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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Board Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2017

  1. Board Business

    1. President’s Comments and introductions
      1. Review of Odell donation/$3900+, EAS grant
      2. Leadership team asks if Ruthie would send out a PDF of agenda each month prior to the meeting.
    2. Review of Agenda
    3. Review of October minutes
    4. Consent Agenda
    5. Pulled Consent items
  2. New Business

    1. Holiday Party update-Lee
      CB Potts - December 15, Friday. Everything will run as normal. 6:30 drinks, food at 7, white elephant at 7:30. Food prices have gone up. Combo sub platter, sliders, wings, turkey-bacon wraps. $1070 for food. Discussion of what to have on the menu. $15 per person. $20 at the door. Will send out an email blast. Everyone who buys a ticket gets 3 raffle tickets. 1 wrapped gift per couple. Announce at membership meeting.
    2. Treasurer’s report for approval-Tom
      Will postpone until next month and Tom’s presence.
    3. Meeting at the Windsor Community Rec Center- Mickey/Coy
      1. We need specific costs. Maybe have some of us go look at it. Could we move it to a Saturday afternoon? Discussion of having it on a Saturday, evening? Have it at Senior center on Wednesday and add a live auction and bartender? Odell’s sponsor? At the brewery?
      2. Keep it at Senior Center. Start a little earlier. Live auction. Talk to Odell’s about sponsoring and having beer service. Feb 21st.
    4. Alaska Trip - Coy
      Will discuss more. Research with lodge owner. Perhaps offer as a chapter trip.
    5. Discuss January 2018 RMF Volunteer Orientation meeting-Phil
      Short presentation. Good opportunity to talk about VMS or sign people up. Do it at Odell’s.
  3. Old Business

    1. Volgistics Update-Linda - nothing to report
    2. Project Healing Waters-Domingo - Have invited about 25 RMF members invited to a kick-off night. It would be nice to have half the budget in fall and half in spring. Approved by trustees.
    3. Guest Night Meeting preparation - Linda needs help. Will have both rooms. Popcorn will be supplied. Linda will bring drinks from storage.
    4. Search for Youth Camp coordinator - Discussion of possibilites
    5. Embrace-A-Stream/fundraising-reminder - Have raised $745 through 20 donors since Monday.
    6. Treasurer candidate?-Tom - yeah well....
  4. Future Meetings

    1. Strategic Planning/Action plan - Next step is action plan
    2. NoCo Expo Planning - Coy will work on this after his term as president is over

    Submitted by Coy Wylie, President
    for Ruthie Ketola, Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 12 Apr, 2018