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September 2018
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  • September 8: Rist Canyon Volunteer Firefighters Fundraiser
    Rist Canyon Mountain Festival
    Grab the poster for the Rist Canyon Mountain Festival
    We have been invited to host a table at the Rist Canyon Volunteer Firefighters fundraiser from 10-4. We have done this for several years and talk to lots of people. There will be music and food! We could probably use a dozen people in two-hour shifts for our usual demonstration activities. Contact Past President Coy Wylie for more information.
    Funds raised from the Mountain Festival are vital for the financial operations of the all-volunteer, 100% donation-based fire department.
  • September 12: RMF Board Meeting at 7:00 PM. Members are welcome to attend any board meeting. Check with a Board Member for the meeting location and/or agenda.
  • September 16: Wild and Scenic Act Anniversary
    The Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed has invited RMF to participate in a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Act at the Mishawaka. There will be some mini projects in the morning and then a celebration in the afternoon from 1-3pm. The activities include meet and greet, fly tying, and casting demonstrations. Following this there will be music food and drinks.
  • September 19: Rocky Mountain Flycasters General Meeting
    Oceanography and Climate Change
    The ongoing changes to our global climate, in the context of the oceans, will be discussed. The oceans are pretty far from Colorado, but Frank Bub will show the relevance to our area. Frank Bub, with a PHD in Oceanography, continues to work after retirement with COMET, creating environmental science education and training programs. We will talk a little about how the ocean works and why deep water fishing can be so expensive.
    Frank Bub
    Frank Bub
    Frank Bub grew up in the Pittsburgh area. After college, he joined the Navy as a ships engineer and oceanographer during the Vietnam era. He retired as a Commander after 20 years. Using the GI Bill, Frank earned a PHD in oceanography from the University of New Hampshire. For 13 years, he taught and performed research on ocean observations and modeling there and at the University of Massachusetts. After 9/11, he took a position as ocean modeling technical lead at the Naval Oceanographic Office in Mississippi. His work included the introduction of two new global models and liaison with NOAA, the WMO, and Australia. He went to Japan to help predict radiation flow after the Fukushima earthquake and worked on oil movement across the Gulf of Mexico after Deepwater Horizon. Frank retired in 2014 and he and his wife Susan moved away from the ocean to Windsor, Colorado. He works part time with the COMET program in Boulder, preparing on-line courses in regional oceanography and meteorology.
    Social hour and fly tying demonstration begins at 6:30 pm at the Fort Collins Senior Center, and the program follows at 7:00 pm. We will have a local fly tyer at each general meeting and an equipment raffle following the meeting. Admission is free and the public is welcome. The Fort Collins Senior Center is located at 1200 Raintree Drive off Shields Avenue between Prospect and Drake. Additional meeting information.
  • September 21: Fishing the Fabulous Green River
    Join the group on this September trip to the Green River in Wyoming. Float or wade for some great fishing. Ben Zomer is hosting this trip and there will be room for seven additional people staying in Pinedale. Contact Ben early to reserve a spot on this trip.

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Note of the Day:

Oh Beautiful for smoggy skies, insecticided grain,
For strip-mined mountain’s majesty above the asphalt plain.
America, America, man sheds his waste on thee,
And hides the pines with billboard signs, from sea to oily sea.
— George Carlin

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