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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Minutes—Rocky Mt Flycasters Board Meeting
June 12, 2013

Attendees: Sean Cronin, Dennis Cook, Paul Wehr, Bob Green, Tom Culbertson, Gil Coleman, Bill Perrill, Cullen Ensing, David Piske, Bob Streeter.

Sean Cronin presided in absence of Chair, Dick Jefferies.
Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm at C.B. & Potts, W. Eliz. site.

  1. Committee Business

    1. President’s comments: Need Proj. Healing Waters rep: Bill Perrill will go to next meeting, check it out and report back at July meeting. He may agree to be the rep.
    2. Agenda reviewed, item on South Platte Roundtable Grant added.
    3. Minutes approved. Dennis Cook was complemented for stepping in for Sec. duties.
    4. & 5. Treasurer’s report pulled from Consent Agenda, remainder of C.A. approved.
    5. Treasurer’s report: Treas. Noted for new leadership team members (& reminder to returning members) that annual volunteer report due end Nov. Look at RMF Share Folder on Dropbox for form. Treas. Has set up web addresses for all leadership team members. Treas. was complemented on his great fish-print shirt and for the summary of accomplishments to-date.
    6. Calendar Update added as new Standing Item: Remember to use Calendar Update on Dropbox for new events.
  2. Old Business

    1. Day Camp (see attached report). Agreement with B&G Club discussed.
    2. Kids Water Festivals—Sean reported that Jerry was traveling, but all 2013 Festivals are completed.
    3. Poudre RTI: 7-8 water mgrs. attended, mixed fishing success but great networking day. Very positive responses received, great RMF recognition, better understanding of the importance of fishing and of RMF work.
  3. New Business

    1. Spring Rendezvous (see attached report). Very beneficial sessions, all Leadership Team members should try to attend. Discussion followed with motion made and passed to look into an additional “scholarship” for new and younger RMF members to help motivate increased involvement in RMF activities and eventual leadership. (Note: next Rendezvous scheduled for April 11-13, 2014)
    2. Orientation for New Board/Leadership Team. Initial discussion on being more welcoming to new members; re-institute differentiated name tags, Leadership Team needs to do more meet and greet at meetings. Need to get more new members involved in RMF projects.
    3. Each RMF Leadership Team position needs to have a “position/job description” developed to outline the basic roles, responsibilities, actions for each position. The positions also must have flexibility to take advantage of special skills, knowledge & abilities of the incumbents. P.D.’s needed for sustaining organization as leadership changes, and to be used in Leadership Team orientation. Moved and passed to complete development of such P.D.’s in next 2 months. Dennis Cook and Bill Perrill agreed to meet to begin working on the PD outlines and also a general listing of what might be appropriate in an orientation booklet or notebook.
      Institute a “Retreat” with outgoing and incoming Leadership Team members to pass the baton, share information, develop plans, etc. Committee of Dennis Cook, Bill Perrill, Paul Wehr, and Dick Jeffries charged with developing a program for such a retreat, reporting back to the Board at July meeting.
      Senior Leadership Team members should meet with new Leadership Team members to discuss one on one the roles of the new members.
    4. South Platte Roundtable Grant: Project supported by RMF, Removal of Josh Ames Diversion dam on the Poudre was funded for $75K. Metro Roundtable also has approved $25K for the project.
  4. Committee Business

    1. Need a new venue for Board meetings. All Leadership Team members asked to search out options and report back to Dick or Sean.

Meeting adjourned at ???pm

Submitted by Robert Streeter, Secretary

Reports submitted prior to the Board Meeting

Day Camp Report: We currently have 12 campers confirmed with 4 applications holding and two more in the mail. I talked with the Larimer boys and girls club yesterday to see if they have any campers to submit and will confirm with them tomorrow so we can fill our final 3 spots. Everything else is coming together with volunteers, fly donations and presenters as well. Adam

CTU Rendezvous 2013

2013 Conference Theme: “Sustainability”

April 19/Friday-21/Sunday, 2013…preceded with an ‘early arrivals’ informal Thursday evening.
Friday agenda begins 11:00am enabling Friday drivers reasonable opportunity to attend everything. (Traditionally occurs this same mid-April weekend every year)
Venue: Historic & picturesque Redstone Inn located in Redstone CO, on CO-133 sitting beneath McClure Pass about 15 miles South of Carbondale.
Expenses: Wraparound cost including registration/tuition/lodging/primary meals/gas/materials, incidentals & nominal libations is $400-$450. (RMF budgets $250 each for three attendees.)
Attendees: Primarily Chapter Board & key functional/committees leadership, state CTU Board & staff, and prospective new chapter leaders. 52 conference attendees total in 2013 plus guest presenters…and many spouses who relax, recreate and enjoy the Saturday Awards Banquet.

Conference Topical Presentations:

  • Healthy River’s Sustain Rural Communities On Colorado’s West Slope
  • Energy Development In The Thompson Divide And What It Means To Sportsman
  • Relief Ditch Diversion Modification
  • Hermosa Creek: A One TU Initiative
  • Colorado Fish & Wildlife Service Funding Programs
  • Sportsmen Ride Right
  • Engaging The Next Generation
  • Emerging Water Quality Challenges For Colorado’s Coldwater Fisheries
  • Concurrent “reserved” fishing at the Inn’s private river preserve…or the adjacent Crystal River public waters
  • Climate Change In The West
  • Colorado TU Business Annual Meeting (Part 1) … pre-lunch
  • Colorado TU Strategic Scoping Work Session (Part 2) … post-lunch
  • Banquet Dinner & Recognition Awards Ceremony
  • Post-Banquet Entertainment: Sustain This! The Many Landscapes Of Trout

Conference Presenters:

Varies annually based on the topics, but always includes some TU National staff, State TU staff, relevant chapter officer or project lead, State/Federal legislators, industry management, state/county leaders, state agency management, topical consultants, etc.

Conference Attendees’ Materials:

All attendees wear prepared name badges and receive a ring binder filled with topical background information, schedule, presenters’ bio’s, and hard copy of presentations’ text/visuals, etc., Colorado Legislative Strategy Progress Report.

2013 Major Emphasis Outcomes:

  • Colorado, arguably perhaps, is the most progressive state TU entity.
  • Chapter Capacity Building available new resources and lessons learned from other chapters
  • SALSA modules available to chapters from CTU for emailing and donations/registrations
  • Colorado Fish & Wildlife Service Funding Programs - Some projects funding available
  • Rich opportunity to learn the diversity of activities & projects nationally, and especially in Colorado, and related “how to” lessons, methods and resources if we want to do similarly.
  • Rich networking opportunity for future contacts at Colorado TU and other chapters


2013 Youth Day Camp: Adam will report on progress and status.

2013 Kids Water Festivals: Jerry will report. All festivals have now all been completed. The USFS Kids Free Fishing Fest was a success. About 60 kids and families participated. RMF produced 10 volunteers. (I believe more would have volunteered except that we only received a couple weeks confirmation of details and had no opportunity to promote in newsletters...only a single meeting signup sheet circulation.) USFS Coordinator Chris Carroll sent RMF a “Thank you” email along with several family “Thank you” notes and a pic (attached).

An additional, new 2013-'14 school year TIC installation at Rocky Mountain High School has taken another step forward. Science teacher Scott Kemp, a RMF member, has read all the literature and recent Diary and has expressed his confirmation. He and I will begin formal procedural steps to finalize the requisite memo of Understanding between the CPW, CTU, RMHS and RMF when Scott returns from vacation. After our discussions and getting familiar with Scott, I'm very impressed and am excited that this installation could become the very best we've yet experienced. This would be an excellent opportunity to train a new TIC Coordinator.

The CPW early June annual Outdoor Skills Rendezvous will not occur this summer. I contacted Shane Craig...and learned that it has been cancelled because our Area 4 region has been selected to instead spear-head the new novice pheasant hunter program. This will consist of eight individual summer clinics that the DPW is launching, starting the weekend of June 22nd. Shane apologized for RMF not being contacted, and said he will monitor plans for any 2014 Outdoor Skills Day intentions and let me know.


A full slate was recommended and approved by the membership at the May Annual meeting. We should be pleased that it both was a 'full' slate and also that it introduced several new faces into RMF leadership group.

This concludes activities of the 2013-'14 committee. I recommend that a new 2014-'15 Nominations Chair and Committee be appointed in the next several weeks, and that promotional media begin with the September newsletter and meeting. It's important that RMF's leadership requirements be positively presented and kept visible in front of the membership.


“Congratulations” to Paul Wehr (Outstanding Volunteer), Jerry Pelis (Exemplary Youth Education) and Jake Ruthven (Exemplary Youth Member) as the inaugural recipients of our chapter’s new recognition program honoring members who extend themselves beyond threshold involvement helping Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter continue to be one of Colorado's finest Trout Unlimited chapters. Thank you!

**The June Flypaper issue will carry an article about this new program, including some descriptive information and a website link to the entire procedure. Any member can nominate candidates for consideration, but we who receive this email are in the most opportune positions to see everything that's happening and know who the key contributors are...and should be offering candidates to the Awards Committee each January. There are other member award categories in addition to these three initial awards, and also two award categories for community elements. Please take a few minutes to read and understand this important capacity building procedure.
**I recommend that an Awards Selection Chair and Committee be appointed in the next several weeks to promote and ensure RMF members generate broad recognition candidates to receive awards next May.


Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019