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September 2016
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  • September 10: Lower North Fork Big Thompson - Revegetation
    In 2015, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers began a massive 2-½ mile river restoration project along the North Fork of the Big Thompson River. Finally, road reconstruction is complete and the dam has been removed!!! Now join Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and Rocky Mountain Flycasters as we finish this project by restoring the riparian corridor.
    Volunteers will spread native seed across bare floodplains and mountain valley meadows a stone’s throw from Rocky Mountain National Park. Containerized plants will also be planted. However, early in the season our priority is seed! This project will primarily spread native seed and mulch and will be on the easier side of “intermediate” in degrees of difficulty.
    In cooperation with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, sign up now for this last session of the season. On the WRV registration page for each project, find a box having a line titled “Event Group”. Click on the “Select” button on that line and Trout Unlimited should appear on the button. With Trout Unlimited displayed, click on “Save” and you will be enrolled as a Trout Unlimited volunteer.
  • September 14: Board Meeting at 7:00 PM. Members are welcome to attend any board meeting. Check with a Board Member for the meeting location and/or agenda.
  • September 16: Fish Yampa Tailwater Host: Dennis Cook
  • September 17: Fish Yampa Tailwater Continued
  • September 18: Fish Yampa Tailwater Continued
  • September 21: Big Thompson Watershed Coalition: Shayna Jones and Tracy Wendt
    The Big Thompson Watershed Coalition is a non-profit organization that facilitates projects and partnerships to restore and maintain the resilience and ecological health of the Big Thompson River. Partners include CDOT, Larimer County, the City of Loveland, countless private landowners, and many agencies and organizations who are also concerned about the well-being of the watershed.
    Shayna and Tracy will be discussing generalities of our work — What is river restoration? What is resilience? — as well as describing some of our specific projects. One of our goals for the watershed is to restore habitat for fish and aquatic life, and we’ll be talking to RMF about some of the things we are doing to accomplish this. Recently, RMF and the Coalition were awarded funds to reconstruct the fishing pier in the canyon. We are excited to partner with your organization on this and to discuss more ways we can work together in the future.
    Shayna Jones, Watershed Coordinator was hired by the Coalition in June 2015 and has been responsible for laying the groundwork for the projects currently underway—from fundraising to planning to building relationships with project partners. She has a long history working on conservation issues in Colorado, including endangered species issues and stream and wetland mitigation.
    Tracy Wendt, Assistant Watershed Coordinator has worked on river restoration projects in Wyoming and Montana and as a fisheries technician on the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers. She has been involved with Trout Unlimited as an employee, a board member, a volunteer, and a long-time member.
    Social hour and fly tying demonstration begins at 6:30 pm at the Fort Collins Senior Center, and the program follows at 7:00 pm. We will have a local fly tyer at each general meeting and an equipment raffle following the meeting. Admission is free and the public is welcome. The Fort Collins Senior Center is located at 1200 Raintree Drive off Shields Avenue between Prospect and Drake. Additional meeting information.
  • September 30: Frying Pan Fishing Trip
    This seems to be an annual trip to the Frying Pan River near Glenwood Springs. Host: Ben Zomer. Ben has a rental cabin on hold for as many as seven just across the street from the river! I’m guessing if you are interested and would like to stay at the cabin, please let him know sooner rather than later. Continues through Sunday, October 2. Contact Ben Zomer.

Note of the Day:

Colorado TU Strategies: Collaboration and partnerships with private landowners, state, federal and local agencies, and other key stakeholders.
Colorado Trout Unlimited Mission & Strategy, n.d., Web, Sept. 1, 2013, .

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