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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Board Minutes for March 9, 2011/ corrected draft 3/15

Meeting was called to order at 7:04 by Lee Evans

Attending: Walt Gaul, Melinda, Phil, Paul Wehr, Dave, Dennis, Lee, Bryon, Greg ,Guy, and Cullen

Presidents report: “Nee Ner Nee Ner Nee Ner” Lee reminded those present that some at any earlier meeting thought a goal of $3000 for the fly expo was unattainable. We attained it! He was not cocky enough to agree to a third term as baited. Lee noted the Colorado State Parks and Colorado DOW may be combining agencies. While the chapter has no official comments on this, undercurrent speculation was briefly entertained.

Conner Murphy requested and received a LOR for the Big Horn National Youth Camp to serve as an Emissary. You would think Montana would not use a term like emissary unless tortured. Good luck to Conner.

Nonprofits, including ours cannot both fund and select recipients of scholarships or youth camp participants. Individuals however, are still allowed to call rules stupid and can badmouth the IRS.

Minutes: Clarified and accepted with no specific comment on the stunning wordsmithing found therein.

Treasurers Report: Final report of Expo proceeds noted $3726 in income. The rod winner, our own Paul Fromme, in another selfless act of generosity to add to his astonishing streak of luck in raffle winnings after buying large numbers of tickets, donated the rod back to the chapter, AGAIN. This offset expenses bringing the net income to $3155.

The general fund has $8933 and the Raffle fund $1113. It was noted the chapter is again in the black over 10 big ones. That has not occurred since approximately 1999. We are now also MAKING money on every general meeting due to Ken Eis’ relocation of the meeting to the Senior Center.

Membership: We have 21 new members and received a “kudos” call from NTU recognizing our growth and recruitment (Bryon is the Dude!) Even more telling is the growth of our newsletter, now boasting more than 860 current email addresses. This is a 200 person increase in one year.

Youth Activities Report: Trout in the Classroom had a nervous learning experience when 150 fish were recently lost due to negligent water treatment. This effectively eliminated the earlier problem of too many fish for the size of the tank. Approximately 200 fish were successfully relocated to the new area at Windsor HS.

Day Camp plans and preparations are ahead of schedule. Three grants are now pending to augment funding. We are currently looking for 3 more dry suites. All private properties are confirmed for camp use. The application has been downloaded 5 times and Dennis is in the process of contacting schools and youth activities for camp advertisement. Lee agreed to help with recruitment.

Boy Scouts have put our Merit Badge Day Class April 2 on their website.

Larimer County Boys and Girls Club- we are working on dates for ongoing fishing classes. These will be held after school and number eight in all. This fulfills our obligation of trade for transportation for summer Day Camp.


Expo recap and eval – Various improvements were discussed including strategies to have the right amount of food on hand. This year worked very well but stop gap measures were discussed. Thank you letters were sent to all tiers. And, most significantly, Lee agrees to run the Expo again next year!

Newsletter: Bryon requested the deadline for submission be moved to the first of each month with a hard deadline the Monday before the board meeting. He reiterated the Newsletter is a teaser on various subjects that direct readers to our website for more details. As such, the submissions need be in paragraph form, no bullets, with links and pictures submitted to the webmaster to accompany the story as pictures through Constant Contact are limited by our contract size.

Recording Hours: Only four members could turn in hours within two days if a public disaster occurred. That pointed out that the rest of us pretty much make up the numbers at the end of the year. This seems to be in compliance with the NTU bylaw recommendations. Finger wagging ensued briefly at which point it was noted no cookies where at the meeting. Just two bowls of popcorn, one for Greg and the other for the rest of the board who kindly used the available serving bowls.

NTU bylaws are currently being reviewed by the Committee Who Reviews Bylaws and will be presented for discussion next board meeting, the last of our current president, by the way.

CTU Gala was acknowledged. Dennis will be working the event.

Elections are in May! Hurray! Please look deep within your heart and come up with some good reasons to resist the arm twisting that an increasingly desperate but resolute President will begin any day now. Come on, we all need to be officers at least once or twice! Think of the benefits! Glamour! Recognition!

Speakers were reviewed. Bill Dvorak for March, Pat Dorsey for April and Steve Schweitzer for May. A worksheet was put together to recruit next year’s speakers by someone TBA.


Re-licensing of the Idlewilde Dam by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (known as the DAM FEDS) is up for consideration. Dave looked extensively into past and recent fisheries data to determine if our chapter should file a concern with the process. In coordination with Alpine Anglers and Ben Swigle of DOW, Dave reports we have no current concerns. This may change after DOW conducts new investigations that may find a nexus between sediments deposited in the reservoir and Whirling disease. It has been noted that fish numbers are okay above and below the dam, but rainbows are virtually nonexistent below the impoundment. Stay tuned.

Big T properties: Walt attended our meeting and graciously waited until new business to file a report of the recent activities of the committee activity relating to the unsold county properties on the BIG T. Recent press releases seem to be missing the point that sales of the land could still occur with fishing easements, thus meeting the letter of the law about retaining fishing access, but in actuality severely limiting public access. It was also noted the area on the North side of the river at Narrows Park is county property and can be accessed despite prominent signs posted to the contrary and an encroachment of a barn on county land. Various members were heard to lick their lips at the prospect of legally fishing the deep hole just up from the park on the other side of the river.

Walt will keep us appraised and urged us to contact Steve Johnson to appeal our case. Lee will ask to be part of the email list for meetings and we will be poised to jump like the grey (mostly) panthers we are. I know that title was used before. How about Bull Trout, too endangered, Brood Stock? Okay, offer your own.

RMFC Brochures have been printed at a discount price negotiated by Cullen from Citizen Printing. As soon as we get rid of the old ones, these ones will be distributed. Paul picked them up and they are safe at his home by the front door.

President Lee again mentioned the upcoming elections and the fact that neither he nor Greg will be able to host the May 11 Board meeting before the May Gen Meeting (when elections are held.) When someone steps up to host that meeting, Lee will let everyone know.

Eagles Nest Trail Maintenance: Guy is looking at dates for a clean up in the Spring and again in the Fall. We need 12 volunteers at that time.

Phantom Canyon: Reconnoitering is being done to look at the trails before the end of the month. Likely a trail crew will be recruited to repair the trail. Guy did confirm that fishing may be possible on that day for the crew although that water is just too pretty to fish. We anticipate another big runoff down the canyon which will no doubt be a boon for fish recruitment and growth. “To Dream the impossible Dream…To Fish the, well it’s getting late.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:17pm

Humbly submitted by your soon to be released secretary.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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