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October 2016

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  • October 1: Fish the Frying Pan and Roaring Fork Actual date to be determined for October. Host: Ben Zomer
  • October 1: Frying Pan Fishing Trip Continued.
  • October 2: Frying Pan Fishing Trip Continued.
  • October 12: Board Meeting at 7:00 PM. Members are welcome to attend any board meeting. Check with a Board Member for the meeting location and/or agenda.
  • October 15: 2016 River Cleanup
    North Fork of the Big Thompson clean up day is here!
    This year we are planning a good ol’ river cleanup day on the North Fork of the Big Thompson in cooperation with the US Forest Service on Saturday, October 15, 2016. As in past river cleanups we will remove debris from the stream and stream banks. Also, if you are comfortable wading the river you can help with in-stream and far bank cleanup as water levels should be low.
    If you would like to take part in this year’s Rocky Mountain Flycasters river cleanup day, please contact Phil Wright, Volunteer Coordinator. Further details concerning the day’s activities will be available to volunteers as the River Cleanup date approaches. Let Phil know by email if you you can participate, have further questions, or would like to receive additional information. We look forward to joining with you on the North Fork of the Big Thompson River on Saturday, October 15.
  • October 19: October General Meeting with Duane Redford
    Our speaker for the October Membership Meeting is Duane Redford, a professional fly fishing guide who spends the majority of his days guiding on the South Platte River below Deckers, Colorado and on the Eagle River near Minturn, Colorado. He began his fly fishing career fishing the Rocky Mountain west, and has been toting a fly rod for better than four decades. As a retired teacher and coach, Duane has a unique, systematic approach to the river that he has used as the basis of his guiding for the last ten years.
    This systematic approach, derived from guiding countless days on highly pressured, technical waters, has been refined over time, and is easily understood. When he’s not guiding, Duane spends his time teaching fly fishing classes, blogging, speaking, and writing. When he’s not teaching, writing or guiding, you’ll find him on the river. His latest presentation: “The Eagle River: Fly Fishing Unfamiliar Waters” delves into breaking down waters never fished or waters that give you fits every time out.
    This presentation digs into combining historical, seasonal, and conditional data with strategies and tactics designed to assist you in putting more fish into the net. It covers everything from reading water, reading fish and insects, to rigging, drift mechanics and subtle tactics designed for success. Duane will have his latest book, The Fly Fisher’s Playbook 2nd Edition, with him at the meeting.
    Social hour and fly tying demonstration begins at 6:30 pm at the Fort Collins Senior Center, and the program follows at 7:00 pm. We will have a local fly tyer at each general meeting and an equipment raffle following the meeting. Admission is free and the public is welcome. The Fort Collins Senior Center is located at 1200 Raintree Drive off Shields Avenue between Prospect and Drake. Additional meeting information.
  • October 22: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers Plant Materials Collection
    In cooperation with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, we will gather in open space areas to gather seeds or berries from alder, birch, and chokecherry species determined to be high priority for habitat restoration. Work will include bending, kneeling, and/or stooping. No experience necessary! Sites will be in Larimer and Boulder Counties, with exact locations determined about a week before each project, due to the unpredictable nature of seed development.
    Have questions about the field day? Contact the Watershed Restoration Coordinator at lukas@wlrv.org or call 970-493-2075.
  • October 29: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers Middle North Fork of the Big Thompson Revegetation
    In cooperation with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, we will be planting native containerized plants on the Middle North Fork this fall on Forest Service land. The section of river is upstream from where we have been working this spring/summer and has been redesigned with tons of neat fish habitat enhancement features. You will definitely want to check it out!
    Our objective is to restore and enhance geomorphic and ecosystem function in the canyon, including the ongoing re-grading of stream banks and the stabilization of banks by installing erosion control products and planting native trees, grasses and shrubs whose roots naturally armor stream banks and provide habitat for fish and wildlife.
    Have questions about the field day? Contact the Watershed Restoration Coordinator at lukas@wlrv.org or call 970-493-2075. Go to this project at WLRV.

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