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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - River Cleanup 2010

Hello my name is Grace Evans. I am eleven years old, and in the 6th grade. I am the granddaughter of Lee Evans, the Rocky Mountain FlyCasters Trout Unlimited chapter president. I had the wonderful opportunity to partake in this year’s Poudre River Clean up. I went with my dad and brother, and had lots of fun.

We picked up near Mishawaka, and found mostly empty beer cans, five traffic cones (two of which we found in the river), and old cigarette butts. After two hours of hard work we’d picked up over 100 pounds of trash, and we joined the gang for lunch.

Explaining the finds on the river
While we were waiting for everyone to get there we passed around stories of some of the stranger things we had found. One of the guys was bragging about a very large aluminum pipe he had found. Someone else had found an old tire. Another had found a car bumper, and so on, and so forth. Then it was our turn; Lewis told of the collector’s item hat, Dad told of the five traffic cones, and I told about the prosthetic limb. Yah, I know what you’re thinking: “What the @&%^! a Prosthetic limb?!?” Well that’s exactly what it was, a leg, even with the shoe still on it! I explained how it was stuck in a bush, and I just kept pulling on it, and pulling on it; just like I’m pulling on your leg!

Man, you guys are so gullible! Don’t feel bad, that is what every other old guy there did too, believed me! I even almost got my mom! My own mom! I can’t wait for the next river clean up! Don’t worry, we went fishing the next day when it was warmer and camping too. The Poudre River is very beautiful this time of year.

submitted by Grace Evans

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