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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

March 8, 2017

7:00 PM - Meeting called to order

Attendance: Coy Wylie, Mickey McGuire, Dick Jefferies, Linda Jefferies, Paul Wehr, Dave Piske, Will Huett, Domingo Rodriguez, Dennis Cook, Lee Evans, Phil Wright, Dave Morse, Domingo Rodriguez, Tom Culbertson
Guests: Stan Woodring and Sally Ross (New Director for Phantom Canyon Nature Conservancy)
In the absence of Lance Asherin, Linda Jefferies took notes
Note: A quorum was present.

  1. Board Business

    1. Introductions/President’s Comments
      Stan Woodring and Sally Ross were introduced. Sally thanked RMF for past commitment to working in Phantom Canyon, and asked for input on how our RMF’s relationship should continue, including a Phantom Canyon day exclusively for RMF.
    2. Review Agenda: The agenda was approved with addition of Project Healing Waters discussion.
    3. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting: Motion/2nd/Approved:
    4. Consent Agenda: Approved
    5. Pulled Consent Items: None
  2. Old Business

    1. Expo. Review – Lee Evans
      Expo Review – Lee Evans gave a review of the FlyTying Expo numbers. Our net was approximately $4373.00 and we sold approximately 130 tickets for the event.
      The issue regarding final bids on the silent auction was discussed, and how to keep last minute bids from happening after the end of the auction is signaled.
      Lee thanked everyone for a job well done.
    2. CTU Gala - Coy Wylie
      The upcoming Gala event was discussed briefly with Dick Jefferies giving highlights on silent auction. This year, bidding for silent auction items was started in the week prior to the event so that anyone is able to bid on-line for auction items.
    3. Volunteer Management System – Mickey McGuire
      The VMS Committee completed their assessment of the VMS software packages and made the recommendation that we use Volgistics software for our Volunteer Management System. Mickey reported that depending on features used, the software would cost RMF around $65.00 per month or around $780.00 a year.
      The board gave approval for the money to start Volgitics.
      The implementation of the system will be in the hands of the VMS committee.
    4. Strategic Plan update – Dennis Cook
      Next Step of the Strategic Plan will be to set goals and actions for the implementation for the Strategic Plan.
      Dennis Cook and Dave Piske previously worked on strategies for implementation of goals from the Strategic Plan.
    5. Dennis asked that the Trustees review the strategies prior to review with the leadership team.
    6. Project Healing Waters — Dave Morse and Domingo Rodriguez
      Dave and Domingo updated the leadership team on current activities and needs of our local Project Healing Waters group.
      April 22 will be the GALA for the Cheyenne chapter, and Dave asked that RMF make a donation or purchase a seat at the Gala.
      Dennis Cook made a motion to expend $1,000.00 for project our local Project Healing Waters. Wil Huett seconded the motion.
      Dave and Domingo will also ask for support or matching funds from RMF chapter members at our next meeting.
  3. New Business

    1. Visioning – Coy Wylie, President
      Visioning was tabled by Coy for the evening.
    2. Nominations for Board of Trustees
      Lee Evans will chair the nominations committee with committee members: Dennis Cook, Linda Jefferies, and Wil Huett.
      The position of Secretary is being vacated by Lance Asherin effective immediately. Lance will be moving to Montana in the next month.
      Lee asked that Board of Trustee members that are willing to extend their tenure for 2017-2018 year let him know.
    3. Awards-Coy Wylie, President
      • CTU Awards -Submission period has passed, so no awards will be submitted to CTU this year.
      • Chapter Recognition Awards – Wil Huett, Linda Jefferies, and Coy Wylie will work on Chapter recognition awards.
        Elkhorn has been slated for an award at the May meeting.
    4. Embrace -A-Stream
      There was a discussion about the merits of Embrace-a-Stream for both the fishing pier project on the Thompson, and a possible fish passage study on the Poudre with the City of Fort Collins.
      A motion was made and seconded that RMF would pursue the possibility of requesting an Embrace-a-Stream grant for working on a fish passage study in the Poudre.
    5. Fund Raising
      • Wil Huett
        Wil discussed the possibility of starting a Google One Today project for help in funding future projects.
      • Amazon Smile- Tom Culbertson
        Merits of the Amazon Smiles Charitable giving program which donates 0.5% of the price of purchases to charitable organizations. Wil Huett made a motion to move forward with the amazon smile program. The motion was seconded.
    6. Future Meetings –
      • CTU Rendezvous
      • Poster for Rendezvous
      • Poudre Water Fest Fort Collins June 3 and CPW’s Youth Fishing at Red Feather
      Discussion of the above Future meetings was tabled

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10PM
Submitted by Linda Jefferies, Trustee, graciously substituting for Lance Asherin

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019