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Cullen Emsing
Cullen Emsing at the Mother Pond at Sylvan Dale for a benefit.
August 2015
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  • August 1: RMF Youth Fly Fishing & River Conservation Day Camp continues from Jul 27-Aug 1.
  • August 8: RMNP The Loch. Another little slice of dry fly sight-fishing heaven. 3 mile hike one way. See our fishing page and contact Mark Miller. Fishing trip host will be Bob Green.
  • August 12: Board Meeting at 7:00 PM. Members are welcome to attend any board meeting. Check with a Board Member to find out where the meeting is being held.
  • August 16: Phantom Canyon Trail Maintenance and Fishing
    Phantom Canyon CrewThe Nature Concervancy’s Phantom Canyon Preserve and Rocky Mountain Flycasters volunteers work together to maintain trails at the Preserve on the North Fork of the Poudre River. Volunteers work in the morning while in the afternoon are able to catch and release fish samples in the afternoon. See the Phantom Canyon page for more information and to apply for a volunteer spot. This is the second scheduled very popular Phantom Canyon volunteer activity.
  • August 23: Phantom Canyon Trail Maintenance and Fishing Back-up Date
    Back up day for trail work if conditions prevent work on August 16.
  • August 29: Bountiful Brookies. Colorado River Headwaters. See our fishing page and contact Mark Miller. Fishing trip host will be Dennis Cook.

Note of the Day:

I also strongly recommend fine round Gut in preference to Hair at this season [April], on account of the size and weight of the “large hooks” on which the Brown Drake requires to be dressed; and which Hair will not retain so safely as Gut; and also, though you may probably rise more fish with Hair, yet taking the breakages you are liable to by using it, and the loss and hinderance you suffer thereby, especially if broken in the midst of a feed, which perhaps does not last above a quarter of an hour, taking these matters into consideration, I have long since arrived at the conclusion that Gut is much better for Spring fishing than Hair.
R. Lakeland., 1858, The Teesdale Angler, (Horse Market, R. Barker, Printer, Barnard Castle-iBooks version), p. 57.

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