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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting
September 14, 2011

Those in attendance included: Dave Piske, Charles Plunkett, Melinda Macpherson, Bryon Fessler, Lee Evans, Paul Wehr, Cullin Emsing, Dennis Cook, and Dick Jefferies.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

President’s comments: The second Trail-gate Party to clean up the Black Powder Trail at Gateway Park went well. There were 10 volunteers and 2 folks from the Fort Collins Natural Areas program. Next year the project will probably be more involved—there is some terracing to be done to combat erosion. The chapter has received word that they will be doing some repair work on the Seamen’s Reservoir Dam. They will be repairing the hydraulics near the bottom of the dam and the reservoir is way down. The North Fork fishery at Gateway will probably be effected by the work and people may see hydraulic fluid on the surface of the river. Lee thought that it was nice that the chapter was on the radar of those to be notified in this case.

The minutes from the last board meeting were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: This was a quiet month without much activity. The end of the fiscal year is approaching (the fiscal year runs October 1st-September 30th) and the chapter did not bring in as much money as anticipated—but we didn’t spend as much as anticipated either—so we’re ahead of the game! Paul explained that he is currently maintaining two sets of books (wink, wink) because his commercial program does not have as much reporting ability as his other system (it skips things without budgets or reports). We will need to pull a budget together before the next board meeting—Lee and Paul will work on this (Dick asked if it was possible to compare last September to this one in order to plan the budgeting going forward—it seems like we could). Time sheets, containing each board member’s volunteer hours should be submitted at the next meeting. These will be reported as hours spent and those who coordinated volunteer activities will need to report the hours for all participants. Bryon mentioned that we should figure out how to inventory/value assets.

Dennis mentioned that he felt it would be helpful for those who present reports at the board meetings to send those reports to any members not in attendance. All agreed that would be good.

Membership Report: This is Bryon’s last report as the membership coordinator. And this secretary is sad to be losing a valuable member of her staff (smile)—but seriously—you’ll be missed Bryon! There were kudos all around the table for the work that Bryon has done for the chapter—including some very nice comments by Dennis which I won’t repeat here…. We currently have 849 members—the highest for the fiscal year. The regular members jumped—it seems that expired people renewed with the bombardment from TU. The 17 new members received welcome letters. We have more that 1,000 people on our Constant Contact list. We should receive $540 from NTU in January or February in recognition of our chapter acquired members. Dick asked what brought all the new members in? Guest night, (20 members), the website/newsletter, social networking (friend of a friend), name tags at meetings, meeting people when they walk in the door (this welcoming creates volunteers). It was announced that Stephanie Mullins has agreed to follow Bryon as the new membership chair. Bryon reveled his continuity binder (this is amazing…). Lee said that he would like both Stephanie and Melinda to have a continuity meeting with Bryon, and that he will have to get them access to the information that they’ll need, while maintaining Bryon’s access for his newsletter duties.

Nominations Report: Dick Jefferies has agreed to accept the nomination as the chapter’s Vice President with the intent that he will follow Lee as the next chapter President. Dick has an impressive background in youth non-profit positions, he is mission oriented, a long-time fly fisherman, and a new chapter member. The board moved to appoint Dick to the VP position. Lee mentioned how new blood brings good changes.

Youth Outreach Report: Dennis is still looking for a few volunteers for the Day for Kids Festival. CPWD has approved only two additional Trout in the Classroom classes. This means that Polaris will not be participating in the program this year. At Windsor HS there will be a new curriculum centered around career development and the chapter will have as opportunity to impact that curriculum. We are still looking for a donor to support this program. Dennis is reaching out to the CSU Fly Fishing Club, hoping to develop a relationship between that group and our chapter. Dennis is looking to “build an organization” of youth program coordinators and he will be seeking coordinators to oversee each of our youth programs—Trout in the Classroom, Youth Day Camp, Larimer County Boys & Girls Club, and the CSU Fly Fishing Club.

We finished up the Youth section with a discussion/de-briefing of the Youth Day Camp. We have an excellent camp with great volunteers. Is there too much conservation/should there be curriculum changes? Are we mistakenly taking up 2 weekend during prime vacation time? Should we consider consolidating the conservation pieces and condensing the camp into 5 days (during the week). Might families be more interested in the camp if it was a place for their kids to go M-F? IT was expressed that it may take 5 years to develop a community identity for new youth programs and that we may need to develop some ongoing partnerships to filter kids into the program (HS environmental clubs, relationships with CSU), and as far as marketing goes, relationship building is probably better than advertising. Marketing has the biggest challenge both years so far for the day camp.The idea of continuing to increase camper participation through community relationship building is good, plus in 2012 we will also be advertising in the Fort Collins Recreator publication for the first time. As was done after last year's camp, Dennis will be implementing some 2012 day camp modifications considering these and other volunteers' and parents'/campers' feedbacks. In closing, it was urged that RMF should be stragegically building an overall brand of TU in the community—TU should equal conservation.

Old business: The newsletter will go out tomorrow. We now have 99 followers on Twitter-including CPWD! Dick will run the September meeting and Dave will be available to speak if anyone has questions about the by-laws. For the CTU fall rendezvous—we still need a venue for the evening social hour. The meetings will be held from 8:30am-3pm on October 1st at the Senior Center. How much should we spend? Dick moved to contribute $500 to CTU to offset the cost of the Fall Rendezvous—Dennis seconded. We’ll cover $500 of the costs and will send a bill to CTU for any balance. The speaker line up:

  • October - Eric Gardunio, the Behnke Scholarship winner, will be in to talk about invasive species.
  • November - Connor Murphy from the youth competition team will give a teaser for the check nymphing talk in January.
  • We still need speakers for March, April and May.
  • The Holiday Party will be December 9th at the CB & Potts on West Elizabeth. What should we charge guests - $15? What should the RSVP procedure be? Centerpiece fly trees?

New business:

  • Windsor Charter Academy would like to borrow our fly-tying equipment. Lee will be doing a talk on conservation there. There will be 30 kids and the group agreed that we didn’t feel comfortable with them borrowing the equipment without having a TU member involved.
  • Fly line receptacles—Bruce and Charles will split the clean-out duties. There is a need for new receptacles—it costs $80 to build and install one. Could we make one? If we pay for them can we brand them “maintained by RMF”? Dave will contact Susan Schaffer to find out more details.
  • CTU Action Items - it was moved and seconded that the chapter sign on to the OHV Sportsman’s letter in line with CTU’s position. There will be a meeting with David Nickum, Mike Bennett (a local rep of Gardner) and some folks from our chapter to explain TU’s position on 1581 the Roadless Rule. The chapter’s view is that pristine wilderness contributes to clean headwaters - and the hope is that Gardner will support TU’s views and will refrain from signing on as a co-sponsor of the bill.
  • There have been some raffle changes - but nothing that pertains to us.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:57pm.

Addendum: Following the September 21st general membership meeting at which the proposed changes to the bylaws were approved by required majority vote of the membership in attendance, a special meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order. With a quorum of board members present, (Stephanie Mullins, Charles Plunkett, Paul Wehr and Dick Jefferies) the name of Lee Evans was accepted from the Nominating Committee for appointment to the office of President. A motion was made, seconded and approved by unanimous vote to appoint Lee Evans as President for the balance of the current term thereby removing the title of interim President. The special meeting was then adjourned.

As was discussed at the September Board of Trustees meeting, Ken Eis should be contacted following Lee’s appointment to discuss continuing (reappointment?) as immediate Past President.

Melinda Macpherson,
Rocky Mountain Flycasters Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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