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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter #010, Trout Unlimited
Joint Meeting: Board Of Trustees And Voluntary Leadership Council
Minutes: April 10, 2013

Attendees: Dick Jefferies, Paul Wehr, Lee Evans, Dave Piske, Wil Huett, Adam Omernick, Cullen Emsing, Sean Cronin, Bob Streeter, Phil Wright, Jerry Pelis, Guy Turenne, Bill Perrill (Member Guest) and Dennis Cook.

Convened: 7:02pm Meeting called to order by President Dick Jefferies.


    1. President’s Comments:
      • Project Healing Waters relationship is now formally established, requiring creation of a new leadership position as “Project Healing Waters Coordinator”.
      • Gleaned from the current TU Magazine issue:
        TU/CTU achievement winning agreement for a Colorado River bypass around Windy Gap Dam.
      • Member Brad Kiehne has consented to serve as RMF’s 2013-’14 General Meetings Programs Coordinator beginning next October.
      • Fort Collins Chapter was mentioned for its active community involvement following the 2012 summer wildfires.
      • TU evidently has a procedure whereby a business can be “endorsed” and recognized after a $1,000 contribution or donation.
    2. Review Agenda: Done
    3. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting: Approved the March Board Meeting Minutes, as amended.
    4. Review Agenda: Reviewed and approved the Agenda for this meeting.
    5. Consent Agenda: Approved, with following additional comments.
    6. Pulled Consent Items: None.
      Dennis added Youth Committee remarks
      1. reported that local corporate grants programs are being amended and reduced (possibly redirecting funds toward post-fire recovery needs), and that this has reduced two past donors gifts by 50% and another has declined. Thus, the Day Camp funding was running about $2000 in arrears until a very generous (anonymous) member donated a sizeable cash amount designated for youth programs in honor of recently deceased member Matt Whitehead.
      2. requested suggestions post-meeting, to identify a service project that can be offered to age 14 Josh Zachman for six hours of school community service credit.
    7. Conservation Oral Report: Dave said that WRV needs more trained fire restoration crew leaders. Currently RMF has provided only three.
    8. Community Outreach: Wil suggested that board leadership team members might consider visiting the Fishful Thinker’s Facebook page and entering some RMF-favorable comments.

    1. Youth Day Camp: Adam said preparations are progressing on schedule. Initial volunteers’ solicitation email sent with some responses. Most remaining needs are for multiple volunteers on fishing days. Eight applications have been received. No applications deadline are formally established, but the application form states that applicants will be informed of status by May 31st.
    2. Kids Water Festivals: Jerry said he needs 1 or 2 more volunteers to fill out minimum crews for each of the three festivals. Getting about 250 youth brochures from NTU but may need to pay for the additional 50 needed. Sportsman’s Warehouse donated 1000 plastic bags to fill with items. (CPW was out of bags until after our festival dates.) Windsor made inquiry about a possible 4th Festival, but later notified that the city is not proceeding for 2013–maybe next year.
      Jerry also reported that Jake Lemon and Ray Tschillard are seeking a grant from Excel Energy related to some prospective middle school age youth program possibilities.
    3. June 2nd Team Building (Fly Fishing) with Poudre Runs Through It:
      Sean reported that Sunday, June 2nd, has been confirmed for the Fishing Day. The site will be the McGarvey property located about two miles East from the canyon mouth. The preliminary number of guests appear to be fourteen, but he plans to survey the entire group to confirm an accurate number. We will need equipment, flies and RMF volunteer hosts, etc.
    4. HPRC/CPRW Update: Dick reported that only one bylaws clause remains unresolved, and that should be finalized in a couple days, and that they must resolve some uncertainties regarding how Greeley and Fort Collins will fit into the board or advisory group. Also must determine which HRPC entities choose to transition into the CPRW advisory group. Must obtain funding commitment so can hire an executive director. April 29th is a target date to have the new CPRW public messaging resolved. Then will apply for IRS 501c.3. exemption and upon receipt of approval will dissolve HPRC and begin operating as CPRW.
      MOTION/SECOND-APPROVAL: Board approved that Rocky Mountain Flycasters should become a founding board member of CPRW.
    5. Events Calendar Discussion:
      Attendees discussed and approved the committee’s recommended chronological date format with an extended graphic, color coding feature representing major activity areas, and suggested to add CPRW as a relevant activity area. The Schedule Committee is directed to continue with schedule refinement, including investigating and recommending a project management software capability, either as an integrated element or stand-alone package, for RMF leaders use.

    1. Nominations: Dennis reported that some loose ends remain to be resolved so that the slate can be emailed to the board trustees for affirmation, and then posted on the website by no later than April 30th in compliance with the bylaws.
    2. UniverCity Connections Committee:
      Dave reported that committee discussions encompass the Poudre channel between Shields and Mulberry Streets, as this Fort Collins Natural Areas committee’s emphasis limit. The large initial group has shrunk to only 10-12 regular representatives including Rocky Mountain Flycasters. The committee agreed that interpretive signage will be its action focus. A $25,000 Bohemian Grant opportunity (due date May 24th) is being investigated related to CSU students developing smart phone applications software as an alternative to permanent signs.
    3. May 15th Annual Meeting Preparation: Discussion confirmed the bylaws state the President is to make a State of the Chapter presentation at the April meeting, in anticipation of the May meeting elections.

    1. Date Next Meeting: May 15th – Chapter Annual Meeting & Elections
    2. Adjourned: 9:07pm

Respectfully submitted:
Dennis Cook, Notes Taker

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 12 Apr, 2018