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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

March 9, 2016

7:00 PM - Meeting called to order

Attendance: Wil Huett, Dick Jefferies, Linda Jefferies, Dennis Cook, Dave Piske, Lee Evans, Cullen Emsing, Lance Asherin, Guy Turenne, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright.
Guest: Bob Castner
Note: A quorum was present.

  1. Board Business

    1. Introductions/President’s Comments
      The effort to use Salsa as a volunteer tracking software has stalled. Discussions followed about using some other software and a comment was made about do we even know what we want out of the software we use. Dennis and Dave are going to put together a list of exactly what we need out of any software we use. Dick mentioned having the ability to cross populate data with WRV.
      Wil mentioned that he and Dave Morris had sent in the applications through L.L. Bean for free rods to be given to project healing waters.
    2. Review Agenda: We added a quick review of the Fly Tying Expo - Motion/2nd/Approved.
    3. Consent Agenda: Documents submitted prior to meeting are: Treasurer’s Report; Conservation Report; Youth Report; Community Outreach Report; Membership Report. Approved.
    4. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting: Motion as amended/2nd/Approved: with a correction.
    5. Pulled Consent Items:
      Dennis asked to pull the youth report to look at CSU club rods. The CSU 5 rivers club is approved. TFO will supply rods but they need to be club property. Dennis made a motion to spend about $800 to provide the club 12 rod and reel combos to loan out to club members. There would be a check in and out system set in place through a quarter master. The motion was amended to use youth outreach reserve funds for this purchase. The motion was 2nd and approved by the Leadership team. An email will be sent out for approval by the trustees.
      Linda mentioned that there are funds available through CSU for clubs to obtain.
      Dick asked to pull the conservation report. Cargill Cares will be donating $2500 to restoration and perhaps another $1250 for trout in the class room. So this $2500 could be applied to the North Fork restoration project. April 11th will be a volunteer day for the Cargill Company on the Poudre River, Morey Glade area, and hours will apply to our chapters committed hours.
  2. Old Business

    1. Sustain: Strategic Plan – Next steps
      The draft has been amended per our discussions from last month, the operational part will be added once finished. The two will be incorporated and sent out for a quick review then the document will be sent out for community outreach.
    2. Orientation Manual: Update/maintenance
      Wil informed us that he has updated the conservation portion, and media documents.
    3. Sustain: Volunteer opportunities
      • Trustee
      • Vice President
      • Treasurer
      • Newsletter editor
      • The trustee at large position has a few possibilities. A nominating committee of Lee (chair), Dennis and Guy will vet out the nominees.
    4. Sustain: Community Outreach: Review Larimer County Fishing Expo
      Everything went well, we obtained many new people to be added to our mailing list as well as 9 people very interested in the youth camp.
      A youth camp brochure needs to be created and provided at events like this.
    5. Sustain: Tying Expo Review
      • Lee asked about any new ideas.
      • Nearly $3400 dollars were generated.
      • The meal was highly approved of.
      • The silent auction table was very good this year. Need to watch the table next year and make sure nothing gets misplaced, nothing was stolen but the opportunity should be controlled. We should also keep the gift certificates off the table.
      • Could use about 30 more people.
    6. Sustain: 2016 Youth Water Festivals
      Jerry was not here but mentioned to Wil that he could use another person and Dave Piske offered to help. The Fort Collins festival is signed up.
      Dennis suggested you get the script from Jerry well ahead of time if you are running one of these events.
    7. Sustain: April Celebration
      Dick said things are pretty well set up. The Colorado conservation exchange is now competing with us. The Brew Water group are working with them not us.
      However Karla has figured out a date, April 17th, and we will have a Fly fishing program similar to last year. We can put on calendar now to begin promoting. Set up will be around 10:00.
      Looks like we will start to have an April and an October event with Odell’s.
    8. Sustain: Speaker’s Fees
      Dick discussed Domingo’s email letter that went out and we decided to not provide him with a speaker fee. John Perry did not ask for a fee initially. We have started down this path and now we might get more requests for speaking. We discussed covering gas and meals costs in the future, but try to avoid these fees for every speaker we have. Domingo has done a great job and we will let him know that we will not provide John a fee.
      Do we need to develop a policy/guidelines for our programs?
    9. Sustain: Fishing is Fun Grant – Handicapped Fishing Structure
      Dave and Wil sent out a letter of support for this grant.
  3. New Business

    1. Conservation Projects Calendar 2016
      Dave stated that the first project is coming next week. An email blast will be sent out to newsletter list to try and get folks signed up.
    2. Conservation: North Fork Big Thompson River Cleanup
      Phil informed us that a possible river cleanup day might be a good idea. He asked Chris Carroll about doing this and the question is what needs to be accomplished, cleanup debris or accomplish the planting and seeding we need to do?
      Construction has not yet completed.
      Phil and Dave will find out if we want to try and schedule another day for working there.
    3. Sustain: Poudre Riverfest June 4th
      Wil asked if we are going to participate. We decided to participate with the Kids fishing day instead.
    4. Sustain: Adult Education
      Wil felt that we could try to include the local fly shops and start up an adult program for our members.
      Phil, Guy and Dennis are going to get together and discuss what kind of a program we would provide. Lee said he would be happy to go along when talking to Grant later.
    5. Future meeting plans:
      • April 17 - Spring Celebration at Odell’s
      • April 20 - ??
      • May 18 - annual meet, elections, John Perry an Alaska guide & Bob Sampson will discuss Pueblo Tail water fishing.

9:05 PM - Meetings adjourned

Addendum by email
Dennis moved, Lee seconded, to spend $850 from our restricted Youth Funds to purchase 12 TFO rod/reel/cases to help get the CSU 5 rivers club started. (Caveat re Youth Camp) This motion was unanimously supported by the board of trustees via email on March 14th.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019