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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Leadership Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Present: Mickey McGuire*, Mark Miller, Ruthie Katola*, Dave Piske, Ryan Hogan*, Dave Hausler, Jeannie Weaver, Dennis Cook, Rick Musselman, Zach Jory, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright, Wil Heuet, Colin Glover*, Frank Bub* (minutes)
(*board members - quorum present).

Called to order at 6:10pm Online via Zoom

  1. President’s comments

    1. Thanks for joining
    2. Raffle tickets for Gunnison Float trip - 25 tickets. Drawing at Rendezvous. Wil, Frank, Dennis, Mark, Zach.
    3. Zach Jory - visitor. Interested in getting involved. Helping with website redevelopment.
  2. Board Business

    1. Consent agenda
      1. Pull leadership development (Mickey)
      2. Vacancy - Ron Dickson, Conservation
      3. From Dennis’ report - equipment discounts through national TU. Jeannie - look over options. Maybe Pub & Dub.
      4. Thanks to Dennis for finding bigger storage unit and moving material and Paul for helping.
        1. Need more shelves - Dennis moved to buy 3 units / Frank second. Expenditure about $325.
        2. Move to approve - Ryan/Colin 2nd
    2. Segregation of duties controls for RMF funds - recommendation
    3. Ryan - screen recommendations
      1. Hire bookkeeper to keep record
      2. Annual audit
      3. Income level control
        1. 2 observers during cash collection (raffle, etc.)
        2. Cash collector make deposit slip
        3. Deposit slips signed
        4. President or VP collect mail
        5. 2 people on paypal account
      4. Expense level control
        Bookkeeps not sign checks
      5. Ryan suggest we hire a professional bookkeeper - estimates $55/month cost
      6. Discussion on whether we should do a routine audit. CTU doesn’t, but don’t need to do full blown audit. Since cash-based would be simple.
      7. Has been included in budget
    4. Ron Dicskon’s resignation.
      1. Nomination committee to find a replacement
      2. Board requested to nominate person for board/conservation committee chair - pass to Dennis/Wil
      3. Also looking for membership chair
  3. New Business

    1. Developing survey questions for membership approval of new Bylaws.
      1. Bob Green will work with Constant Contact vice Survey Monkey
      2. Wil send to current members - need 2/3rd approval of votes
      3. Should be out tomorrow.
    2. Chapter meeting next week
      1. Colin has contacted Matt Fairchild - happy to do virtually/can do via Zoom
      2. Zach offered to host - enterprise account
      3. Blast announcement to be prepared by Mickey
      4. We will go ahead with the meeting
      5. No talk by the Behnke Fellow
      6. Fly tying at 6:30 - Frank, Meeting starts at 7:00. Will tie Landon Mayer’s mini-leach
    3. Ron Dickson conservation committee resignation
  4. Old Business

    1. Financial development
      1. Case statement ready to go to donors and members
      2. Putting together a plan for the 20-21 season.
    2. Send volunteer hours to Ryan in May. Committee chairs to roll up and submit info. 18 month period due to change in CTU fiscal year.
  5. Meetings/Events

    1. Sep 12 - Rist Canyon Mountain Festival
    2. Oct 23-25 - CTU Rendezvous

Adjourned at 7:10

Submitted by Frank Bub, Secretary
Approved 2020-05-13

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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