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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Leadership Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2019

Location: The Group Inc Real Estate Building, 2803 E Harmony Rd, Fort Collins.
Present: Colin Glover*, Ryan Hogan*, Ruthie Ketola*, Frank Bub* (minutes), Ron Dickson*, Wil Huett*, Dave Morse, Rick Musselman, Dennis Cook, Dave Beede, Paul Wehr, Lindsey Reynolds (intern)
(*trustees - a quorum was present).

Meeting called to order by the vice president at 6:05 PM.

  1. President’s comments

    1. Colin and Ron attended the TU Meetup
    2. The Big Thompson fundraising event is “Fall in Love with the Big Thompson.” RMF bought a table for 8 for a $1000 contribution. It was suggested we invite volunteers that have contributed to BTR conservation efforts.
  2. Board Business

    1. Consent Agenda
      1. Wil corrected his communications notes
      2. Trout in the Classroom has added a tank in Severance
      3. Consent reports were accepted.
    2. Conservation committee discussion
      1. Ron led a discussion on recognition of volunteers
      2. It was suggested we combine the recognition and volunteer night in January
      3. How to recognize contributors? Perhaps merchandise as well as a brief mention
      4. Would add tables for volunteer organizations (BTRC, CPRW, etc.)
      5. Invite other partners who are looking for volunteer help.
  3. New Business

    1. There are committee vacancies that we need to fill - recommendations or volunteers are solicited
      1. Communications & Outreach
      2. Youth
      3. Trout in the Classroom
      4. Colin suggested adding a Social Media Coordinator
      5. A replacement for Domingo as the licensed as the Raffle Coordinator in 2020
    2. Ruthie reported that the Stream Girls event will be held at the Isaac Walton Clubhouse in Longmont on October 12 from 0800-1800
      1. RMF volunteers are wanted
      2. The Gateway Park venue that Ruthie had arranged did not meet the organizer’s requirements
    3. Since we have the Gateway Park for the 12th, an RMF fishing event is proposed
      1. A stream etymologist has been arranged
      2. Mark Foley (September speaker) has agreed to do some fly casting training
      3. RMF fly tying and knots demos will also be available
    4. Colin reported on the October 6 picnic at Mishawaka.
      1. Parking is limited so participants are urged to carpool from King Soopers Fort Collins
      2. Colin will invite companies and groups that support RMF
      3. We be permitted to fish the shoreline and island at Mishawaka, normally off limits
      4. Cost will be $10 for adults and $5 for kids under 12 to help cover food costs
      5. There will be a cash bar.
    5. Guest night speakers and events are lined up
      1. September - Mark Foley - DIY South America fishing
      2. October - TBD - Perhaps Northern Water / NISP
      3. November - Ron Belak - High Country Fishing
      4. December - the Christmas Party
      5. January - Joe O’Connor - Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing - The July 4th Honor Float
      6. February - the Fly Tying Expo
      7. March - Open - perhaps Matt Fairchild
      8. April - open
    6. Frank reported on the information sign at the Big Thompson fishing pier
      1. The design by the Forest Service interpretive expert has been completed and the sign is being made by Fossil, Inc.
      2. We expect the finished sign to be here by the third week of October.
      3. We will be looking for volunteers to help with installation.
    7. We will have a fly tier demo at the general meetings. Marty Staab will cover September, and Dave Morse, Ron Dickson, and Frank Bub have volunteered to take a night.
    8. The next board meeting will be board only - we will discuss topics from the June retreat including the bylaws and strategic plan.
    9. An upgrade to the board calendar was discussed. Ron suggested we consider a Google calendar that can be updated by any board member.
  4. Old Business

    1. Ryan introduced a discussion on the Financial Development Committee (FDC)
      1. The intent is to link RMF Grant Management with other efforts
      2. The Financial Development Policy has been board approved
      3. Ryan will forward a link to the Gift Acceptance Policy for board approval when revisions are complete
      4. Need to document compelling reasons to give to RMF
      5. After the FDC is set up, will pursue grants
      6. Looking for volunteers for the FDC
      7. Past grants include:
        1. Embrace a Stream (BTR information signage)
        2. GOMO (Cutthroat Trout information effort)
      8. Ron - let’s look at big projects. Suggestions include:
        1. Poudre Headwaters (Cutthroat restoration)
        2. Correcting / fishways river diversions
        3. Stream Stewardship
        4. Dave Beade has been building a database of similar efforts
  5. Meetings/Events

    See above listed meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Submitted by Frank Bub, Secretary
Approved October 9, 2019

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019