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Rocky Mountain Flycasters Green River Trip

Four RMF members left for Dutch John, Utah, early on Friday Sept 12th. The guilty parties were Bob Green, David Cunningham, Mark Miller, and our Trip Host, Jim Booth.

20140912 RMF on the green
Mark Miller on oars, David Cunningham in front, and Bob Green in back.
Jim had reserved two guides for a Friday evening float on the “A” section of the Green River. We fished foam hoppers from about 4pm until dark. We had an absolutely beautiful afternoon for float fishing, but the fish were definitely not easy. Both boats combined caught about 10-12 fish – the last three taken on large articulated streamers just before dark.

Every fish we caught, and many that refused our hoppers, would come to within inches of our fly, then drift back with the fly up to 2-3 feet while closely inspecting it. Talk about a case of nerves while waiting for the fish to open its mouth! Several times we would strike before the fly was in the fish’s mouth.

We floated the “B” section of the Green on Saturday – more of a desert landscape in comparison with the red rock canyon section of the upper river, but still beautiful in its own right. We then wrapped up the trip by floating the “A” section again on Sunday. Both days the fish simply weren’t looking up, so we struck out with hoppers. We managed to net a couple fish with streamers.

Even though the fishing was tough, it was a fun, fun trip. A beautiful river (that you all simply have to fish someday), outstanding scenery, thousands of fish per mile, and some great company! Mark Miller’s video from the Green.

by Mark Miller, Fishing Trips Coordinator

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