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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain FlyCasters TU Chapter
Board Meeting April 13, 2011

Present: Dave Piske, Phil Wright, Melinda, Cullen Emsing, Paul Wehr, Bryon Fessler, Dennis Cook, Greg Evans, Lee Evans.

Guests: Dave Nickum, exec dir CTU, and Susan Shafer and Kathryn of the Natural Areas Fort Collins.

Meeting Call to Order 7:15 with introductions all around.

President Lee Evans gave a short report on the recent booth at the Larimer County Fishing and Outdoor Show and thanked the 13 volunteers who ran the booth. He felt like we may have recruited some youth for the summer’s activities. He then moved the agenda to hear our guests.

New Business:

Dave P. introduced Susan and Kathryn as connected to friends of a coworker who is now a new member, Ryan Kogot. Dave met with these representatives of Fort Collins Natural Areas management to see how our chapter may be able to help with their volunteer projects. They narrowed the discussion to four opportunities they hoped our chapter could join. Susan thanked the board for the invitation and remarked she had recently been introduced to fly fishing and found it to be tranquil on the river. She gave an annotated orientation about her job, history, and mission of the Natural Areas to ‘preserve areas for biologic processes, education and recreational opportunities.’

In no order of preference, the four volunteer opportunities were outlined:

  • Adopt a Trail program near Gateway Park or around Dixon Reservoir. ( 2 different projects)
  • Fishing line collection project – collect line and empty receptacles for public use then send old line to Berkley Inc. for recycling into fish habitat structures.
  • Volunteer (at least 15) for a combined family fishing outing/ cull the carp overpopulating a pond near 1-25.

The Board thanked the ladies for their time and promised to get back to them after a board decision, if any, was reached. They left with many a fond good byes and many a thanks for coming to the house.

Dave Nickum, CTU Executive Director, then was yielded the floor to give an update on the Long Draw Mitigation Settlement. The current situation is “hurry up and wait.” He recently heard some serious conversation by Alex Davis of the DOW on suggesting TU and Water Supply try to get USFS to embrace a rendition of our original mitigation solution but give the combined efforts some “checkpoints” by which the USFS could gauge our progress or lack thereof, thereby retaining control of the Supply Company efforts to meet the designs of the court. This approach has the precedent of a successful outcome in a similar situation on the South Platte. A meeting in early May to discuss this approach is in the planning.

If this approach were to be approved and the project started, our obligation as a chapter would not require complete attention by our chapter alone and efforts would be spread over a 10-12 year range. We could participate in 1) finding Funding resources 2) volunteers for assessments such as we have already been doing as pointed out by Phil, barrier construction, and other duties and 3) Public outreach and education of the necessity of the project with its eradication of non native fish species.

In this scenario, the Park Service and USFS would call the shots, but the DOW would participate and may be the agency to glue the various participants together. CTU and NTU would help with grants, funding, introduction to Private Foundations willing to help non profits. Our Chapter would not be solely responsible for the project success.

Dave, on a different subject, invited our Board, as interested individuals, to a May 16 meeting at the Boulder Nature Conservancy called by CU to further discuss the genetic issues of the Colorado cutthroat subspecies differentiation. The meeting is not open to the public at this point with the implication that the last media feeding frenzy on this topic was not pleasant.

Following these comments, Dave stayed on for a short time to hear the rest of the meeting and was heartily thanked for coming.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved with corrections.

Treasurer Report: $9198 gen fund, $849 Raffle fund that included payment in advance of the Senior Center meeting area. A spread sheet was distributed and the President remarked that a check to the Behnke Scholarship Fund for $500, should be sent this next month.

Membership: 830 current members with a chapter record 28 new members this year.

Youth Activities: Dennis asked the Board’s help to recruit youth at area churches.

  • TIC: Forty healthy fish remain. Sixteen fish of questionable health were euthanized and studied by a representative from DOW. The fish are nearing the size suitable for planting in a river. In all it was estimated 50-80 students were exposed to this project at Windsor High School, 10 students took a special interest in the project and of those 6 were very diligent in their responsibilities. Dennis will look for sponsorship for next year, and the project may grow to two schools as a teacher at Polaris has stepped forward with a desire and administrative approval.
  • BSA – not enough kids signed up for the badge to run the program, we had volunteers ready.
  • FC Boys and Girls Club – we will host a series of classes for the children as our part of the trade with education and transportation. A report distributed at the meeting has details.

Old Business:

Newsletter, the new deadline for submission seemed to work. March had its highest open rate of 45% which is much better than the average non profit rate of 20%. Conservation issues get the highest hits and Bryon attained the board’s permission to continue monthly editions this Summer. Content is needed.

It was mentioned that the Day Camp Youth Submission deadline was May 30.

We did an action alert. The board discussed and came to consensus this was okay with our constant contact emails if the alerts were few, conservation minded, and screened by the President.

It was noted by the President that the Senior Center double booked the room for our April general meeting. To avoid problems, the board approved the meeting be delayed by one half hour and a late notice will go out to the membership in the newsletter. Lee will contact Speaker Pat Dorsey. Lee will look at options for receiving members and guests who show at the regular time. A motion carried that up to $200 could be spent for appropriate appeasement treats or sundries should our options look poor at the time of the general meeting.

The Bylaws Committee has postponed its review of the new NTU bylaws suggestions until this summer.

Once more, the President noted the Nomination Committee had received no nominations for President, VP, or the two members at large. No member had volunteered to host the next board meeting in May given the absence of the President and Secretary during the regular meeting time. Unless something changes, the May General Meeting on May 18 will be the next meeting of the board and its quorum and elections will proceed with an incomplete slate. It is unknown at this time how the chapter will proceed or survive after the May 18th meeting.

Dave Piske has completed his due diligence on the investigation of fishery health below the Idlewylde Dam on the Big Thompson and suggests no action or comments on the recertification process of that structure.

Finally the board moved to adopt two projects suggested by Natural Areas Fort Collins. In ranked order, the chapter would like to take charge of (and possibly brand) the fish line collection receptacles and the Adopt A Trail at Gateway Park.

The meeting was adjourned on a move and a second at approximately 9:20 p.m.

These meeting minutes humbly submitted by chapter secretary Greg Evans.

For corrections and or requests for copies and archives, I can be reached through a message to the secretary or 970 481 6728 until August 2011. I wish this chapter and future board a heartfelt good luck. Lastly, I wish to acknowledge with gratitude the many fine individuals who have seen this chapter through thick and thin for the past 12 years of my board participation. I count all as friends, many still current, some moved on, and one deceased. It has been quite a journey, and I must say I have received much more than I have given. Thank you, Greg Evans.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019