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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

RMF Board Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2014

7:02PM - Meeting called to order

Attendance: Dick Jefferies, Tom Culbertson, Wil Huett, Lance Asherin, Phil Wright, Dave Piske, Paul Wehr, Lee Evans and David Cunningham

  1. Committee Business

    1. Introductions / President’s Comments
      • Dick informed us that Dave Morse has volunteered to take over as our coordinator to the Project Healing Waters for fly tying.
    2. Review Agenda: ok as is
    3. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting: Motion/2nd/Approved:
    4. Consent Agenda: Approved - no changes.
    5. Pulled Consent Items: None
  2. Old Business

    1. Grant Update: Dick reviewed the status of the grants.
      CPRW Pass Through Grant - We are under contract but awaiting funding from the state for the $200K Colorado Department of Health & Environment grant (CDHE). Once we are in possession of the state contract we will sign our contract with Alo Terra. The 100k we were awaiting from the CWCB is now being funded directly to CPRW. RMF will have no financial obligation regarding that portion of the complete grant.
      RMF/ Alo Terra/ Golder Associates Grant – All needed submittals of the approved grant have been made. We currently await the contract from CWCB. Once in hand, RMF will move forward with signing the Contract with Alo Terra.
      Dick mentioned that TU National has a grant we can apply for ($10,000) with the Embrace A Stream program. CPRW could use the money along with some of our conservation fund (we have $1,000 listed under small grants in our budget) to help restore Skin gulch near the junction of Stove Prairie road and Highway 14. Application deadline is Dec 9th.
  3. New Business

    1. Guest Night
      • There has been an addition to the program. Johnny Olson (CDOT) and Chris Strum (CWCB) will have 30 minutes to discuss the actions taken to restore the road networks after the floods and future work to complete the restoration of the watersheds impacted. This is an opportunity to respond to the article in The Coloradoan by Ryan Handy, who has also been invited to attend.
      • Time will be very tight!!
      • Help will be needed to get people into the room – two rows, one for non-members. Elkhorn and St. Pete’s and Adam Omernick of NoCoFlyFishing and normal setup will require 11 or 12 tables to be set up. Lee commented that we need to request and have speakers use a microphone. A computer capable of reading CD’s will be needed for Rick and Jerry’s talk.
      • We will offer a quick stand up and be recognized to Abby Brooks and the volunteers who assisted with mapping out watershed conditions for the USFS.
    2. Christmas Party
      • Lee discussed the details for the Holiday Party to take place at CB Potts (on Elizabeth)
      • Friday Dec 12th in the Club House.
      • $15/person for online tickets $20 at the door, we need to sell around 66 tickets to break even. Includes food and tickets for raffle of Rod and fly trees.
      • We are serving hors d’oeuvres not Dinner and he mentioned reducing the amount from last year.
      • White elephant gift exchange - one gift per couple/group please
      • Cash bar
      • Fly trees are in storage but will be there so please bring flies for them.
      • Dick will ask Linda to send out a special invite to our new members.
  4. Committee Business

    No committee business however a couple of discussion points were brought up.
    • Wil asked the group to consider establishing a more permanent address for the chapter.
    • Is the Johnstown area in our chapter area, need a member who subscribes to the local paper to submit any announcements for the chapter.
    • Tom discussed the total volunteer hours the chapter contributed to and wanted to congratulate everyone.
    • Fly Tying Expo theme will be - Sweet Deceivers.

8:20PM - Meeting adjourned

Submitted by Lance Asherin,
Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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