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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

June 10, 2015

7:00 PM - Meeting called to order

Attendance: Wil Huett, Dick Jefferies, Linda Jefferies, Dave Piske, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright, Cullen Emsing, Lee Evans, Guy Turenne , Lance Asherin.

Invited Guests: USFS representative Chris Carroll and Marc McKenzie

Note: A quorum was not present.

  1. Committee Business

    1. Introductions / President’s Comments
      Wil thanked the board for their vote of confidence in him as the new president.
      Wil asked on behalf of the marketing and communications committee that everyone start carrying a couple of the chapters business cards with them and look for opportunities to hand them out while they are out fishing. Tell people about our organization and encourage them to join.
      If they do think they might want to join have them go through our web site not the national site, so that the chapter will get some operational funds.
    2. Review Agenda: a few minor items were added by Dave, Wil, Dick, Linda
    3. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting: Motion/2nd/Approved:
    4. Consent Agenda: Approved
    5. Pulled Consent Items: None
  2. Old Business

    1. Strategic Plan - next steps
      1. The strategic planning session was canceled on the 6th. Only 6 board members had committed to participate. If we are going to try to reschedule this Dick stated that we need to have better participation. We are just improving a draft and not trying to complete a final document.
      2. Wil expressed that the board members need to become more familiar with the bylaws and the orientation manual and that a strategic plan is needed with our increased commitments to conservation work.
      3. The board did decide to reschedule the meeting.
        Dick will contact Odell’s again and see when we may reserve the community room. Perhaps in August/Sept.
    2. Orientation Manual - update/maintenance
      1. Wil previously asked everyone to take a look at their description in the manual. Not everyone has done so. Everyone has agreed to take a look at their position descriptions before next month’s board meeting. and help update the manual.
      2. Lee and Dick both felt that the descriptions should be reversed so that the individual responsibilities are listed first and the common responsibilities that everyone shares are listed afterwards.
      3. This document is very helpful to new board members and Paul has offered to help organize a new revision.
    3. Dropbox use & maintenance
      1. Our dropbox space is getting very full. Please clean up your files and delete outdated or unnecessary stuff.
      2. Dick suggested that we start paying for some added storage space. We are dealing with some very large contracts and documentation is involved that needs a permanent storage space.
      3. Paul, Phil and Mark have offered to look into new storage possibilities.
  3. 3.0

    New Business

    1. Trustee vacancy
      1. Domingo Rodriguez has expressed interest and Lee amended the motion to recommend Domingo to the trustee vacancy pending the email vote by the board of trustees.
      2. The board have nominated a replacement to the open trustee position pending email approval of the board of trustees, (lack of a quorum tonight).
    2. Conservation: Restore:
      1. USFS project proposal (handout): USFS representative, Chris Carroll provided a handout about some volunteer needs on the North Fork of the Big Thompson. He would like for us to organize at our convenience a couple of clean up days to help remove junk and asphalt out of the river corridor. The asphalt will get recycled back into the new road. The FS would be happy to provide tools to help us with the cleanup. Our chapter is very busy with other commitments but Phil will work with Marc to try and come up with some times that cleanup could occur perhaps later in the fall. There is some mapping and waivers that will need to be completed first.
        • The conservation project for our campers next year could include some revegetation work here.
      2. NISP: Added item the supplemental EIS report for NISP will be out next week. The mitigation plan is expected to be out the following Monday. Dick reminded us we are Board members of the Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed. Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (NCWD) in their proposed Mitigation Plan of the NISP SEIS expresses an interest to work with group rather than many smaller entities.
      3. Fort Collins Utilities Department: The city has been getting prepared for the NISP report and the utilities department has updated their projected water usage needs for the future. A lady from the department Michael, has offered to provide a talk to us about these projections.
        • We decided that if she wanted to talk at a chapter meeting that would be fine but our next meeting is not until September. Dave will let her know about our decision.
    3. Conservation: Protect: RMNP equipment purchase
      1. Dave Piske made the motion to the board of trustees to authorize the expenditure of not more than $1000 in new equipment to be provided to the fisheries biologist in RMNP for his official duties. The board decided to approve the purchase of this equipment for him pending the approval by the board of trustees via email.
      2. Dick mentioned that we need to make sure money has been put in the right place in the budget for this purchase.
      3. Phil has volunteered to act as the purchasing agent.
    4. Sustain: Community Outreach:
      1. Lory State Park anniversary booth July 11th: We have been invited to set up a booth at for the 40th anniversary celebration at Lory State Park Sat July 11 from 9 to 3:00 PM. The board decided that we would participate and provide a place for people to dry cast our demo rods. Linda asked for the board members to each commit to a couple of hours and help out. Dick reminded us that we are not providing casting “instructions or lessons” just providing a demonstration area and a couple of rods. Dick asked that anyone that will offer to help out, please send him an email and let him know when.
      2. South Platte Round Table: Dick informed the group that Bob Streeter retired from the table and that the group would really like to fill his position with someone informed about TU and their mission. Bob was the environmental coordinator for the round table.
      3. Canopy improvements: Dick informed the group that it would be nice to purchase some surrounds for the canopy structure to try and block the wind and help keep the kiosk from getting blown down. He also wanted to look into getting our chapter log stenciled on. We all thought that was a good idea and Dick will look into cost information for these purchases.
      4. New memberships: Linda mentioned about making sure any new members get signed up through the chapter and not on the national website. TU national is trying to change the way we have been signing up new members. Linda is going to investigate the change.
      5. TU River’s Calendar/Angler Science
        They are looking for pictures of insects actually hatching on stream. We think this sounded worthwhile and talked about perhaps providing a link to their site on our web site so members could be informed of this need and a link instructing them where to send the photos.
      6. Commercialized programs: Hi & Dry Floatants
        A new company in Boulder has approached us about discussing their new environmentally friendly floatant at our chapter meeting. We discussed this and if they are willing to provide some product for the raffle we could provide them with a table in the back of the room to set up and sell the floatant.
      7. Fish Pictures:
        The marketing committee would like to see more fish pictures for our calendar or slide shows coming from our general membership. A notice in the newsletter asking everyone to submit pictures might be a way to accomplish this. Providing incentives was briefly discussed.

9:00 PM - Meeting adjourned

Added 6/11/2015
Supplemental note to the June minutes, on Thursday, June 11th, a fifth affirmative vote was received and as such Domingo Rodriguez has been appointed to the Board of Trustees thus filling the remainder of the term vacated by Gil Coleman’s resignation of trustee at large.

Added 6/29/2015
The purchase of the equipment listed under discussion item 3.3 was also approved by the board of trustees.

Submitted by Lance Asherin,
Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Secretary

Previous Meetings

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