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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter #010, Trout Unlimited
Joint Meeting: Board Of Trustees And Voluntary Leadership Council
Minutes: March 13, 2013

Attendees: Dick Jefferies, Paul Wehr, Lee Evans, Dave Piske, Wil Huett, Adam Omernick, Dennis Cook

Meeting called to order at 7:09PM by president, Dick Jefferies

    1. [1] Presidents Comments:
      • Dick Jefferies, Dave Piske & Dennis Cook will attend the CTU rendezvous in April.
      • Larimer County Fish & Boat Expo: Booth volunteers – Dick Jefferies, Wil Huett, Dennis Cook, Cullen Emsing & Dave Piske. Good crowd turnout and good booth visitations & opportunities to promote Day Camp and Rocky Mountain Flycasters chapter in general. Definitely should repeat and 2014, but need to plan earlier and enlist more volunteers.
        Made contact with Hunter Weeks, Director of the new film, “Where The Yellowstone Goes” which will be showing at the Fort Collins Lyric Theater on March 28 at 7:00 PM and is about a 30-day float fishing trip. RMF has agreed to promote this film at our March meeting by raffling off four donated tickets. In exchange RMF will receive 50% of the DVDs and Blue Rays sales at the film showing.
    2. [3] Minutes: of the February Board/Council meeting were approved as amended.
    3. [5] Consent Agenda: Reports were received from Treasury, Conservation, Community Outreach, UniverCity Connections, Youth, Nominations, Fishing Trips Program, and The Poudre Runs Through It.
    4. [6] Pulled Consent Items:
      Treasury and Conservation reports were pulled for special emphasis.
      • Treasury – Prez Jefferies requested addition to the monthly Treasurer’s Report of a reconciliation top sheet summary of all the account registers.
      • Conservation – Two main points for emphasis:
        • Discussed what will be the RMF role in the High Park Restoration Coalition (HPRC) as it morphs into the new Coalition for the Poudre River Watersheds (CPRW). On March 14th the HPRC will have a meeting of its 13 member organizations and stakeholders (interested individuals and organizations) for a presentation describing accomplishments and also to outline plans for the new nonprofit Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed (CPRW). The CPRW articles of incorporation have been drafted and are awaiting filing with the State of Colorado when bylaws are completed. The bylaws are in the process of being finalized. CPRW will begin operating as a nonprofit corporation by early summer while awaiting official IRS 501C.3. approval.
        • Projected Poudre River in-city recreation channel improvements through Fort Collins:
          The city’s Natural Areas Department has environmental improvement projects planned on 17 specified river sections along the Poudre between North Shields Ponds and Arapaho Bend at Harmony Rd. Within that long reach (approx. 12 miles) is a section from Martinez Park to Mulberry Street that is part of an initiative called UniverCity Connections. UCC is a community engagement initiative to create mutually beneficial connections between the City and CSU, including the Martinez-to-Mulberry reach of the Poudre.
          Since September 2012 RMF, represented by Wil Huett, Bob Streeter and Dave Piske, has been one of the leading NGOs on UCC’s Poudre River Task Group. This UCC Task Group has identified a vision for creating a healthier river, and an environment that further promotes public enjoyment of and education about the Poudre River.
          RMF is also seeking opportunities to further its current Adopt-a-Trail at Gateway and fishing line recovery activities that support the Natural Areas Department.
          RMF has an opportunity to increase public awareness of RMF’s mission and its influential presence in Fort Collins if we continue participating in the UniverCity Connections Group and also continue s collaborating directly with the Fort Collins Natural Areas, including on matters of advocacy for environmental improvements and public accessibility to the river.
          Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV) is in the process of organizing the upcoming season’s on-the-ground post-fire and other ecological restoration projects. All NoCO fire related activities will be managed out of the Fort Collins WRV office. Training sessions are scheduled for numerous positions and information about all restoration events now reside on both the WRV and the RMF web sites. In addition to the WRV website, the general public as well as RMF members can also sign up for WRV projects using links from the RMF web site. Efforts are underway to be able to specifically track how many RMF members volunteer.
          The Poudre Runs Through It Report (PRTI) - Oral delivery by Prez Jefferies in Sean’s absence: Sean surveyed the 21 PRTI members and confirmed that nine members (5 beginner's and 4 experienced fly anglers) do want to participate in a post-runoff fly fishing day event on Poudre Canyon waters. When a date is designated RMF will need to recruit member hosts of a 1:1 ratio and also arrange for enough equipment.
    1. [1] Review of the 2013 RMF Fly Tying Expo:
      $4,254.00 Gross revenue … $3,338.00 Net Revenue … ($500.00 more than the 2012 Expo)
      $2,400.00 Gate (approximately 120 paid guests)
      $1,574.00 Auction (exceeded the 2012 $950.00)
      $  280.00 Rod raffle (donated rod-free)
      Expenses: $525.00 food, rooms rental, Pay Pal fee and credit cards fee
      2014 Expo: Lee volunteered to coordinate the fly tiers, but recommended three additional chairs to coordinate, the food/kitchen, raffles and food/kitchen; Adam Omernick volunteered to handle the auction.
    1. [1] Volunteerism and Community Outreach
      Tabled until the April meeting.
    2. New: Dave Piske, Wil Huett, Paul Wehr & Dennis Cook will collaborate to produce a consolidated, chronological dates schedule for the April Board meeting…of all 2013 meetings, events, programs, activities, etc. for planning and to be continued/updated & maintained for future years’ planning.

Meeting adjourned at 9:24pm

Respectfully submitted:
Dennis Cook…Note taker

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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