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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Leadership Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2020

Attendees: Mickey McGuire*, Colin Glover*, Ryan Hogan*, Ruthie Ketola*, Ron Dickson*, Dave Morse, Bryan Hoag, Mark Miller, Rick Musselmann, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright, Dave Hausler, Paul Introduced visiting members: Paul Bunker and Mark Miller.Bunker, Jeannie Weaver (minutes).
(* board members - quorum present).

Called to order at 6:05 PM

  1. President’s comments

    1. Mark Miller has agreed to take over the Public relations position from Wil Huett.
    2. We are set on the $1000 scholarship to be renamed the Linda Jefferies Rocky Mountain Flycasters Scholarship with CSU for an internship. Brett Johnson is doing a Semester at Sea so Dr. Kanno will be our contact. Dr. Kanno is also advisor to the Fly-Fishing Club. The scholarship recipient is also expected to become an intern with RMF. Intern gets college credit. A new action plan for the intern includes attending the Leadership meetings and working on conservation projects. This will be finalized when we know who the recipient is.
  2. Board Business

    Consent agenda.
    There were no concerns or items pulled and the board approved the Consent agenda.
  3. New Business

    1. Bylaws review and approval. Discussion ensued. Ryan moved and Colin seconded the motion with the entire Board voting to approve the updated Bylaws. The Board approved Bylaws will be made available with a list of major changes to the public for review one month prior to the Special Business Meeting in March.
    2. FY 2020 Budget Kickoff-Power Point slideshow
      1. Ryan led the discussion requesting leaders, “Tell the Treasurer” your best guess for spending for money coming in (fundraising) and going out (administration. Restricted funds (Raffles) and Unrestricted funds discussed.
      2. 12-month Budget cycle. Forecasts for line items can be edited any way you determine what you think it will cost. Add items as needed, such as new grants, projects or programs and add your notes about the forecasts.
      3. Choices for changes, wrong estimates, or increases are: 1) Wait till next budget cycle, 2) ask the Board to reallocate funds from unused budget items to this item, and 3) ask Board to approve an increase in the budgeted line item.
      4. Review your Proposed Budget on Google Drive. Communicate to Ryan what you need by end of January, for further review in February and presentation for adoption in March.
    3. Volunteer Fair committee – Ron Dickson agreed to be the Chair. Discussion ensued about a change of venue to Innosphere for more space. To be held in late April. Committee chairs were asked to participate in the committee.
    4. Chapter Video – Mark Miller showed the 2-minute video he created. Favorable input was shared for possible uses.
  4. Old Business

    1. Financial Development Committee Update - Bryan recapped the meeting from the previous evening. Discussion concerned identifying priorities, corporate contacts and comparisons. Who should be point of contact person and make it easier to donate money or time? Pledge drives, Wills, Trusts, and Legacy support from donors and Volunteer recognition annually for corporate or individual donors.
    2. Expo Update – Colin recapped activities taking place – 16 fly-tiers have been lined up and will be asked for donations. Board members should log donation entries into spreadsheet as obtained. Poster preparation will be done by Paul and Colin will solicit ideas for theme and advertising. Ideas shared for fundraising at the Expo included: Paddleraisers, forms with envelopes to donate and drop in donation box, and Waders for Youth Programs. Bucket Raffles will include fly-tiers flies.
    3. Old Pier signage – Mickey stated consensus was to remove it due to poor condition.
    4. GBCT/Gomo Grant video follow up – Ron spoke about the 90%-completed video which will need additional funding of $1500. A map (graphic) to highlight the general region is also needed as a handout to educate folks and allay fears. The Board voted to approve using the remaining Conservation budget for this work in the amount of and if there is not enough funds, Ron will submit a proposal via email to the board for further funding.
    5. Coalitions Update - Mickey stated that nothing much has happened within the BTWC due to the holidays. Colin reported the CPRW is starting a major fund raising campaign as some of the grant funds have dried up.
  5. Meetings/Events

    1. January 25 - Live Involvement - Jeannie and Ron volunteered to attend
    2. February 21 - F3T Table Lincoln Center. We have permission to set up a raffle. St Pete’s is offering a Walk/wade guided trip for two. Need volunteers to staff the booth; drawing at intermission. Suggested $15 each ticket.
    3. February 28 - Poudre River Forum. Embassy Suites, Loveland. Ron Dickson agreed to attend.
    4. March 5 CTU Gala - (Looking for folks to offer fishing trips as a silent auction item) Mark Miller agreed to contact. Invite donors for fundraising activity.
    5. April 22 RMF Volunteer Fair. Location and plan to be determined. Ron Dickson agreed to be Chair.
    6. April 24-25 CTU rendezvous. Board supports 3 attendees.
    7. May 30 – Poudre River Festival. Location is New Belgium Brewing.

Adjourned at 8:05 PM

Submitted by Jennie Weaver
Approved February 12, 2020

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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