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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

April 13, 2016

7:00 PM - Meeting called to order

Attendance: Wil Huett, Dick Jefferies, Domingo Rodriguez, Tom Culbertson, Lance Asherin, Linda Jefferies, Dennis Cook, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright.
Guests: Mickey Maguire
Note: A quorum was present.

  1. Board Business

    1. Introductions / President’s Comments
      Wil mentioned that a rep from the whitewater park group wants to meet with us, thank us for the support we gave them and discuss use of surplus funds they raised.
    2. Review Agenda: Motion/2nd/Approved.
    3. Consent Agenda: Documents submitted prior to meeting are: Treasurer’s Report; Conservation Report; Youth Report; Community Outreach Report; Membership Report. Approved.
    4. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting: Motion as amended/2nd/Approved: with corrections.
    5. Pulled Consent Items: None
  2. Old Business

    1. Sustain: Budget Considerations
      1. The City of Ft. Collins increased our meeting room fees by 50%, from $80 to $120. A minimal increase was anticipated not a 50% increase. Tom is going to follow up and try to pay our bill at our budgeted rate. We discussed some other facility possibilities.
      2. Annual donation to CTU - We discussed the state of the Colorado TU funding shortfall this year. There is no money from Colorado gives day this year. A motion was made to donate $1000.00 dollars to CTU from unrestricted funds. The board of trustees approved this motion. Dick Jefferies as a member of the state board of directors for CTU abstained from this vote by our trustees.
      3. Wil has proposed to fund a delegate to the National TU meeting. Wil thought that Dick as a member of the CTU board would be a good representative for the chapter. A motion was made to send someone for a one time evaluation of the national program. Will this benefit us? Perhaps sending 3 or 4 people to State rendezvous would provide the same info. The motion was approved by a 3 to 2 vote, however Wil said he would talk with Dave Nickum about the benefit to the chapter. The motion could be rescinded if need be, by a subsequent trustee’s vote.
      4. Is there funding for a Volunteer Management System package? How much is available? There is $2500 for TU administrative support and Outreach and volunteer coordination. Money should be spent by the end of the grant this summer.
      5. Wil proposed some draft guidelines for speaker fees. He asked if Domingo and perhaps Lee would follow up and see if any ideas needed to be added to it.
    2. Sustain: Odell’s Fly Fishing Day
      The weather is going to impact attendance. The event is still scheduled however it will likely get postponed.
      Karla stated to Dick that the more you have for the little kids to do is a big benefit to the staff.
      We approved producing 300 more brochures.
      Discussed having safety pins for the kids to tie a fly on.
    3. Sustain: 2016 Youth Water Festivals
      Jerry was not in attendance, however he relayed to Wil that the festivals are fully staffed.
    4. Sustain: Strategic Plan – Next steps
      Nothing new to report from last month.
    5. Sustain: Software search
      Wil explained that the software version of Salsa that would have been more compatible with our needs is not the version of Salsa that CTU purchased. Phil explained that there has been some discussions about requirements of a new system. A volunteer coordinator position may be of a benefit to the chapter.
      There is a need for volunteers from outside our chapter if we are to meet the time commitments we expect in the next 5-10 years. We need software able to link with other groups software.
  3. New Business

    1. Sustain: Nominating Committee Report
      Dennis reported that the nominating committee has a list of candidates for next year. He provided a list of the nominees. The board of trustees approved of the list. The list will be posted on the chapter website by May 3rd. Dick proposed that we make our June meeting a dedicated orientation meeting.
    2. Sustain: Adult Education
      Dennis provided a handout of preliminary ideas the task force has developed. They intend to meet further and firm up some recommendations. They also believe that this should not have a negative impact on the local fly shops.
    3. Future meeting plans:
      • April 17 - Spring Celebration at Odell’s
      • April 20 – Joe Butler, aka Big trout Joe
      • May 18 - annual meeting, elections, John Perry an Alaska guide & Bob Sampson will discuss Pueblo Tail water fishing.
    4. Sustain: NISP
      Dick informed the group that NISP had their spring waters meeting today. The press release came out that the governor has endorsed the Windy Gap Firming project, this is a first in the history of Colorado.
    5. Brochures
      Linda asked about purchasing some new national brochures. What she found was a new recruitment sheet. Need something with our chapter number on it. She will get a few for the time being.

9:15 PM - Meetings adjourned

Submitted by Lance Asherin,
Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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