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Loading Up the Float Plane
Kevin Burkhart, a Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter Charter Member, has for many years organized an outpost trip to lakes on the Canadian shield. We have openings in 2014 for two more people. Read on if you want to join a group holding a reservation on the best week of the year for topwater bass fishing.

The lakes we fish offer outstanding fly fishing for smallmouth bass and pike, as well as great fishing for walleye and lake trout. In some years, we get a big hatch of Hexagenia mayflies. The hexes are a bonus, even without the hexes, the bass will always clobber a popper. In these lakes, there is also a great population of walleye and lake trout. The walleye and lake trout are usually deeper, so we generally use spinning rods to catch our “lunch.” We have fished this week in June at this outpost for 17 years, so we really know where the fish are and how to catch them. The date next year is June 14-21, 2014. The group meets on June 13th in Kenora to buy groceries and get ready for the floatplane on Saturday morning.

Our habit is to get up early, and enjoy the morning fishing. We do not cook breakfast, instead we eat on the run and get on the morning bite. Long about noon, we come in to the cabin, clean the fish, and cook up a great midday meal. One of the guys that comes every year is our “chef”, but he always welcomes new ideas and help in the kitchen. I am not a great cook, but I pitch in doing dishes. Then, we all take a nap and get out for the evening bite. We have the week that includes summer solstice, so there are plenty of daylight hours for fishing, lunch and a nap. It’s light by 4am, and dark at 10pm. One hundred fish days are common when targeting the bass and pike. Walleye are usually easy to catch, but typically deeper in the water.

Sunset on the lake
The outpost is a large 4 bedroom cabin with solar power, indoor plumbing, and propane appliances. 16ft Lund boats and motors are provided by the outfitter. Guides are available for free, we know the lakes! The outpost is served by floatplane from a town near Kenora, Ontario. The outfitter stops in every 2 days to bring ice, drinking water, and anything else we may need. No cell service, no wifi: Eat, sleep, fish. It’s a blast. You can see the outpost by going to www.halleyscamps.com/bee-lake.html. Many of the pictures are taken by our group.
Cost in 2014, including all travel and the outfitter, is $2500 for the trip (door to door) from Ft. Collins. We had a few late cancels this year, so there are spots for 2 more people for 2014. The outpost easily has rooms and boats to accommodate 2 more anglers. Call soon, as it will be first come, first serve on the last 2 spots. The $2500 estimate includes all travel costs from Ft Collins (we drive, but you can fly for a bit more). This is a great value for 7 days fishing on 3 prime Canadian lakes the size of Horsetooth, which see about 6 rods a day for about 6 months out of a year.

If you are interested, call now for more information. 970-593-2832 or email Kevin Burkhardt.

Last updated on 01 Jan, 2014