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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Board Meeting July 13, 2011

Those in attendance included: Phil Wright, Dave Piske, Dennis Cook, Stephanie Mullins, Charles Plunkett, Guy Turrene, Melinda Macpherson, Bryon Fessler, Lee Evans, Paul Wehr, Cullin Emsing and Dick Jefferies.

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm.

There was brief discussion about the Parks Advisory Board meeting which had been held the night before. The talk was about Narrows Park on the Big T and the proposal for the Hansons (the property owners to the East) to give a strip of riverfront access for a strip of land along the fence. They would also like to have the parking lot moved. The group renewed their concerns about maintaining fishing access in this area and agreed that we would continue to monitor the situation.

The previous minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: There was a new pledge donation from the United Way in the amount of $500. The donation came from the Larimer County’s Alexis de Toequeville Society (which administers the United Way charity funds) and the James Donnan Philanthropy Fund in Saratoga, WY. Lee gave Paul two bills for the mower machine from the Narrows cleanup project and for the doughnuts for that day. June was a pretty quiet month other than a donation from Otter Box in the amount of $1000 for youth outreach. Paul included some web statistics which showed an increase of activity on the web site from year to year.

Membership Report: There was some discussion about the Otter Box contribution. The active contacts in Constant Contact continue to rise. We now have 35 chapter acquired members for this fiscal year. If you added up the chapter acquired members for the last decade it wouldn’t be that many - this is a reason to celebrate! There will be a physical mailing to those member who don’t have e-mail addresses regarding the first fall meeting and the by-laws updates. This mailing should also include information for the year ahead and should go out by the end of August at the latest.

Youth Outreach Report: Final details were coming together for the youth day camp. There were five participants, perhaps another five from the Boys & Girls Club and one from Partners Mentoring Youth. We need van drivers for the day camps days. There would be fishing at both Phantom Canyon and Gateway Park and several curriculum improvements including adding more conservations hours and presenters. There was discussion about advertising next year in the Fort Collins Recreator magazine in the spring/summer which would cost around $700. We discussed marketing/advertising, adjusting the scheduling of the camp to draw more interest, the cost/benefit question (Dennis pointed out that the front end equipment costs were behind us and now it’s just the operational costs of approximately $2500 per year), and the idea of smaller, more frequent events throughout the year. Next, Dennis reported on Jake Ruthven and Sawyer Finley’s participation in the CTU camp.

For Trout in the Classroom next year we are looking for funding donors to repeat at Windsor High School and possibly add a second setup at Polaris Expeditionary High School (pending CDOW approval). We need volunteers to staff a booth at the Day for Kids Saturday September 17th. Finally, Dennis completed a survey of RMF’s activities for Larimer County GOCO - they are trying to explore reasons for the perceived “Nature Deficit Disorder”.

Nominations Committee: There will be an announcement in the newsletter for volunteers to join the committee. We’re stilling looking for a Vice President who will agree to run for President in a year and a couple of more members for the nominations committee. Everyone on the leadership council should consider themselves an extension of the nominations committee and should be talking to people and getting to know them and referring prospects to the Nominations Committee.

Old Business: Fly-rods - there was discussion about a buy back program that would ask members if they have a rod they would like to sell, they would be brought to the board for a yes/no approval and then these would be used in the raffles. Melinda mentioned the idea of a swap meet in the winter months. The discussion moved to reels—maybe we should start to raffle reels instead? Or purchasing rods from another shop? Then the idea of a voucher for a shop instead of a rod or reel. This would give members the opportunity to purchase what they needed rather than getting “stuck” with whatever was on the raffle table that night. The voucher idea might allow us to develop relationships with several of the local shops (“this month’s sponsor is...”) and would help to drive traffic to the local shops. Lee will explore the voucher concept with the local shop owners.

The Dream Raffle: We discussed all the things we would need to gather in order to hold a dream raffle (rod, reel, backing, line, flies, trip, vest, etc.). A motion was made to table the Dream Raffle discussion until we have an assessment of the proposed voucher program and the profitability of the fly-tying expo.

CTU Fall Rendezvous: To be held sometime the first week in October. We will need to secure meeting space and sleeping rooms and will need to contact Nickum from CTU to nail down some details for the event. There was a question of whether anyone from National TU would be in attendance. And some discussion about a mysterious tribute banquet during the rendezvous time and what those funds should go toward (a fundraiser for a scholarship? Native trout restoration projects?)

Fly Tying Special Interest Group (SIG): The idea is to get together once a month to tie flies. Someone mentioned that there is already a group in existence at New Belgium on Wednesday (Beer and Bugs) and that maybe we should just help to promote the group that it already in existence. Cullin will find out some details of that event.

Fishing Trips: The Delaney Buttes trip was fantastic and included some night fishing! We discussed trying to find some folks to coordinate some of these trips. That there should maybe be a combination of day trips and overnights (maybe a trip in the fall and spring?) and that we should have a “blurb” in the next newsletter about fishing trips.

Fish counters for sale: Nope

Larimer County Fair booth: We need to staff a booth at the Larimer County Fair the first weekend in August (the 5th or 6th?). Dennis agreed to make initial contacts and forward the information to Lee to coordinate the booth.

New Business: We will try to hold an August retreat on Sunday August 7th at Lee’s house at approximately 2pm. We were all charged to look at our calendars and to see if that was a possibility, if not we will have a board meeting on August 10th. [ed note: Commitment conflicts necessitate having our regular meeting on the 10th.] The purpose of the retreat will be to settle next year’s calendar, speakers and the Holiday party. We were all told to think about some speakers that we would be interested in pursuing for next year’s schedule.

Raffle items: Our stash of raffle items is dwindling. We were all asked to examine our basements/garages and see if there were items that we could donate to the raffle.

Board Meeting Locations: We should be looking for a place (hopefully a free place) to hold our board meetings (Lee mentioned that the President feeling like he has to host the board meetings in his home might be one reason why no one wants to volunteer!) It was the hope of the Board that we could find a free or inexpensive place that would be consistent every month (rather than having to move around to a new location each month).

Trail Gate kick-off: August 6th is the Trail Gate Party kick-off at Gateway Park. They are still looking for 6-10 more people to volunteer their time that day. The Gardner’s will arrange a picnic for the volunteers that day.

Sawyer Finley is looking for a rod building mentor - some possibilities were mentioned.

We are still looking for someone to be the Membership Chair once Bryon steps down in September.

Lee mentioned that we still need Fish Tales for the website.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Submitted by
Melinda Macpherson, Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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