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Mark Miller at the Loch. Photo by Sam Miller
Mark Miller at the Loch. Photo by Sam Miller
April 2013
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  • April 7: High Park Post-Fire Restoration I
    Full day with 50 volunteers needed. Whether you live downstream of the fire or in the actual burn area, please lend a hand and help restore some of the highest priority restoration sites within the High Park Fire area. The highest priority restoration work is estimated to take at least 3 years, and a great amount of community involvement. And it will not be possible without your support. Sign up with Wildland Restoration Volunteers.
  • April 10: Board Meeting at 7:00 PM. Members are welcome to attend any board meeting. Check with a Board Member to find out where the meeting is being held.
  • April 12: Northern Colorado Women Flyfishers
    CFW Northern Chapter is planning a weekend fishing outing at a private local ranch. The amenities are very comfortable and the fishing on rivers and ponds is well known. Women, your reservations should be made as soon as possible to guarantee a spot. Contact Kerrie for more details.
  • April 13: Rocky Mountain National Park Meadow Streams “Small but Mighty”
    This trip is another uniquely Colorado experience - gorgeous, wild fish in a world class setting. Don’t forget the camera. And don’t get between a bull elk and his harem! Weather suggests this spring could bring some accelerated early hatches. Host: Dennis Cook.
  • April 13: Northern Colorado Women Flyfishers
    “Winter” fishing continues.
  • April 17: Cancelled due to snow!
    RMF General Meeting
    Colorado Trout Flies: Great Patterns and the Remarkable People Who Tie Them

    Todd Hosman
    Todd Hosman
    Colorado Trout Flies
    Colorado Trout Flies
    A 20-year veteran fly-fishing guide and professional writer, Todd Hosman is the author of three current Colorado fly-fishing books. Periodically revised and updated, his guidebook Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park enters its 17th year of publication in 2013. The Rocky book is the original guide to park fly fishing, and it still serves as a model and primary source for the content and structure of similar books today. His other guidebook, Fly Fishing Colorado’s Front Range, closely examines the region’s fishing destinations as well as local aquatic entomology.
    Todd’s most recent book, Colorado Trout Flies, will serve as the focus of his presentation, “Great Patterns and the Remarkable People Who Tie Them.” A.K Best notes that Colorado Trout Flies is "A fly-tying book like no other, destined to become a classic." He will be also available for Q&A and book signings.
    Todd’s writing has earned acclaim from readers and reviewers internationally. His books have also won praise from fellow fly-fishing writers, including A.K. Best, John Betts, Ed Engle, John Gierach, and Gordon Wickstrom, among others. Contact Todd at StreamsidePress.com.
    Guest Tyer: Jin Choi
    Jin Choi from St. Pete’s will be sharing his skills at the vise. You will not want to miss this half-hour with Jin. From the North Platte to the South Platte he has got you covered with the patterns you need and will want to learn to tie. Join us as he whips up some downright fish tasty creations for Front Range waters.
    Elkhorn Rod &, ReelSocial hour begins at 6:30 pm at the Fort Collins Senior Center, and the program follows at 7:00 pm. We will have a local fly tyer at each general meeting and an equipment raffle following the meeting. This year the rods in the raffle are supported in part by Elkhorn Rod & Reel. Admission is free and the public is welcome. The Fort Collins Senior Center is located at 1200 Raintree Drive off Shields Avenue between Prospect and Drake. Additional meeting information.
  • April 19: Colorado Trout Unlimited Spring Rendezvous at Redstone, CO
    CTU will hold the annual Rendezvous for Colorado TU members and leaders. It is a great opportunity to learn more about activities at the state level and how to make more effective use of chapter resources. Find out more at Colorado TU.
  • April 20: High Park Restoration Crew Leader Training: — Upgrade to full WRV Crew Leader. This is Day 2 for those people who attended the one-day sessions on Post-fire Restoration at Rist Canyon in September 2012 or March 2013. This includes subjects not covered in the earlier sessions that were focused on post-fire restoration and will upgrade your qualification rating towards Full WRV Crew Leader. See our conservation page for more information and how to sign up.
  • April 20: Colorado Trout Unlimited Spring Rendezvous at Redstone, CO
    CTU Rendezvous continues....
  • April 21: High Park Post-Fire Restoration—Leadership Ft Collins
    Full day with 30 volunteers needed. The most immediate goals of our post-fire restoration projects is to protect roads, reservoirs, rivers, homes and communities from the threat of further landslides and flooding expected in the coming spring months. Sign up with Wildland Restoration Volunteers.
  • April 21: Colorado Trout Unlimited Spring Rendezvous at Redstone, CO
    CTU Rendezvous continues....
  • April 24: Children’s Water Festival
    RMF presents a program at the Greeley Children’s Water Festival to teach students about aquatic insects, trout, and predators in a dynamic stream environment. It is a day guaranteed to be filled with smiles. Contact Jerry Pelis for more details and to help out.
  • April 28: High Park Post-Fire Restoration II
    Full day with 30 volunteers needed. WRV and our partners of the High Park Restoration Coalition have spent months coordinating with agency partners, community organizations and hundreds of affected individuals to lay the ground for short- and long-term restoration actions. Sign up with Wildland Restoration Volunteers.

Note of the Day:

Floating the South Fork of Idaho’s Snake River at any time during summer, you are almost assured of seeing bald eagles on their nests. —Tom Rosenbauer

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