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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting
July 11, 2012

Those in attendance: Dave Piske, Phil Wright, Dennis Cook, Dick Jeffries, Paul Wehr, Wil Huett, Lee Evans, Charles Plunkett and Sean Cronin.

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM.

President’s Comments: Dick opened the meeting with a brief introduction about the High Park fire. There is also a need for additions to the newsletter.

Review Agenda: Lee had an addition regarding a letter about the Behnke scholarship from CSU. Paul had an addition related to the November meeting.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as corrected and there was a request to get the minutes out sooner.

Consent Agenda: Approval of Previous Minutes, Treasurer’s Report, Conservation Report, and Community Outreach Report. Dennis had comments related to the Youth Report. The Membership Report was not present and the Newsletter was not ready.

Pulled Consent Items: Dennis made comments related to needing more volunteers for multiple events. On July 21st, RMF committed 15-20 volunteers for the Free Fishing Fest but is down to 5. Volunteers are still needed for the Youth Day Camp. Volunteer participation for the Poudre on August 1st and Stillwater fishing on August 3rd are immediate needs.

Old Business:

  • Gateway is up in the air.
  • We are waiting to hear from Dave Nickum in regards to information about the “Don’t Suck Campaign”
  • No action has been taken in regards to Filling the Gap
  • The strategic plan has seen no new action.
  • Although the June minutes passed in the Consent Agenda, there was a request to add that we have done what is necessary on our end with Project Healing Waters and we are waiting for them in regards to the next move.

New Business:

  • 3.1 New business was focused on the High Park Fire and how RMF and the Poudre Watershed Restoration Coalition (PWRC) can be involved.
    The BAER (Burn Area Emergency Response) Report was completed on July 11th(day of the meeting) and a presentation of the findings was scheduled for July 12th(day after the meeting).
    In regards to PWRC, Wildland Restoration Volunteers and Trees Water People held a meeting July 11th with different group representatives in Fort Collins. Dick and Dave were present to represent RMF/PWRC. As of now, relying on existing groups is stronger than forming a grassroots campaign. A coalition is more feasible than a singular, new nonprofit.
    Representatives came away with three observations:
    • The scope of the coalition needs to be broadened to include business owners, watershed representatives and further geographic representatives.
    • Can the NCCF (Northern Colorado Community Foundation) compartmentalize a specific fund?
    • Trees Water People offer an organized business plan running parallel with current structure ? NCCF is also an option for this structure.
    • The Colorado Water Institute at CSU also has a keen interest in a public outreach campaign.
  • 3.2 Lee received a letter from Scott Webb. Eric Gardunio is this year’s recipient of the Behnke RMF Fellowship.
  • 3.3 Paul commented that the November meeting falls on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. A motion passed to move the membership meeting (normally November) to October 17th. Dick also asked we be forthcoming with fly tier suggestions.

Motion to adjourn at 9:05PM.

Charles Plunkett, Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 12 Apr, 2018