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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Leadership Meeting Minutes
December 19, 2018

Attendees: Coy Wiley, Phil Wright, Lee Evans, Will Huett, Jenna Merritt, Ryan Hogan, Paul Wehr, Dave Piske, Dennis Cook, Mickey McGuire, Colin Glover.

  1. President’s comments- Mickey

    1. Update on fishing pier following meeting with stakeholders on project
      1. Construction is nearly completed
      2. Plan is for big celebration at time of opening which will have media along with revegetation project...April-May pre-runoff time
      3. WRV - new field director Catherine ____ working to get back in touch with other member groups.
      4. Matt Fairchild has agreed to be at Jan. Volunteer meeting
      5. Goal is to have our signage in place by opening day.
    2. Megan Reed Barker - new TU rep for Bristol Bay is interested in speaking to chapter in early Jan. Board approved this.
    3. Mickey approached Marty Staab @ Elkhorn to determine if he would be interested in doing a Chapter sponsored Vice Squad type activity for the Chapter. Board discussed doing a tying meet up at Fort Collins Brewery vs. at monthly meeting. Budget has room to sponsor $5/tier.
      1. Mickey proposed RMF covering 1st event and we can revisit for continued support.
      2. Could be promoted on social media
      3. Unanimous motion passes to spend $250 on first Pub and Dub
    4. Mickey spoke to Grant Houx while in Mexico about having a table at Fly Fishing Film Tour. Grant has expressed greater interest in getting involved with the club, but wants to know what are our chapter’s goals and objectives. Dovetails with our work to create strategic plan and action plan.
    5. Thank you Lee for your work on the Holiday Party! Came in well under budget and Lee has notes to improve upon for next year.
      ○ Name tags? Bigger Room? Better sound?
  2. Board Business

    1. Consent Agenda - Approved
    2. Pulled Consent Item
      Youth: Amy Galyardt @ Environmental Learning Center wants additional participation in teaching youth fly casting March 30th and looking for a leader from the chapter. See camp-fishing-and-tracking
  3. New Business

    1. Sponsorship of Poudre River Forum, held on 2/1/19 - see letter-Mickey
      This is already in the approved budget
    2. Participation in the Mishawaka Fly Fishing Classic- Mickey and Domingo
      1. Goal is to have 20-50 participants
      2. Would need controllers to oversee judging
      3. Does this mesh with chapter goals? Great outreach option?
      4. Involved as “Conservation Partner” and pivot this to a “one fly” contest
    3. Fly Tying Expo planning - All
      1. Lee currently has 7 tiers lined up
      2. Colin is overseeing donations for silent auction
      3. Need to promote in the news letter
      4. Paul is working on name/brand for posters
      5. CSU Fly Fishing club will be joining us
      6. $20 @ the door will cover food, beer and raffle tickets
      7. $10 w/ student ID
    4. Poudre River Pioneer award nominations via Poudre Runs Through It
      1. Dick Jefferies
      2. https://source.colostate.edu/2019-poudre-pioneer-award-nominations-now-being-accepted/
  4. Old Business

    1. Volunteer Budget Draft - Phil
      1. Phil is working to develop system which will flow with VMS and was result of being asked to project our volunteer hours in order to work with other stakeholders who need this for grant applications
      2. Brings up Mickey’s point that we need an action plan and planning committee to oversee planning and execution of projects.
      3. All chapter leaders need to be using VMS as it will benefit all projects and communications moving ahead
    2. Volunteer Orientation Meeting January 10, 2019 - Phil
      1. Will have reps from FS, WRV, Nature Conservancy
      2. Ryan proposing that we have a need for a volunteer coordinator to manage tracking hours and participants.
    3. Leadership Development/Nominations Committee - Dennis
      Thirty-seven individuals from the recent chapter survey are looking to get more involved and the committee is working to contact those people and should have some of them at Volunteer Meeting in January.
    4. CTU Gala Fundraiser, March 7 - will we purchase a table?
      1. This is already in the budget. Time to start thinking who should attend
      2. We have 10 spots to fill with folks who are likely to participate in the auctions.
    5. Rendezvous, April 26-28 - who will attend?
      In Glenwood Springs this year: Ryan, Colin and Mickey indicated their desire to attend.
    6. Fishing Pier Update (see email from Mickey) Need to start planning for planting and celebration.
  5. Approved January 9, 2019

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019