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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting
August 8, 2012

Those in attendance: Dick Jefferies, Dave Piske, Bob Streeter, Cullen Emsing, Wil Huett, Charles Plunkett, Sean Cronin, Jerry Pelis and Paul Wehr.

The meeting was called to order at 7:09 PM.

President’s Comments: Dick opened the meeting with a recognition of the Youth Day Camp volunteers and mentioned what a great turn out we had.

Review Agenda: Dennis was not present so the youth report was pulled. Dick added comments about the Colorado Water Institute under New Business.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Consent Agenda: Approval of Previous Minutes, Conservation Report, and Community Outreach Report. The Membership Report was not present and the Newsletter was not ready.

Pulled Consent Items: The Treasury Report was pulled. Paul wrote Dennis the same check twice and the encumbered amount needs to be updated.

Old Business:

  • We need a featured speaker for the October meeting.
  • In regards to rods, we are waiting to hear from Jax and have spoken with Elkhorn. Paul explained that the rod purchase line item is more subjective than objective and Cullen commented that the raffle was stronger two years ago with better rods being available every week. Wil moved to continue negotiating for rod purchases with a higher price ceiling.
  • The strategic plan has seen no new action.
  • The youth camp review was moved to the September meeting when Dennis returns.
  • PWRC has officially ended.

New Business:

  • 3.1 New business was focused on RMF involvement in the High Park Fire Restoration group as a “Leader”. There are currently 4 loosely defined memberships. They are Leader, Member, Stake Holder, and Agency. Sean moved to continue as a Leader with HPFR and Paul seconded. Dick discussed the best way to keep the money transparent using the Northern Colorado Community Foundation. A fund is in place and the finance committee will be made up of one member from each leader organization. We decided to pass on a grant from the Americorp Youth Group that Dave Nickum forwarded to us.
  • 3.2 Dick has accepted an invitation to join the Colorado Water Institute out of CSU. Part 2 starts in September and 20 stakeholders comprise the study/work group. They will focus on implementation of ideas to use and manage local resources.

Motion to adjourn at 8:59 PM.

Charles Plunkett, Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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