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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Leadership Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2019 (postponed from March 13 due to weather) 6:30 PM

Hop Grenade Brew Pub, Foothills Mall (by the skating rink)

In attendance: Mickey Mcguire, Frank Bub, Ryan Hogan, Ruthie Ketola (minutes), Colin Glover, Lee Evans, Dennis Cook, Rick Musselmann, Dave Beede, Ron Hanser, Wil Huett, Ron Dickson, Bryan Hoag, Phil Wright, Guy Turenne, Scott Bailey, Jenna Merritt, Paul Wehr.
A quorum is present.

  1. President’s comments and introduction of guests - Mickey

    1. Rick Musselman -New membership chair
    2. Bill Gedge -New youth chair
    3. Ron Dickson -New conservation chair. Thank you Frank Bub
    4. GOMO grant application $1500, and matching funds $500
    5. Fly tying meeting was a success with around 25 participants. Next meeting is the first Wednesday in April at the Gilded Goat
    6. Raffle tickets for CTU -Mickey is selling
    7. Catch and release on the Big T between Drake and I25 Loveland Fishing Club, Mickey wants everyone to give this some thought. Support or no support?
    8. Cargill grant: local $5,000 plus $2,500 from corporate. Thanks to Linda Jefferies. Mickey is working on the proposal that will include the RMF budget.
  2. Board Business

    1. Nomination/Election of Trustee at Large
      Ron Dickson -unanimous VOTE to accept
    2. Consent Agenda -Approved
    3. Pulled Consent Items -none
  3. New Business

    1. Fly Fishing Film Tour Friday March 22nd – St Pete’s offered for us to have a table. Need a volunteer - Colin
    2. Danny White CSU native trout related project- See Folder- Danny is asking for $6000 to cover his summer field work. Per Ryan, we could use funds from conservation, or unrestricted funds. Action: The Conservation committee will discuss the request and advise the leadership and BOT at next month’s meeting.
    3. Yellowstone update -Paul Bunker- see two EAS related files- Action: Conservation Committee to discuss Embrace a Park proposal at next meeting. Guy reports from his extensive experience, it will be difficult to obtain funding.
    4. Chapter video -Mark Miller and Mickey- see folder-Action: Develop a committee to help Mark produce a short, 2-5 minute video.
    5. Donations update -Paul Wehr- See Folder -Action: Paul-will work on list maintenance regarding donations, including corporation logos to acknowledge donors. Colin will develop fillable PDF form. Ryan -needs donor forms filled out and given to him, along with the donations, for his accounting.
    6. FY 19/20 Budget discussion- See folder for proposed budget-Ryan gave a summary of his zoom meeting presentation last month. Action: committee chairs and project leaders should check their budget reports monthly on the drive. Ryan needs budget estimates in now for the next fiscal year that starts April 1.
  4. Old Business

    1. Fly tying Expo debrief -All (Lee leads)- Lee reviewed his notes on what went well and what needs improvement for next year. Action: Ryan will update what the bottom line was this year- the largest ever.
    2. Leadership Development/Nominations and awards Committee – Action: Dennis needs award nominations for the members awards program urgently.
    3. Fishing Pier Update/signage -Mickey and Frank- there will now be one large sign designed with BTWC funds. RMFC will pay to build it.
    4. Veterans Program –Tabled as Dave Morse was absent.
  5. Meetings/Events

    1. Ribbon cutting for Watson fish passage, April 12 at 11:00 am Action: Need a rep or several: Wil, Dennis, Colin, Mickey(?), Ruthie have volunteered to attend
    2. Rendezvous, April 26-28 - who will attend? Colin, Ryan, Mickey, plus Ron?
    3. Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park -need 10-12 people to plant willows 9-12am with opportunity to fish the Big T afterwards. Action: use VMS to sign up
    4. Big T Pier celebration - June 10
      Planting prior, BTWC doing PR- Wil would like to attend as one of the original builders of the Pier. Action: Mickey will mention the event in the upcoming newsletter so that other original workers might attend
  6. Submitted by Ruthie Ketola, Secretary
    Approved April 10, 2019

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019