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John & Tharon Deakins
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Sara Bella Fishing
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President’s Beat

Messages from the President of Rocky Mountain Flycasters.

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Presidency

Greg Evans

Paul Fromme has been our president for the last two years. He came to our chapter from the Rochester area in December of 1999 looking for, like most of us, fellowship and a place to make a difference. Back home, Paul fished the great rivers we in the West hear about, the Battenkill, the Ausable, but he also fished and witnessed the decline of smaller brook streams due to acid rain and encroachment.

When he got to Fort Collins, following his children and caring for his grandchildren, he also found us. Almost immediately, Paul began coming to the Board Meetings for our chapter as well as the monthly meetings. Back then it was wonderful to see a new face on the board at a time in our chapter when many members had moved on and our leadership fell more and more to the hardy few who would not let the chapter die. And almost immediately, Paul, in his unassuming, humble manner, began to help the chapter and make it grow.

In his first year, Paul began sending notices to the local papers about our programs. Sometimes it was his deadline to make the paper that spurred us on to FIND a speaker for the month! He helped at the raffle table, and even donated his own fishing gear when the table was weak.

Paul FrommePaul's first year as a board member was also the last time our chapter had a banquet. The banquet, with its auctions, was loved by people seeking to cash in on deals and hated by the board members who tried desperately to beg and borrow donations to auction. Paul began to help out. He made the rounds, invited guests, sold tickets, and got donations. Steadily the banquet became Paul's project. And people noticed. That year the Board awarded Paul the annual Most Valuable Member for his untiring aid to the chapter despite his very busy personal schedule at home caring for his grandchildren and wife.

Then Rocky Mountain Flycasters November elections arrived. Nobody but nobody wanted to run for the presidency. Who would succeed our own Greg Sheets after his three year run and 13 years as secretary? Paul stepped to the plate. He took on the presidency to keep the chapter going. He didn't have much experience with TU, but he saw a need and met it.

The rest is history. Using his organization skills from years as a top executive and scientist at Kodak, he began to shape our organization. Paul led by example, increasing his role in the chapter: he kept the raffle table going, increased awareness in the community, and recruited. He also single handedly took on the Poudre River Map project and made their sales the single profit maker for the chapter. How many hours he spent driving around, arguing with anti-TU shop owners, and getting those maps distributed and sold is remarkable all by itself.

But Paul didn't stop. He recruited more board members. Meetings once attended by a handful were now attended by over a dozen board members and counted over 20 as board level volunteers. With numbers comes strength.

Paul got us on the map with Colorado TU as well. We had its executive director and President drive to Fort Collins for presentations. Our chapter hosted a regional quarterly TU rendezvous. The largest chapter in the state (us) now became an active chapter in the state. It was nice to see our efforts and impact grow as our numbers did.

Paul Fromme leaves the chapter presidency a better place. His efforts, quiet but herculean in breadth, have resulted in a chapter with a bright future. He stood on the shoulders before him to grow our coffers, but he also grew our best resource, our members. The Rocky Mountain Flycasters chapter salutes Paul and thanks him, again, for his true leadership. Join us at the December 3rd Christmas Party at the Loveland Depot to raise a toast to Paul!

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