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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting
May 9, 2012

In the time between board meetings a special session was held via e-mail to discuss making a donation to the Save the Yellowstone Cutthroat Project. Dick said “I think it is important for this chapter to support this project even though it is not considered a “local” water. The historic and sentimental significance of Yellowstone Lake is immeasurable and as one of the great western fisheries should not be forsaken. The loss of the Yellowstone Cutthroat has such an adverse impact on the entire ecosystem of the area that it is hard to fathom the long-term consequences of that event. With that said I would like to see RMF donate a thousand dollars to the YL campaign. I have mentioned in the past that we could consider a match by membership of up to a thousand dollars.” The motion to convene this special meeting of the board was made by Stephanie and seconded by Dick and approved by the board. And after much e-mail discussion, the motion to initiate the funding effort was made by Paul and seconded by Dick and approved by the board.

Those in attendance included: Dave Piske, Melinda Macpherson, Lee Evans, Cullen Emsing, Charles Plunkett, Dick Jeffries, Wil Huett, Sean Cronin, and Guy Turenne.

Called to order: 7:03 pm.

President’s Comments: Lee spoke briefly about his recent trip to Ireland (there was much jealousy). There were a couple of additions to the agenda.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: Money came in from the raffle at the last general meeting, from new members to TU, the fly fishing expo and donations. Money went out for the ad for the Youth Day Camp in the Recreator and the CTU Gala. The final numbers from the Expo are now available. We have received a generous donation from the OtterCares organization. We were already beginning to receive donations for the Save the Yellowstone Cutthroat Project (through PayPal), which the chapter will match up to $1,000.

Nominations Report: Nothing further. The slate of candidates is a go, but we are still looking for a Vice President and a newsletter editor. [Contact Dick Jefferies.]

Youth Activities Report: Jerry Pelis was not able to join us tonight. We have 8-9 campers already registered for the Youth Day Camp. The O’Dell brewing grant process has been delayed, but we are still hoping for a donation from them. We are planning to purchase fully-loaded TFO rods so that we can send one home with each youth camp participant. TIC is over for the year. The fish died, possibly due to a water replacement situation. The kids still learned a lot this year. The Boys and Girls club will not be holding it’s Day for Kids this year.

Membership Report: Stephanie was not in attendance.

Community Outreach Report: Two news releases have gone out on the upcoming general meeting and the save the Cutthroat program. Next week we will publicize the results of the election and will try to highlight people in the community where they live. The public is always invited to events and from now on we will state that in the releases. We would eventually like to prepare a program that we could “take on the road” and present to other groups and would like to gather input about what folks think this program should look like. What should the message be?

Conservation Report: All the upcoming projects are listed in the upcoming newsletter. Dave spoke about the project in RMNP to restore a section of the CO River headwaters where the Grand Ditch was breached in 2003. There are some decisions to be made about the amount of restoration that will be attempted. What we would like is the solution with the best long-term effect, but the least amount of current impact (this is the preferred alternative). CTU is looking for at least 2 chapters to sign on to their draft of the comments on the project, hoping to get the project folks to “pay attention to the fish”.

Old Business:

  • Newsletter: We need a new newsletter editor and will need to advertise the position in the newsletter and on the website. Bryon will train the new person but they will need to have a certain skill set. Someone pointed out that there are some non-profit groups that help non-profit groups with their newsletter and e-mails. [Contact Dick Jefferies.]
  • Save the Yellowstone Cutthroat Donation Match: This is an exciting program which has been well received with the front-range TU chapters. We have agreed to match donations up to $1,000 dollars and we can continue to raise money beyond May 15th if we decide to do so.
  • River Clean-up: The Poudre clean-up will be on June 23rd. We will meet at Picnic Rock at 8:00 am, get teams together and then clean as much of the river as we can until a picnic at noon. The Narrows clean-up will be May 19th and we just need a few volunteers from the leadership group.
  • Project Healing Waters: We have signed the memorandum of agreement and haven’t heard any updates since then. We are still hoping to start small with this project and build from there.
  • Fort Collins Water Festival: Jerry Pelis is handling this event which will take place on May 15th. The Greeley event was a great success and they have enough volunteers for this event.
  • Strategic Plan: This project is on hold for now. We will form a committee over the summer to flesh this out.

New Business:

  • Final General Meeting Agenda: Announcements, Chris Kennedy, Dave Nickum to present award for Most Improved Chapter, State of the Chapter by Lee, election/nominations from the floor, then move to accept the slate, Dick will introduce Caleb, then Caleb’s presentation, raffle, finally Dick adjourns the meeting. Will Stephanie be there to do membership? Will there be a slideshow? Maybe from Phil?
  • Next Year: We will need to purchase more rods for the raffle tables. Where should we get them? We like to spread it around and purchase from all different local businesses. What speakers will we try to get? There is no Vice President, so everyone will need to pitch in. Should there be a North Park fishing trip in September? Will the summer meetings be held at Mulligan’s? Should we pressure Bob Streeter for an invite? Should we plan a retreat?
  • Wildlife Task Force: Drought question? David Nickum is looking for advocacy from the Northern CO chapters on a number of issues, more details to come next week.
  • Beer not Water Campaign: Check out beernotwater.org or their FB page.

Meeting adjourned at 8:58pm.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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