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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Leadership Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2018

Meeting called to order by President Mickey McGuire at 7:00 pm.
In attendance: Ryan Hogan, Will Huett, Dave Piske, Jerry Pelis, Lee Evans, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright, Colin Glover, Ruthie Ketola (minutes).

Note: A quorum was present.

  1. Board Business

    1. President’s comments- goals for the year are discussed, including more responsive communication, completing a strategic plan, and working with the leadership development committee- see attachment.
    2. Review of Agenda- approved as is.
    3. Review of May’s Minutes- approved as is.
    4. Consent Agenda- approved.
    5. Pulled Consent items
      1. Conservation- see report
      2. Financial Position Statements- Ryan-suggested we identify youth outreach and conservation projects in order to use available funds.
  2. New Business

    1. Odell’s Q3 partner- Mickey- TU/CTU will be co-recipients of a $10,000 charitable gift ($5,000 each)
      1. Poster- Mickey submitted a fund request for $250 for a portable roll up display sign necessary for publicizing our group at Odell’s. The sign could be used at other club events later. A motion was made and approved.
      2. Opening event- we will want to have a good presence at the brewery to kick off the quarter with our new beer-July 1?
      3. New Beer- Mickey and a small group of TU members participated in developing Coldwater 1, a pilsner named for the water temperature and quality in which cutthroat trout thrive. The beer will be launched July 1, and if it sells out, may continue to be produced long term.
      4. Propose a project- Dick. Discussed that as part of our charity partnership, we need to provide a work project for Odell’s staff. He discussed building and placing stream sensors in Long Draw as a possibility.
    2. Water literacy opportunity- see http://www.waterliterateleaders.colostate.edu/. Our chapter will sponsor leadership team members who apply and are accepted into the class. Dick has attended in the past, and found it very educational and useful. Colin expressed interest.
    3. Membership on Watershed Coalitions
      1. CPRW- Dick Jefferies. Discussed the history of and the role of this organization going forward, after the current work projects, post fire and flood, are completed. Dick currently serves on the 9 member board, giving TU a voice. He is willing to step down at the end of his term, if another RMF member would like to pursue a board position.
      2. BTWC- Dave Piske. Concurred with Dick, in that the work of this organization will be ongoing. His term expires mid September.
    4. Chapter Meeting Reorganization- Mickey. Would like to form a committee to work on this, with the main goal to increase participation by our membership. His ideas include: to formalize an agenda in advance at the leadership meetings: limiting chapter business to 10-15 minutes, allowing the speaker 45-60 minutes, and more time at the end of the meeting for raffle and socializing; fly tyers and/or casting demonstrations at every meeting; bring back the cooler of drinks and popcorn.
  3. Old Business

    1. New RMF Conservation Team update- Phil- see report. Mickey would like to identify a chair to serve as a point person. There are many volunteer opportunities this summer/fall. We discussed getting Volgistics up to date.
    2. Children’s Water Festival recap- Jerry gave some background on this 27 year old, state mandated unit on water, for the public schools. This year 405 students attended, and 10 volunteers put on the festival, including 4 new volunteers. Jerry needs some new equipment for next year, and will submit a fund request.
    3. Kid’s Fishing Day- Lee. There were 9 volunteers, and about 40 kids in attendance this year, all of whom caught fish. Chris Carroll was very happy with the success of the event.
    4. Poudre Riverfest- Colin- this event was successful as well, and Colin had some first time volunteers help out. It was slightly less attended than last year.
  4. Future Business

    1. Alpine Anglers dinner and fundraiser- June 20. Phil will send out an email for folks who want to attend to form a carpool.
    2. Wild & Scenic celebration at The Mish- Sept 16th
    3. Rist Canyon Festival- Sept 8th

Submitted by Ruthie Ketola, Secretary

President’s comments

Addendum to the June 2018 Leadership meeting minutes

Welcome to everyone

My expectations for the new board

  • Communications

    • Respond to requests for information promptly
    • Ensure contact information is up to date
    • Everybody has a voice and everyone should respect each other’s voices
  • President’s Goals

    • Finish the Strategic Plan approval process
    • Improve communications within the leadership
    • Get the Conservation Group up and running
    • Formalize the leadership development committee
    • Increase member participation in volunteer activities
    • Communicate more fully with the membership of the chapter
      • Monthly email blast before the Chapter meeting
      • Board report in the newsletter
    • Get the VMS up and running
    • Obtain input from the general membership
      • Survey
      • Suggestion box
    • New Chapter Centric projects (e.g., Eagle’s Nest)
    • Turkey Roost?
    • Fish passages at existing water diversion structures?
    • Other ideas?
  • Comments on Chapter Meeting reorganization
    • Reorganize the meetings?
    • Dinner with the speaker?
    • Fly at the door?
    • Fly tier or other instructional type activity?
    • President’s comments
    • Conservation report
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Veterans report?
    • Speaker(s)
    • Raffle

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019