welcomed seven intrepid chapter anglers… [more]
  • A Fishing and Hunting Trip by Mrs. John Berry
    It was in the month of July, 1889… [more]
  • Graylings Galore... by Dennis Cook
    We began our resurrected Rocky Mountain Flycasters Fishing Trips on October 13,…. [more]
  • Poudre River Cleanup 2010 by Grace Evans
    I am eleven years old, and in the 6th grade.… I had the wonderful opportunity… [more]
  • Finding Green on the Green (River) by Lee Evans
    The third annual RMF fishing trip was in March to the famed Green River in Utah. After lots of boasting, posturing, and haranguing,… [more]
  • San Juan in the spring by Greg Evans
    The April day opened gloriously…in a prius with four guys. … [more]
  • Fishing with Music by Ron Sheets
    A few years ago, my son Greg and I decided to fish the river that runs through the Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch property. It is a marvelous stretch of the Big Thompson River… [more]
  • Black Hills Gold by Ron Sheets
    Musing over cooler times while trying to endure the hot, dry temperatures this June and following the devastating wild-fires burning our state, I recall a winter trip up the Big T. a few years back. [more]
  • Laramie Plains Lakes by Frank Cada
    The Laramie plains lakes had fished well this last summer and fall. Now it was mid November and I was not ready to put away the fishing gear. [more]
  • The Trip of a Lifetime by Ron Sheets
    In June of 1985, several of the local gang planned a trip to fish the Bristol Bay area of Alaska, and incorporate some talks on “Field Medicine.” [more]
  • How The Trout Killed Custer by Ron Sheets
    On the 25th of June, 1876, George Armstrong Custer and 251 men with his 7th Cavalry were killed, along with many Sioux and Cheyenne, on that hot afternoon... [more]
  • Louisiana Flyfishing by Mason C. Carter
    I guess everyone knows about the tragic effects of hurricane Katrina on southeast Louisiana. [more]
  • Carpe Carpum by Ken Eis
    Greg Evans and I played hooky from work and planned on floating Gray Reef for two days in early Nov. [more]
  • Gorgeous 19" Brown by Cindy Bolinger
    My jaw dropped and the knees were knocking. My heart was pounding at an enormous rate. BRETT!! I have a big one! [more]
  • Gray Reef New Year’s Day 2007 by Greg Evans
    In Ralph's honor and tradition, several of us fishing buddies made the trek to Gray Reef on New Year's day, 2007,... [more]
  • By the Skin of Our Teeth by Ron Sheets
    Gene Decker…a retired wildlife professor from Colorado State University, is a long time guru to take people on trips to the game preserves... [more]

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