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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Fly Casters
Board Meeting Minutes
Feb 9, 2011

As board meetings go, this one went. As secretaries go, this one is going. But more of that later…

The Meeting was called to order by Lee Evans at 7:10 p.m. at his dining room table. He warmly welcomed Melinda Macpherson, who is visiting the meeting with an interest in our chapter. Those also present with a similar interest in our chapter were: Phil Wright, Guy Turenne, Dave Piske, Dennis Cook, Bryon Fessler, Cullen Emsing , Paul Wehr, and Greg Evans.

President Report: After warmly welcoming Melinda, Lee sent his well wishes on behalf of the board to Ken Eis who was not able to attend due to his continued treatment for an illness. We also wished Jim Lilly a speedy recovery from experimental heart waterproofing sponsored by Simms. Lee noted he will not be at the May Board meeting, then promptly assigned the meeting organization to Greg. Greg, in turn, did NOT point out that it was the duty of the VP not the Secretary to do so. Lee has been busy with the EXPO this past month but will discuss later in the meeting.

Minutes: Corrections to the minutes were recorded and the minutes were amended prior to the meeting. They were approved as corrected by unanimous vote.

Tres Report: Taking a page from the corrected and approved minutes perhaps, Paul stated “We still have money.” Copies of the report were distributed and discussed. A mention of appreciation for the report was heard. Last month’s raffle of $319 was a banner take. Paul also distributed donor detail sheets that will better capture information we may need from our donors for recognition and possibly future appeals.

Membership: Bryon reported our membership stands at 823, and we are seeing a continual increase in membership as well as email addresses and interest in our newsletter. Too good to be true, the big CA nonprofit is dropping out of our chapter to be put in a local CA chapter at the urging of NTU. All our day camp members are now officially chapter members, and Bryon will be watching closely for our new member rebates from NTU that should be deposited any day now…

Youth Outreach: Things are progressing for the Day Camp but nothing needs board action as of today. Dennis did alert that he may move later this year to request $3000 in funds for youth activities that was approved last year but not needed that year. He mentioned our Day Camp cost would be less next year after waders and boots were purchased this year. The Fish for the TIC project are ranging in size from sub 1 inch to 2.5 inches. They have not yet been moved to their new location. In addition, up to 200 fish may need to be culled in order to allow the rest to survive in their tank as they get bigger. A brief tangential discussion was had by the board speculating on the cannibalistic tendencies of sub parr rainbow trout and if the big ones would eat the little ones, but no authority was present to put the matter to rest and it was dropped after only brief meditation. At that point the President mentioned his wife had made cookies and the plate was passed. It seemed to perk up the catch and release contingent among us.

Old Business: Lee began a lengthy discussion of the organization for the EXPO with the quote; “Let’s beat the Expo to Death.” In the next 40 minutes we did just that but the details were lost to history. That’s just in case some future TU person is now reading these minutes in hopes of making life easier. Not so fast, buster!

All right, all right. In the minutes will be included a map layout of the expo showing the tying tables, food delivery area, and silent raffle location in the middle. Don’t forget the four tables selling entry tickets at two double doors so as not to get a bottle neck and mob rush. For posterity, the food tickets will be blue and numbered so when 100 are given out the kitchen will be alerted that we may then not have enough food for 150, and that will trigger the early food prevention mechanism from Bryon’s crack team. In addition the beginner’s table will have a bucket raffle like the other tying tables, but it will be for a tying kit rather than the flies tied at the table for obvious reasons.

At this point in the meeting, it was moved and seconded then passed with discussion, no less that Bob’s Fly Tying Kit be used as the raffle prize.

Paul is in charge of name plates for the tiers, and everyone will bring a power cord for light at the tying tables. Okay, you mooching newbie of the future, here’s a tip: The Tying tables will be around the PERIMETER of the room so the power cords will not be tripped over as they go from the wall outlets to the tables. There, happy now? (Kids these days, want everything on a silver platter and all that.)

Website improvements look “fantastic” said Lee to Paul. We then looked at user usage over the last two years. It was thought newsletter links to the website was benefiting both areas. This prompted a suggestion that the President’s beat be slightly different than the newsletter introduction so as not to be too, overlapping or redundant with similar information or viewpoints given twice for the discerning reader.

In a separate observation by the board, Dave Piske was congratulated for being the most discerning reader on the board. He is a damn fine editor too. You still reading, Dave?

New Business: The CTU Rendezvous is set for April 15-17th in Redstone. $750 is budgeted for three members to go. In a peculiar piece of statesmanship, Lee suggested the next attendees should really be the future leadership of the chapter. This was met with an array of averted eyes and interest in the bottom of various drinking containers. It was suggested that Dennis Cook, who is teaching at the Rendezvous should have reimbursement reserved for him. A motion on the matter was assumed to be needed later.

Larimer County Fishing Show’s new dates are Apr 2,3. We think these are the real dates. Do we want a booth? Various responses were heard, no motion made.

National River Clean Up Day II as announced by NTU will be June 18th. We plan on cleaning up Narrow’s Park even though it’s run off and we don’t have any signage from the county as promised.

March 11 is the CTU Gala. Our chapter could sponsor a table for $750. Our new leadership could sit at it.

Discussion of upcoming general meeting speakers was had. Dennis knows Pat Dorsey, and Pat told Dennis he would like to come up. Dennis will follow up with Pat and the board really hopes Pat can make it! If not we are working on speaker for April and May. Bill Dvorak will be March’s speaker.

NTU is mandating its local chapters adopt certain clauses into their by laws. A reading of these mandates closely mirror the recent updates we added ourselves. Lee will report on these additions in the future. Dennis suggested that we adopt one of them right away. He thinks we should allow the President to run for a 3rd consecutive term. Lee rebuked that suggestion with,” Love you, nice of you to say, ain’t gonna happen.” He appeared sincere on all three counts.

Eagles Nest: The county is redoing its trail maps as an excuse for no contact this last Fall. They plan to contact us in late February regarding future work days. It was suggested to Guy that he ask about sponsorship signage as it was observed other volunteer groups have been recognized on the trail head.

It was moved and passed that the chapter spend $175 on the discounted printing of 500 RMFC brochures by Citizen printing. These brochures will be used to educate potential new members and donors about our chapter. Cullen will follow up with this and fill out a donation detail noting Citizen’s discount as an in kind donation for $115.

The meeting was adjourned at about 9:30pm. Bring those power cords!

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019