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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Leadership Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Via Zoom

Attendees: Mickey McGuire*, Colin Glover*, Ryan Hogan*, Ruthie Ketola*, Wil Huett*, Dennis Cook, Zach Jory, Mark Miller, Dick Jefferies, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright, Dave Hausler, Dave Beede*, Jeannie Weaver* (minutes).
(* board members - quorum present).

Called to order at 6:01 PM

  1. President’s comments

    1. Mickey reported that the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition is folding at the end of the year and the concern is who is going to take over their mission and the impact on RMF.
    2. VMS Committee: Zach Jory will chair the committee comprised of Colin and Scott Bailey. They will identify needs, explore platforms and make a recommendation to the Board.
    3. Received a call from Mona Maser who with business partner Shari Due looking for funds to help with their film Watering the West. Mickey asked for their review and the Conservation committee recommended not financially supporting the film at this time.
  2. Board Business

    1. Consent agenda.
    2. Pulled Consent items.
      1. Dennis pulled the Leadership Development/Nominations and explained the correction to the May Report that in September a new slate of officers is proposed and the Election is held in November and new officers take office on January 1.
      2. A motion was seconded and the Board unanimously approved the Consent agenda.
  3. New Business

    1. NISP Statement - A member contacted Dave Nickum at TU to raise concern on NISP and the chapter’s position. Mickey asked for input on whether we needed a position statement. An enthusiastic discussion ensued. Consensus suggested that there was support for showing the chapter’s involvement and continuity as an internal communication to our membership of our collaboration and neutral position on NISP during the whole process. Board members were encouraged to provide further input to Mickey and continue discussion for future Board action.
    2. Request for East Slope Angler representative to the Wildlife Council - Dennis stated that only one person showed interest and will be contacted to determine his desire for representing the Chapter.
  4. Old Business

    1. New Website review - Paul and Zach have been working diligently to populate the new website but they need content to fill in the gaps. A review of each page/link ensued and input was provided or a volunteer determined to help complete the work. Mickey was encouraged that it would be complete by the end of June.
    2. New draft Position Description language - Draft language was prepared by Dennis, Colin and Mickey. The language (in the Meeting folder) is meant to be included in all position descriptions for Board members and committee chairs.
      ACTION ITEM: Each Board Member and Committee Chair should review the draft language and get comments to Dennis, Mickey and Colin. If the language is satisfactory, each person should add the specifics to their position.
    3. Google Drive update - Wil and Mickey have attempted changes on the main page adding a folder for each committee. Committee chairs can customize their needs in My Drive and move or archive the remaining content as needed.
    4. Update from Financial Development Committee - Ryan confirmed that they met and a list of donors was supplied.
      ACTION ITEM: Ryan reiterated his appeal for Chairs to complete and send their volunteer hours to him and copy Jeannie as soon as possible for completion of the Annual Financial Report due to TU on July 15.
  5. Meetings/Events

    1. Sept 12 - Rist Canyon Mountain Festival - Dave Morse asked for volunteers to help
    2. October 23-25CTU Rendezvous - still being planned
    3. Poudre River Festival Aug 24-29 - Mark Miller added that this would be a virtual event and to be part of it content would be submitted to Laura within two weeks. Board members suggested using the PHP video and Phil’s powerpoint presentation as proposals for the event timelines. Mark will move forward to finalize details.

Adjourned at 7:58 PM

Submitted by Jeannie Weaver, Secretary
Approved 2020-07-08

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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