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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter #010, Trout Unlimited
Joint Meeting: Board of Trustees and Voluntary Leadership Council
Minutes: May 8, 2013


Board - Dick Jefferies: President (2013-’14 President Nominee), Paul Wehr: Treasurer, Sean Cronin: Trustee (2013-’14 Vice President Nominee), Lee Evans: Past President.
Council - Bob Streeter(2013-’14 Secretary Nominee), Dennis Cook, Cullen Emsing, Wil Huett, Adam Omernick, Jerry Pelis, Dave Piske, Phil Wright
Also: Tom Culbertson (2013-’14 Treasurer Nominee), Bill Perrill (2013-’14 Trustee Nominee), Gil Coleman (2013-’14 Trustee Nominee)

Convened: 7:07 p.m. Meeting called to order by President Dick Jefferies.

  1. Committee Business

    1. President’s Comments:
      • Received an $80.00 EOL donation in memory of deceased member Robert Haberstroh.
      • Colorado TU Spring Rendezvous was well attended. Dick Jefferies and Dennis Cook represented RMF. Dick will present a summary review of the event at our June meeting.
    2. Review Agenda:
      • Reviewed and Approved, adding CTU GOMO Grants topic.
      • Dick said he received letter from CTU ExDir David Nickum announcing approval of RMF’s $1000.00 GOMO application to construct a Community Outreach display. He also appointed a workgroup to develop scripts and construct the Community Outreach display: Dennis Cook, Wil Huett, Lee Evans, Paul Wehr. Dick Jefferies will consult to the workgroup regarding theme scenarios for RMF’s Mission, High Park Restoration Coalition and Coalition For The Poudre River Watershed public outreach presentations. A completion target was set...the still pending date of an already established August or September presentation to the Greeley Rotary.
    3. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting:
      “Approved” The April Board Meeting Minutes as amended by email review circulation.
    4. Consent Agenda:
      “Accepted” after pulling the Treasury Report for discussion; requested by Lee Evans.
    5. Pulled Consent Items:
      “Received” The Treasury Report after discussing the following:
      • Confirmed a $250.00 reimbursement to Dennis Cook for CTU Rendezvous participation; Dick Jefferies will record his expenses as a personal donation to the chapter.
      • Confirmed a $450.00 check will be sent to CTU as RMF’s donation to the state youth camp fund; two boys from NoCo have been accepted for 2013 attendance at the June camp.
      • Confirmed a $500.00 check will be mailed to CSU as RMF’s donation to the Robert Behnke Environmental Graduate Student Fellowship Fund.
  2. Old Business
    1. Day Camp Update:
      Adam omernick reported he has received 13 applications of which several are sub-age 14, and will be contacting/confirming acceptance with parents in the next week or two. Also was clarified that we reserve three billets for Larimer Boys & Girls Club scholarship attendance in conformance with understandings related to our formal partnership memo of understanding. Other preparations are proceeding smoothly, and he is now getting into details of confirming and assigning volunteers.
    2. Kids Water Festivals Update:
      Jerry Pelis reported that the Greeley festival has been completed, the Loveland one is tomorrow followed by the Fort Collins event the following week...And thanked those present who have volunteered to help him make the presentations.
    3. Poudre Runs Through It:
      Sean Cronin reported that work demands prevent him from continuing as RMF’s representative with this civic workgroup, and that Bob Streeter has been appointed to succeed him.
      • Sean explained that the group has been meeting monthly for eight months and group participants represent about twenty diverse interests. The PRTI workgroup has agreed to continue meeting quarterly for an additional 8-12 months. The aggregate “objective” the group has identified is for the Poudre to be a “Healthy Working River”. To this objective, the group has explored about 60 problems/challenges/ideas and condensed these into five (unspecified) “Key Initiatives” that are not yet to be released publicly. He optimistically views that the PRTI workgroups “Legacy” at this point can best be described with, “every participant has included ‘fish’ as part of its described interest sphere”.
      • Sean affirmed that the June 2nd Sunday Guest Fishing Day, hosted by RMF, will have about 16 PRTI participants (exact number still to be confirmed)...and will require about an equal number of RMF volunteers.
    4. HPRC / CPRW Coalition’s Update:
      Dick Jefferies explained the organization evolution history from the informal High Park Restoration Coalition to the registered non-profit Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed...and reported that on May 7th the CPRW filed with the Colorado Secretary of State its Articles of Incorporation as a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation. A filing with the IRS for approval as an official 501(c)3. Non-Profit organization remains to be submitted. May 23rd will be the first official CPRW meeting with its board beginning to serve their functions, and among the first tasks will be to solidify funding and hire an Executive Director.
    5. Nominations:
      Dennis Cook re-confirmed the nominations slate that was posted to the website in conformance with the bylaws required deadline. Dick Jefferies thanked Paul Wehr for his multiple terms as service as treasurer, and his remarks were enthusiastically endorsed by all present.
    6. Annual Meeting Discussion:
      Dick Jefferies stated that he will prepare and present a state-of-the-chapter summary and present it at the May Annual Meeting...and also solicited any additional items that may need to be considered as he also plans the agenda for that meeting.
  3. New Business
    1. NISP / Glade:
      Dick Jefferies led a discussion related to RMF officials meeting with each of the key regional water management organizations (i.e., Northern Water, Fort Collins Water, Greeley Water, etc.) to initiate preliminary exploration of potential issues and related alternatives and considerations...but in the absence of a Supplementary Draft EIS...not with the intent to commit or establish any parameters or resolutions.
      Attendees’ consensus was that such non-committal explorations could be constructive to present RMF as an interested and potentially non-adversarial party. During earlier-year proceedings on the Draft EIS, RMF established standing to remain as a concerned party in the EIS public comments process.
  4. Committee Business
    1. Date Next Meeting:
      June 12th at Mulligan’s Irish Pub
    2. USFS Kid’s Free Fishing Fest - Saturday, June 1st, 8:00-1:30 at West Lake in Red Feather
      Unfortunate late date notification from USFS coordinator creates a challenge for RMF’s support. Volunteers needed – Confirmed: Dick, Paul, Dennis; possibly also Wil & Dave; more are needed!

Adjourned: 9:53 p.m.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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