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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2014
Joint Meeting Of RMF Leadership Team

7:03PM Meeting called to order by President Dick Jefferies

Attendance: Dick Jefferies, Tom Culbertson, Dave Piske, Linda Jefferies, Phil Wright, Bob Streeter, Gil Coleman, Ben Zomer, Bob Green, Jerry Pelis, Paul Wehr, Lee Evans, Dennis Cook, and Cullen Emsing.
Guests: Chris Kiser, President of the North Colorado Medical Center Foundation, Dave Otis, RMF Member & guest of Bob Streeter

  1. Committee Business

    1. Introductions/President’s Comments
      • Introduced guest Chris Kiser explaining that Chris has expressed interest in helping RMF with some long-term fund development, and guest Dave Otis as a friend of Bob Streeter and a recent return to Fort Collins as a new resident.
      • Reported from the preliminary budget preparation meeting immediately preceding this meeting, that good progress was made and that the majority of the budget will be completed and distributed before the leadership team’s October meeting.
      • Summarized his recent representative trip to Washington in support of CTU and the Sportsmen’s Coalition for proposed revisions to the Federal Clean Water Act. CTU has “signed on” to the Sportsmen’s Coalition’s letter of support and encourages all Colorado chapters to do likewise. Mentioned that CTU will also be distributing a similarly purposed support letter adapted for individual members to also sign and send to their Federal Legislators.
      • Motion/2nd/Approval: Those present unanimously authorized Prez Dick to sign on to the Coalition letter for RMF, and also to write a Soapbox letter for publication in NoCO newspapers explaining the proposed revisions to the general public and their benefits for our region.
      • Highlighted the upcoming October 14th DAMnation film showing fundraiser at Odell’s Brewing, and the need for RMF to actively promote attendance because all funds raised will be donated to RMF.
    2. Review Agenda
      Added: Consider transfer of additional chapter monies into the restricted Conservation Fund account.
    3. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting
      Motion/2nd/Approved as amended: by addition of Dennis Cook also present as a participant.
    4. Consent Agenda
      No changes.
    5. Pulled Consent Items
      No items pulled. Comment: Volunteers needed to staff BGCL Day For Kids Festival AM and PM shifts.
    6. Fund Development
      Chris Kiser summarized his professional experience. He spoke positively describing prospects for RMF to establish and substantially increase its financial income processes and position necessary to sustain effectiveness, and also answered questions. He believes some immediate strides can be implemented, followed with gradual additional implementations…a crawl/walk/run implementation strategy. Specific programs could include an Annual Appeal with initiation following Thanksgiving, a standardized New members Giving letter, Planned Giving/Estate Planning to begin in early 2015, a Major Gifts Campaign, and Grants Writing. There will be a review of previous appeals including RMF’s 4-year old Sustaining Donors Program results, trends, donors list, donation levels, incentives, etc.
  2. Old Business

    1. Grants Update
      Prez Dick reviewed that three major grants of $200K (Colorado Health & Environment), $200K (Grantor?) and $100K (Colorado Water Conservation Board) have been awarded to RMF in support of the Coalition for the Poudre River watershed (CPRW), and the Big Thompson/St. Vrain/Boulder Creek Coalition for various major sustaining operations and restoration projects. He reminded that a $50K grant application also was made to the Healthy Rivers Fund and award is expected within the next 30 days. RMF has established a relationship with AloTerra for Project Management services and will be working in concert to implement large portions of these projects for which grant revenues require distributed release from our RMF treasury for approved disbursements across the next three years.
    2. New West Fest After Action
      RMF and CPRW shared a 10'x10' booth; RMF’s cost share was $200.00. Dick expressed that it is very important for RMF to become more visible to the general public, and we need to devote some future funding for community development & education. 500 B&W copies were made (to save costs) of the current RMF brochure that needs to be updated. Booth traffic was nominal, presumably because booth display and content was static, and several suggestions were mentioned to possibly make it more attractive next year.
  3. New Business

    1. Marketing & Communications
      Dick announced that he is to make a RMF presentation using the new display unit in October or November at the Loveland Rotary. He emphasized a need to develop visual and consistent “branding” across all of RMF’s public messages and information mediums, and assigned the following workgroups:
      • Review of current messaging mediums with initial feedback - brochure, website, newsletter, etc.
      • Wil Huett-Chair (Potential Chair TBD), Bob Green, Phil Wright, Paul Wehr, Dennis Cook
      • Identify names expressing marketing interest from recent Chapter Survey – Bob Green
    2. Strategic Planning
      Dick will arrange to meet with Tom Mills (facilitator volunteer) soon, and then relay guidance to an appointed Strategic Planning Process Preparation team to develop a framework to use. It was acknowledged that we already have a TU Vision, Mission and PRRS Strategic basis from which to start. A representative from several additional non-RMF organizations has been suggested as useful colleagues to participate at appropriate process junctures and phases of the actual planning meetings. (CPW, USFS, CPRW, Big T Coalition, PLC)
    3. Conservation Account Funding
      Motion/2nd/Approval: Transfer $2,000.00 from the General Fund into the restricted Conservation Account.

8:53PM Meeting adjourned

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019