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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting
August 10, 2011

Those in attendance included: Phil Wright, Dave Piske, Stephanie Mullins, Charles Plunkett, Guy Turenne, Melinda Macpherson, Bryon Fessler, Lee Evans, Paul Wehr, Cullin Emsing, Dick Jefferies and Todd Juhasz (Trail Maintenance Coordinator from the Fort Collins Natural Areas).

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm.

There were introductions all around the table and we welcomed Todd from the Fort Collins Natural Areas program.

Brief review of the Gateway Park TrailGate party. The clean-up and trail maintenance went really well. On September 10th we will work on the Black Powder Trail which is 3/4 of a mile long (about 3 times longer than the previous project) and we could really use several more volunteers!

The minutes from the last board meeting were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: There were changes proposed to the way that we are recognizing sustaining donors. We used to acknowledge those donations on the website for the fiscal year (under this system folks who donated at the start of a fiscal year were acknowledge for a full year, while those donating later in the year might only be recognized for a few months). Paul is proposing a new, staggered dates system so that a sustaining donor is recognized for a full year. There was consensus that this might help with soliciting donations. Paul will need all the forms and info to keep the website up-to-date, because as Bryon noted, everything keys on this information—the information printed in the newsletter, on the slide show, etc. Another thing to mention when soliciting donations is that Paul can provide information about how often a sponsors link is clicked on the website—this can give them an idea of business that is being generated through their association with the club. The donation from the United Way shows up in this report, as does the deduction of the day camp expenses. Paul has purchased a new book keeping program “Money Dance” and is in the process of converting the club’s books to this as a new way of tracking expenses and income. There was a question about donations versus contributions for the day camp - there were more donations than contributions.

Membership Report: There has been a bit of movement in the past month. We are still at 35 chapter acquired members, we dropped one family contributor, lost one life member (who transferred out), some change to the senior rate (as the seniors recognize what a sweet deal that is!), lost 3 stream explorers (whose memberships expired)—so we’re down to 819 members (a slightly negative trend). However, there was a huge jump in the number of contacts in constant contact—there are now 1,030 (up from 921) and the call for volunteers in the last newsletter was forwarded a lot! WooHoo! We also may or may not (wink) have a number of contact names that the National TU doesn’t know about…. Bryon disclosed that he spends approximately 10 hours per month on his membership chair duties and reminded us that we are still looking for a replacement to take over duties in September. Bryon also stated that we should be recognized by National TU at the end of the year for our recruitment efforts, and that our recruitment plan should be recognized on the National TU website in their tackle box.

Nominations Committee: Stephanie is the newest member of the committee. We are still looking for a Vice President who would be willing to run for President next year. Lee stated that it was his belief that someone with a full-time job could handle the President’s responsibilities—that a large part of the job is e-mail time. The VP is usually the person who spearheads lining up speakers (but the entire leadership committee pitches in). Lee thinks the job would take maybe 10 hours a month—it can really be as much effort as you want—and he reminded us that as the President you do get tons of help from the other board members.

Youth Activities Report: Unfortunately, Dennis was unable to be with us at the meeting but he sent along his report. This year’s day camp is complete and benefited from the efforts of 24 volunteers! The dates are tentatively set for next year’s day camp, and the plan for next year is to advertise the camp in the Fort Collins Recreator. Plans are in the works for the Trout in the Classroom projects for next year. We still need volunteers for the Day for Kids Festival on September 17th. There are major donor plaques on order for those who donated to the day camp and those will be presented along with a video of the camp. We are still in need of a rod building mentor for a youth who hopes to build a rod for an independent studies project for school. There will be further discussion of the day camp at next month’s meeting.

Stephanie gave us a report about the volunteers working with Chris Kennedy in RMNP this summer. They have been working on some mapping projects and have had lots of volunteers this year. Phil reminded us of the need to have flexibility as a volunteer because the schedule is always changing. Bryon mentioned that the e-mail call for volunteers was very well received and that it seems that members are taking ownership of this project because it’s happening in our own backyard. Lee reported that Dave Nickum is talking about scaling back the expectations of what the ditch company will do with Greenback restoration—maybe just Long Draw and 2 miles above.

Old Business: The newsletter (affectionately known as the “Dennis edition”) will be going out tomorrow.

We are getting the postcard mailer together to send to the 300 members without e-mail. The postcard will include the “fall line-up” as it stand so far: Sept 10th Trail Gate Party, Sept 17th Day for Kids, Sept 18th Phantom Canyon maintenance, Sept 21st Grant Houx “Fall Fishing the Poudre”, Oct 19th Brian Maddox “Fishing Argentina & Chile”, Nov 16th Guest night featuring Bill Edrington “Fishing the Arkansas”, Dec 8th Holiday party at C.B. & Potts. Lee mentioned that he’ll need someone to run the September meeting and to make some announcements regarding business (the by-laws, etc.) since he’ll be on the Snake (poor guy—forced out for a few days of fishing on a gorgeous river...). Then he used the word “voluntold”—priceless!

The CTU Fall Rendezvous is coming to our town on Saturday Oct 1st. The prediction is that there will be approximately 30-45 people from around the state in attendance. We will need to provide a location for the general meetings and for some breakout sessions. Dave Nickum has expressed that his hope is that the meeting space is either donated or extremely low budget. The Senior Center was mentioned as a possibility. We will probably arrange for a special rate at a hotel or two here in town and then the attendees would be responsible for making their own hotel arrangements. There would probably be some interest from the attendees for fishing out home waters on either Saturday afternoon or Sunday. Then there was still the question about the mysterious banquet—which in the end the group decided against.

New Business: From here on the meeting changed pace and we gathered around the calendar to talk in broad and fine strokes about the activities for the coming year. Those who knew of dates eagerly added them to the large calendar. There was talk of the January meeting and the February fly-tying expo (maybe a t-shirt design for this year)—what could we add to make it even better? Talk of working conservation into our normal general meetings—10-15 minutes of conservation, followed by the fishing program. Maybe a positive wrap-up of all or some of the conservation goals that the club has met, or is working toward. Maybe a meeting where we focus on these projects (the membership meeting?, presented by those individual project coordinators?), then another where the focus is on the youth activities/camps. Talk of needing a committee (or at least a person or two to help Bruce) with the waste-line receptacle clean-out. Lee mentioned that with our newsletter and our website, members know what we’re doing—and we’re doing more than ever before! Maybe an equipment swap in the dead of winter (the membership meeting? the fly-tying expo?). More interactive programs—maybe casting or demos—maybe invite fly-rod dealers/reps and have them sponsored by the local fly shops. Sorry about this all being jumbled—but that was kind of how the conversations went…. It seemed like we were pretty well set—at least for the beginning of the year in September!

Finally, Action Items! Lee reminded us to keep thinking about the CTU Fall Rendezvous and that we would need a volunteer to run the September meeting. It was also decided that we would continue to hold the board meetings at Mulligan’s for the foreseeable future!

Meeting adjourned at 9:17pm.

Submitted by Melinda Macphearson
Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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