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Gorgeous 19 Inch Brown

My jaw dropped and the knees were knocking. My heart was pounding at an enormous rate. BRETT!! I have a big one!

It was a beautiful day and there was plenty of bugs but the fish weren't very hungry, yet. I had tried everything in my fly box except Captian Hook. Some days I reserve this fly thinking “they have to like something else as well” but sometimes I'm just wrong. Captain Hook is an attracter fly my husband ties (and has been in the family for three generations). It has brown hackle, black body and (what I call) a fuzzy gray face. Being the amateur flyfisher that I am, I “hook” quite a few fish, hence the name "Captain Hook". Needless to say when I landed this fish I was estatic.

gorgeous 19" brown

The day ended with many more beautiful fish—but nothing matched this one. Thanks to my wonderful husband and fearless little white dog, I can't stay out of the river!

Forever fishing,

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Last updated on 11 Jun, 2011