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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting
March 14, 2012

Those in attendance included: Dave Piske, Melinda Macpherson, Lee Evans, Paul Wehr, Dennis Cook, Guy Turenne, Cullen Emsing, Charles Plunkett, Bryon Fessler, Stephanie Mullins, Dick Jeffries, Phil Wright, Mark Miller and Sean Cronin.

The meeting was called to order at 6:58pm.

President’s Comments: Welcome to our visitors Mark Miller, who will take over as the Trout in the Classroom coordinator next year, and Sean Cronin, who will join the board next year. Flyers were passed out for the Green with Envy film and Lee asked that all of us take one and “find a place to stick it”.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as corrected.

Conservation Report: The City of Fort Collins adopt a trail agreement expires on June 8th and the City would like us to sign a new 3 year agreement. This sounds great. However, we had hoped for signage at the trail heads and on the fly line receptacles so that people would see that RMF was maintaining them. The City has agreed to provide two thank you ads in the Coloradoan, links from their website to ours, recognition on their website, in their e-newsletter and in their annual report. Susan and Catherine will be at our April board meeting, hopefully everything will be in place by then. A motion was made and carried to enter into this new three year agreement with the City. The dates are set for trail maintenance this summer. The City of Loveland Annual Spring waterway clean-up needs volunteers on Saturday April 21st from 9am-Noon. We will add the flyer to next month’s newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report: Paul has been researching volunteer software to track volunteer hours. Some of these programs cost, some are free. After discussion the board wondered why we needed new software. The total income for this year’s Expo was down. Entrance fees were down, raffle sales were up, and silent auction biding was down. But because of lower expenses this year, the net for the evening was a bit higher. The budget was approved.

Nominations Report: Due to the recent newsletter articles six new people have expressed interest in helping on the board and various committees. The committee will meet in the next couple of weeks. At the April meeting the board trustees must approve a slate of officers which must then be published on the website by May 1st in preparation for the elections at the May meeting.

Youth Activities Report: Mark Miller has agreed to step in as the new coordinator for Trout in the Classroom. The TIC teacher in Windsor may be on sabbatical next year. He has been working on the curriculum and could use aquatics resources. We may want to consider looking for a science program at another high school host if we want to grow the program into what we want it to be. The Youth Day camp details are developing. The upcoming water festivals will be coordinated by Jerry Pelius. He is helping to design a program that will be age appropriate for both festivals.

Membership Report: The new members are still not showing up on the report even though CTU has the check and the spreadsheet. 100 people have expired, there are 13 new people (1 was chapter acquired). A proposition was presented which would change the make-up of the advisory council to include a community outreach/membership person. The idea is that this person could increase membership locally by delivering the mission and message of TU to the greater community. They would do presentations to community groups to broaden our message, increase the recognition of RMF, recruit sustainable donors/volunteers, liaise with media outlets and help change the perception of the group/push our conservation message. This would create two positions in the membership arena: the administrative membership person and the community outreach membership person. This new position will need defined roles and responsibilities, but there is a volunteer for this position, Will Hewitt.

Old Business:

  • The Newsletter: We need to try to make newsletter submissions “copy ready”. Two to three paragraphs, a link and a picture. There was an idea presented that we make one issue a year (maybe the November issue since November is membership drive month) into an annual recognition of sustaining donors and volunteers. Maybe with volunteer hours, pie charts and a laundry list of what we’re doing and who’s helping. We could also target volunteer opportunities, the ones we’re actually recruiting for. A motion was made and carried to dedicate the November newsletter to recognition of sustaining donors and volunteers. We can still recognize folks throughout the year (an immediate reward). Is there a difference between sustaining and corporate donors? Should there be ongoing recognition for sustaining donors because they are offered that as an incitement to donate (should there be a certain dollar amount?)? Maybe a rolling calendar at the bottom of the newsletter to recognize the corporate partners and to direct people to the website? Lee asked for an e-mail discussion of this topic so that we can revisit the topic at the next board meeting.
  • Fly-tying Expo: Thank yous have gone out to all the tiers. We got a hand slap from Rick Takahasi for not inviting Eric Ishiwata to the Expo. One criticism that we heard was that the Expo is too expensive for families. Maybe there could be one price for food and one price without? Maybe we should expand to a full day Saturday event. Maybe a donation cup for each tier’s flies?
  • CTU Gala: Dennis, Dick, Linda, Dave, and Frank Cada will attend.
  • Larimer County Fishing Expo: We are looking for 6-8 volunteers for Saturday and Sunday both morning and afternoon shifts.
  • RMF Awards: There is a draft of the awards procedure, the board will have an e-mail dialogue to make any modifications. The chapter level awards lead to CTU level awards. There was a motion made to begin an awards program within the chapter and to work on the procedural documentations and approve the document next week. The chapter has submitted an proposal to CTU that we are the most improved chapter, and we are waiting to hear.
  • RMF patches: There was a motion made and carried to purchase 100 2”x4” (iron on or stitch around) patches which would cost approximately $183 and that we would sell to the membership for $2 each.

New Business:

  • Project Healing Waters: There will be a presentation at the next meeting by Chris Lamsen to try to drum up some excitement for the chapter to get involved with this group. In order to participate there is a memorandum of agreement and “lots of restrictions and red tape”. Would we need additional liability insurance? Should we make this into another advisory position?
  • April Meeting: The board meeting will be held at Mulligan’s. At the general meeting a speaker will talk about the Native Cutthroat Trout population in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Strategic Plan: (“Are we going in hot?” “Yes! This is not a training exercise!”) This is progress toward a specific goal, where do you want to be in what period of time? It allows you to have a mission instead of reacting. Where do we want to be as a chapter in 3-4 years? We can make opportunities/with measurable outcomes/it’s adaptable/and guides your effort. We should dream big and try to outline a strategic plan. Lee requested that each provide an e-mail to him (copying all) listing what we believe needs to appear in our strategic plan.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50pm.

Melinda Macpherson, Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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