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Fishing with Music

A few years ago, my son Greg and I decided to fish the river that runs through the Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch property. It is a marvelous stretch of the Big Thompson River with numerous wild trout up to 18 or 20 inches. The ranch also has several locations for picnicking and group events along the river.

Nice Narrows Brown trout

Greg Sheets with nice Narrows Brown trout

We started fishing up stream from the lower river near the “Daddy J” shelter and there was a wedding reception in the shelter with a harpist playing beautiful music.

As we fished on up, another wedding had concluded on the lawn and a string quartet was entertaining that group (and us).

On up a ways, along the lodge dining room area, yet another wedding was under way with a mariachi band “thrumping” out delightful Mexican music. As we were fairly close to the seated crowd, many of the guys crained their necks watching Greg “hoovering” trout in.

All through the route up stream, with the varied music playing, we were also accompanied with the distant sounds of deep-throated thunder from a thunderstorm way to the north.

It was a very unique fishing experience, rather pleasant, except for the stern request by the ranch owners to not fish along the stretches that might distract from the activities of the weddings.

Ron "Doc" Sheets

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Last updated on 11 Jun, 2011