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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Leadership Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2018

Meeting called to order by President Coy Wylie at 6:59 pm.
In attendance: Mickey McGuire, Tom Culbertson, Ryan Hogan, Wil Huett, Dave Piske, Dennis Cook, Dave Morse, Frank Bub, Lee Evans, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright, Colin Glover, Ruthie Ketola (minutes).

Note: A quorum was present.

  1. 1. Board Business

    1. President’s comments- Coy’s last leadership meeting as President
    2. Review of Agenda- approved as is.
    3. Review of April’s Minutes- approved as is.
    4. CTU/Western Regional Rendezvous: very positive comments from all who attended; basically a TU 101 which provided comprehensive information about the workings of TU on the state level, as well as numerous good connections with other chapter leadership. It would be worthwhile that others of us attend next year. Mickey will follow up with additional information via email.
      1. Actions:
        1. A new board member training will be scheduled this summer.
        2. We will make follow up contact with the new leadership in neighboring chapters who were in attendance at the rendezvous, i.e., Alpine Angler’s new president.
      2. Business memberships- Free to businesses if they contribute, in kind >$1,000 annually. This concept was introduced and discussed: TU Business partners who convey TU’s conservation message to the angling community, and to serve as representatives of TU on the water. In return, our partners receive significant benefits, including a listing our quarterly magazine, TROUT, a listing on our website and the ability to give free TU memberships to customers, clients and partners who understand and support TU’s mission to protect, reconnect and restore our nation’s trout and salmon watersheds. Elkhorn, St. Pete’s and Jax are local businesses we could consider exploring a business relationship with.
      3. Alternative Affinity Groups- this designation is for non-members who are closely associated with TU who may be eligible to receive grants i.e., Platte River Veterans. The Greenbacks in Denver has this affiliation.
      4. Dave Piske was honored with a well deserved Distinguished Service award, and RMF was awarded for Exemplary youth education.
      5. Phil and Dave completed the temperature log training with Chris Carroll, and are waiting for the list of work sites.
        Action: add this, and other RMNP volunteer opportunities to Volgistics
    5. Embrace A Stream- Mickey- deadline is 5/15/18 to submit the proposal for a grant for signage at Watson Lake.
      Action: Dave Piske will email Mickey with previous grant proposal to use as a template, and he will get this done.
  2. Old Business

    1. Update from Nominations Committee - Dennis
      Slate of candidates for board positions to be voted on at the May general meeting-approved as is:
      President: Mickey McGuire
      Vice President: Linda Jefferies
      Treasurer: Ryan Hogan
      Secretary: Ruthie Ketola
      Trustee at large: Frank Bub
      Trustee at large: Colin Glover
      1. Lee will introduce the slate of candidates
      2. Dave M. will make the motion to vote
      3. New officers will take over their positions directly after the election.
    2. Update from Awards Committee - Dennis
      Action: Coy will announce the recipients at the general meeting
    3. Platte River Veterans FF update- Dave Morse reported that they are very active with trips this summer with >70 trips planned for the vets. Plans are in the works for an honor float for WWII/Korean war vets. There are >400 members on the contact list with about 100 active members, and 40,000 vets in the Tricity area. The fundraiser gala raised >$25,000 so they are well funded.
    4. Poudre Riverfest June 2nd www.poudreriverfest.org/about-the-festival/ - Colin- the event runs 12-6 at the oxbow. Colin needs about 8 volunteers to work, as well as fly-tyers.
      Action: Need to update volgistics for this and other upcoming opportunities.
    5. USFS Free Fishing Day June 2th 7:45-noon. Lee has 12 volunteers and needs 3 or so more.
    6. Update on Big Thompson Fishing Pier – Dick Jefferies could not attend.
  3. Future Business

    1. Tracy with BT Watershed Coalition extended an invitation to celebrate the completion of the fishing pier project on June 23rd at the site. This has been canceled.
    2. CPRW requests volunteers for May 26 Small Batch Festival https://www.odellbrewing.com/smallbatch2018/. If they provide 40 volunteers, they get $8,000. Volunteers get free entry to the event (worth $35).
      Action: email Jen

    Submitted by Ruthie Ketola, Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019