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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Oct 14, 2015

7:00 PM - Meeting called to order

Wil Huett, Dick Jefferies, Linda Jefferies, Lee Evans, Cullen Emsing, Dave Piske, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright, Dave Morse, Dennis Cook, Lance Asherin, Dennis Cook and Bob Streeter.
Note: A quorum was not present.

  1. Board Business

    1. Introductions/President’s Comments
      Slide show - Rotary After Hours - Dick presented a Rocky Mountain Flycasters slide show about water use in Colorado, conservation work and projects that we are involved with to the rotary club and it was very well received. Dick hopes that this may led to the rotary club taking on a volunteer project in the future of their own that we host.
    2. Review Agenda: no items added
    3. Consent Agenda: Approved, but lacking the Youth report.
    4. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting: Motion/2nd/Approved: with a few corrections and edits
    5. Pulled Consent Items: None
  2. Old Business

    1. Sustain: Strategic Plan – Nov 14th, 11am - 3pm Odell’s
      Who is planning to attend? About a dozen are planning on attending, hopefully more. What material is needed to prep? Member survey, previous draft materials (this is not the final document just a draft), and this year’s budget. Dick is preparing a cover letter to explain what is happening. Dick mentioned getting some large writing pads.
    2. Sustain: Vice President vacancy
      Wil recommend amending Article V of RMF Bylaws to set terms of office concurrent with fiscal year. This allows a new officer to get a transition period between May election and Oct assumption of office.
      After a lengthy discussion we agreed to state that the expectation is that the president will serve for two years, but that we do not need to change the bylaws, just our policy.
      A notion of a president elect rather than vice president was discussed
      Our current system is not functioning, no vice president to assume the role in May.
      The idea of a transition period for new board members, with terms running concurrent with the fiscal year could not be agreed upon.
      All board members need to try and identify future board members and let Lee know who they are. He has offered to contact these individuals and try to interest/recruit them.
      Are there conflicting statements in our orientation manual or operations manual?
    3. Conservation: Protect: Colorado Water Plan
      Dave explained that he has submitted his comments. Dave Nickum stated that he would like for our comments to be about more local concerns and that he would like to see us endorse CTU position. Dave read CTU’s final draft and stated we should support it, and he limited our paper to more localized issues.
      There were three main issues/comments:
      1. He commented on the depth of historical information in the water plan. Very much appreciated having this info in one location.
      2. Simplification of the permitting process. He talked a little bit about the difference between state and federal permitting requirements. The comment he made was that the criteria for awarding a permit differs between the two and that the idea of awarding the least damaging environmental impacting alternative is lacking in the state process. State law allows for the applicant to state their preferred alternative. Suggested that the state follow more along the federal process.
      3. The process of the round tables tracking progress on “current” projects needs to be updated and kept current to be useful.
  3. 3.0 New Business

    1. Sustain: 2015-2016 Budget planning
      Bob Streeter informed us that the city of Ft. Collins would like a letter of support for the downtown Poudre river “funding request”. We are on record for supporting this project if it met certain criteria and the city has agreed to hired a consultant that will work with CPW to assure fish passage concerns and erosion control measures are met. Our chapter agreed to have Wil sign this letter and get it to Bob for the Colorado Water trust.
      PRTI request – they are seeking basic support of $250 (or other?). Bob informed us about some of the discussions taking place with this group and some of their accomplishments. This request is separate from the Poudre river forum request we have supported in the past. The board agreed to include this funding request in the proposed budget for consideration.
      Sides for canopy & stencil of logo – Wil stated that this will cost about $350
      $120 for additional Dropbox storage if needed – this is still being looked into.
      1. Sustain: Behnke Scholarship/Behnke Endowment:
        The Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at Colorado State University, is seeking donations to establish an endowed chair in coldwater conservation, named in honor of Dr. Robert J. Behnke. Our goal of $3 million will fund a full-time professor, but all contributions will be put to use for coldwater conservation in Dr. Behnke’s name.
        The chapter has been funding a very successful “fellowship” and will continue to do so. We felt that we could perhaps help out with the endowment effort by publishing the need in our newspaper and perhaps hosting a fund raiser but that we would hold off on donating dollars right now.
      2. Conservation: Embrace A Stream Grant?
        Do we have a potential project worthy of a grant? Grant details emailed 10/11
        Two potential projects were mentioned. George Creek and the Little South. Dave felt the little south project would be more likely to get funded.
        Dave is looking into this grant with other collaborators. EAS grants are typically for smaller projects where 5K would make a substantial difference.
      3. Future meeting plans: Domingo has done an excellent job and the board recognized this.
        • October - Ty Churchwell
        • November 18 - Guest Night - Colorado Women Flyfishers & Pat Dorsey
          Linda requested people with iphones volunteer to run the readers
        • December 11 - Holiday Party, CB Potts Clubhouse Discussed tickets, $15 on line, $20 at the door. If around 60 tickets are sold, the chapter cost would be around $500 again. Lee will host the white elephant exchange
        • January 20 – John and Jodi Knight - World fly fishing Competition & Duane Cook - project lead for Project Healing Waters
        • February 17 - Fly Tying Expo
          • Getting a food donor is key.
          • Recruiting fly tiers
          • Auction table items, we will ask Coy to do this again.
        • March 18 – Landon Mayer
        • April ----Spring Celebration ?
        • May 18 - annual meeting, elections – John Perry an Alaska guide & Bob Sampson will discuss Pueblo Tail water fishing

9:05 PM - Meetings adjourned

Submitted by Lance Asherin,
Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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