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Dave—not in Nebraska

Chapter Trip to Delaney Buttes
June 8-9, 2013

We know to expect wind at the Buttes—most times I think it helps the fishing—but at 5 a.m. on Saturday, someone flipped the wind switch on! It went from 5 mph to about 35 mph in a heartbeat. Frank’s camper started rocking, and Dave Morse was nearly blown away in his tent—I know he didn’t get much sleep. Hard to sleep when it sounds like your tent is being shredded all around you. Thought we may have to look for Dave somewhere in Nebraska, but he was still there come sun-up!  

Delaney sunset with driftboat
Delaney sunset with driftboat
Next surprise was my driftboat—the waves and wind had pushed it sideways onto the bank, and waves came over the side! Went to load the fishing gear in the boat about 8 a.m. Sat morning, and found it with at least 12 inches of water in it. As you can guess, that really made me happy….  Dave and Frank helped bail me out—literally. Once we got the boat floating again, we all went fishing.  

We immediately got into a few fish in the first 45 minutes, but then someone flipped another switch and the bite abruptly ended. The few we caught were on an indicator rig, using a sz 14 “snowcone” chironomid—black body with a white beadhead—in about 7-9 ft of water.130608-3FCadafish130608-4FCadafish
Frank Cada pulls out a couple trout from Delaney
Luckily, Frank gave me one of his flies, as I was using a very similar fly in sz 12, and never got a hit until I tied on his fly.
Robin didn’t take her tube out since the wind was so strong, but managed to catch a few in the south lake and the east lake, wading from shore. Sorry Robin, I never got a photo of you in action.

130608-5 Robb Bryant fish
Robb Bryant with one of his Delaney fish
Robb had the best luck of our group—using a full sinking line. He mostly fished the same eastern shoreline of the south lake, around the same depth, but kept slowly moving in his tube, with a steady stripping retrieve, using a large olive damsel pattern. The pattern had huge black eyes. After a few fish, the black paint wore off, and it looked like an alien life form with bulging white eyes. But the fish still liked it just fine! His biggest rainbow was a hefty 24" fish!

All in all, a fun trip, even though the fish did not want to come out to play. I need to formulate my plan for the next trip to the Buttes—I’m thinking I should hit the north lake for some big browns, using a big, ugly, olive damsel with bulging, alien-like white eyes. Who knows what may happen?

Frank Cada with the Delaney Buttes
Frank Cada with the Delaney Buttes in the back ground
Mark Miller
RMF Trip Coordinator
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