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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Minutes

Pres. Jefferies called called meeting to order at 7:10pm at Pappy’s Pub. In attendance: Cullen Emsing, Gil Coleman Brad Kiehne, Dennis Cook, Bob Green, Dave Piske, Jerry Pelis, Tom Culbertson, Dick Jefferies, Phil Wright, Wil Huett, Paul Wehr, Sean Cronin and Bob Streeter.

  1. Committee business
    • Presidents Comments: Dick asked if we wanted this year’s rods ingraved=RMF—unanimous no.
    • Recognized successful Youth Camp under Adam’s care and the continued great contributions from Dennis Cook.
    • Announced CTU booth at Cabela’s grand opening—volunteer with CTU if interested.
    • Added 3 agenda items
    • Approved July minutes
    • No calendar updates
    • Consent Agenda approved. Note: Revised Youth Report to be provided by Dennis included.
    • Newsletter not ready for for approval—needs an article or two. Noted that RMF has been requested to support Aug 24 program at Lions Park, “Get to know your river” sponsored by JAX. Discussion on RMF supporting other organization’s programs. Depends on circumstances, but JAX is close partner so probably ok in this case.
  2. Old business
    1. Orientation Update: Dennis spoke in Bill’s absence. PD’s to be developed for all RMF officer and Leadership Team positions. A Template will be sent out 08-15 for all to use to complete PD for current office. Dennis will draft a PD for Program Chair.
    2. Project Healing Waters Update: Dennis spoke for Bill. RMF waiting for official agreement to be signed. Dick said Cheyenne & Colo. Springs do not have any written agreement for their involvement. Grd. Jct. did not respond to query. Meeting with Healing Waters org. next week—Dick will represent RMF & member Eric Lee will also attend. An event on Aug. 24 at Storm Mt. Lake will see 2-3 vets in program. If interested, contact Dean Miller, N. CO. Healing Waters Coordinator. CSU Occupational health staff interested in developing a relationship with RMF and HW. Bill and Dick will explore possibilities. Tom C. wants to be involved.
    3. RMF Storage Facility: Dennis said there would be a continuing budget impact for renting a storage facility. He would like some help in reviewing options. Rambling discussion ensued. Result is Lee and Dennis need to complete inventory of items to be stored, storage requirements (space, climate control, hrs of access, etc.). Tom C. will aid Dennis in reviewing storage options. During discussion, noted that Program Chair is responsible for refreshments at meetings.
  3. New business
    1. Newsletter: Bob Green led discussion on direction for newsletter and need for approvals. RMF newsletter has relatively high degree of users opening the electronic newsletter. Discussed need for statistical analyses and surveys re: readership. Discussed use of contractor “Constant Contact” and the role of RMF website. Several ideas surfaced that Bob will follow up on. Leadership Team wants to continue the newsletter organization by categories, wants articles to be short with a “More” option for reader, and links to sponsors. LT wants editor to use professional discretion to work with authors to keep articles short and that LT does not have to actually approve each newsletter. Bob will follow up on several suggestions for newsletter improvements.
    2. RMF 30th Anniversary at Guest Night: 30th anniversary will be on Guest Night. Planning must look at how it will best fit into that night’s full schedule. Committee of Lee, Brad, Phil (representing “old timers”), and Sean will bring ideas to Sept Board meeting.
    3. Change to accounting software: Tom reported the new accounting system “Quick Books” was purchased and used for the reports provided to the Board. System works well for “cash flow” accounting, with good transition from old system to new. Still need to inventory and value assets by end of year. Encumbered Funds still problematic, but Tom and Paul continue to work on that issue. Discussion and questions followed indicating a high level of interest in RMF having a good accounting system for all to understand and use. Paul and Tom were congratulated on the hard work that has been done and is being continued, and the progress made.
    4. Awards Committee: Dennis expressed concerns that the L.T. needed to get more involved in the Awards Program. He recommended a 4-person standing committee be appointed and that the committee needed to work year round to assess member’s contributions and provide chapter and state award nominations. Dennis will re-circulate a description of the awards program. Dick asked for volunteers to email their interests in serving to him.
    5. Nominations Committee: Dennis proposed a more active nominations process be instituted, including a committee that works year-round to stimulate L.T. to reach out, meet and recruit talented candidates for positions for the committee to consider for nominations. The committee should also recommend chairs for the standing committees. All L.T. members have a responsibility to network and cultivate possibilities. A committee will be established at a later date.
  4. Committee business:
    Added Agenda Items:
    1. Phil asked about ordering new hats—direction given=buy more hats!
    2. Bob presented request for financial support for “Poudre Runs Through It” work. The request and a progress report will be circulated and topic will be considered at Sept. meeting.
    3. Jerry presented Poudre River Cleanup at Greeley Poudre Learning Center. CTU has offered up the RMF Chapter. Jerry will coordinate with PLC on Sept. 7 date. Greeley members will be targeted. Questions: Is TU to start working on warm water systems? Need exists to develop Strategic Plan to guide future decisions on what work/projects RMF takes on.
    4. Membership Chair needs to be named and will be welcoming lead for Sept general meeting.
    5. Next Board Meeting: Sept 11
    6. Next General Meeting: Sept 18
  5. Meeting adjourned 9:55 pm

submitted by Bob Streeter,
Secretary, Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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