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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

December 10, 2014

7:02PM - Meeting called to order

Attendance: Dick Jefferies, Bob Green, Cullen Emsing, Dave Cunningham, Dave Morse, Dave Piske, Dennis Cook, Gil Coleman, Lance Asherin, Lee Evans, Paul Wehr, Phil Wright, Tom Culbertson and Will Huett

  1. Committee Business

    1. Introductions / President’s Comments
      1. Grant Update.
        Informed that there are currently no updates from the CWCB
      2. Reminder to the group about volunteer nominations.
        Need a core team to help manage the entire process and that nominations are usually sent to the secretary to organize.
      3. CPRW award.
        CPRW was one of three recipients of this year’s Larimer County Environmental Steward Award.
    2. Review Agenda: 3 items added (see 4.0 Added Items)
    3. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting: Motion/2nd/Approved:
    4. Consent Agenda: Approved - no changes.
    5. Pulled Consent Items: None
  2. Old Business

    1. Guest Night After Action Review
      A Big Thanks to everyone we had a very successful guest night. Johnny Olsen and Chris Strum led a very informative discussion about restoration work to be completed in the Big Thompson and Rick and Jerry were a great draw and presented a very good talk about their new Terrestrials book.
      A couple of suggestions about things we could do next year to improve, 1) try to get our speaker lined up as soon as possible so we can get the word out and 2) encourage all of our members to bring along a couple of guests.
    2. Marketing and Communication Committee Update
      Wil informed the group about changes Paul has made to the slide show. Paul has cleaned up the slides and removed some slides and made for an overall improvement. Discussed the possibility of an exit poll to see what people think of the show after one of our general meetings.
      Wil discussed the desire from TU National to incorporate a standard font in all our communication items (brochures, newsletters, emails, etc.). A new style manual is being developed.
      CTU is promoting the use of the “SALSA” program to replace Constant Contact. The committee is looking into this software and expect to switch over. Should save the chapter some time and money.
  3. New Business

    1. Colorado Gives Day
      A decision was made to make this an agenda item for our meeting in March. Donations have generally increased and we will decide how we proceed once we know how much was collected.
    2. Big Thompson Fishing Dock
      A proposal was prepared by Bob Trout, from the Alpine Anglers chapter, for an ESA grant to rebuild the fishing dock removed by the floods. However another grant proposal was also put forth and Bob decided to pull his proposal. Dick asked us if the chapter would like to get involved with this project and take a leading role. We decided to proceed with this and will contact Alpine Anglers to inform them of our decision and keep them updated regarding its progress. With the rebuilding of the road bed it will be about a year before a decision will be made.
  4. Committee Business

    A couple of added agenda items.
    • Lee wanted to know about a couple of items for the Christmas party. A couple of items needed to be gathered and tasks were assigned. One more email reminder is going to be sent to the members.
    • We discussed the proposed kayak course for the Poudre River. The Kayaking group asked us for help raising the money. How will we be involved in fund raising, or will we be involved at all if we don’t help design the project. We need to ensure proper fish habitat for low flows, minimal bank degradation, encourage shading etc.
    • Dick informed the group about a directive from CTU. There is a high desire to increase the women membership across the country. Dick felt this was a good item for the membership chair to take on and will nominate Linda. It was discussed that our chapter has many women members presently.

9:00PM - Meeting adjourned

Added 12/21/2014

Supplemental note to the December minutes. On Friday, December 19th, five affirmative votes were received and as such David Cunningham has been appointed to the Board of Trustees thus filling the remainder of the term vacated by Bill Perrill’s resignation.

Previous Meetings

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