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Fly Tying Expo January 21, 2009

On January 21, 2009, RMF held its annual Fly Tying Expo, giving our members an opportunity to watch professional fly tiers in action and learn some of their tying and fishing secrets.

Eric Pettine
Eric Pettine tying one of his many secret flies.
©2009 Phil Wright
Rick Takahashi<br>©2009 Phil Wright
Rick Takahashi makes a point between flies.
©2009 Phil Wright
Dennis Martin
Dennis Martin shows where to cut.
©2009 Phil Wright
Al Ritt
Al Ritt whips one up.
©2009 Phil Wright
Terry Gibson
Terry Gibson shows some of the over 400,000 flies he has tied.
©2009 Phil Wright
Jin Choi<br>©2008 Phil Wright
Jin Choi is one of the next generation of tiers. Old men, make dust, eat dust, or get out of the way.
©2009 Phil Wright
Gordon Waldmier
Gordon Waldmier with some of his salt water tricks.
©2009 Phil Wright
Guy Turenne
Our own Guy Turenne takes an energy break and takes questions before the next round of flies.
©2009 Phil Wright
Dave Coulson
RMF member Dave Coulson works on his carp flies. Hey, they are fish and these are flies! See May 07 or Carpe Carpum.
©2009 Phil Wright
Greg Sheets
Greg Sheets, the inveterate teacher, shows how it is done. We've learned a lot from fellow member Greg over the years.
©2009 Phil Wright

We wish to thank all of the tiers for helping us with this event.

For more photographs of the event, more of Phil Wright’s photos and Ken Eis’ photos.

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