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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Board Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2011

Hey, do you remember how The War of the Worlds starts? The new one. Tom Cruise gets off work to find his pregnant ex-wife dropping off the kids, him trying to reconnect, you wondering at such a pointless state of affairs and self consciously reflecting on your own life and then the aliens come? Yea, I am typing these notes wondering IF the aliens will come, and soon.

The meeting was NOT called to order for the President’s report. So suffice it to say some informal comments were said by the president, nothing libelous mind you, but they were left out of the minutes.

The meeting WAS called to order at 7:17. By the President, with no further comments.

Minutes were approved. Those present were (and if you were there but aren’t here let me know): Paul Fromme, Paul Wehr, Cullen Emsing, Ken Eis, Greg Evans, Bryon Fessler, Lee Evans, Dave Piske.

Treasurer’s report: Given by Paul Wehr with a back up disk to the secretary. The holiday party spent $1177.31 on food and rental, brought in $690 with actual costs rounded to $482 and was noted to be below the budget projection of $500. President interjected with a request to log your volunteer hours and asked if Paul would kindly resend his log spreadsheet. The 990-N Form problems with the IRS and CTU continue after an inadvertent use of CTU’s EIN number making Dave Coulson the Director of CTU in the eyes of the IRS. It was thought this problem was laid to rest but Paul is still working to correct the lengthy repercussions. The Board unanimously shared their condolences for Dave thinking what his expression would have been when he learned he was Director of CTU. The Chapter remains in good financial standing.

Membership Report: Bryon Fessler gave the report with spreadsheet. Highlights included membership at the $1000 level by True North, a California charity group, but we don’t see that money. NTU continues to grapple with membership classification for our Day Campers. Twenty new members was the official count of the Guest Night Membership drive and Bryon has been scolded for taking renewal money for NTU. And he appeared really sorry, let the minutes state. Bryon is also keeping careful track of the new members so NTU will pay us the rebates we have coming. We get the impression they don’t have as good a handle on that as we now do. 804 members.

Youth Activities Report: Lee, Dave, Bryon, and Dennis saw the TIC fish. They are about 3 inches long and down to 407. The school will be moving the tank and has a plan to do so with lots of kids learning in the process. The project appears to be a roaring success, the school has plans to present their project at Ag conferences and act as a model for other Weld High Schools. It seems urban kids enrolling in 4H are looking to this project to satisfy their agriculture projects. Everyone is happy. Not the fish. RMFC is not taking a position on whether the fish are happy. That would constitute an opinion as to whether fish are capable of higher order cognitive function, emotion and by extension the recognition of pain as an emotional trauma rather than simply a stimulus causing flight instincts. We have no official opinion, being a cold water conservation club as stated in our bylaws.

Old Business: Fly Tying Expo for Feb 16th. We have sponsors that will be listed on the advertisement. We have advertisement fliers that will be printed by Big Grins and paper supplied by Cullen Emsing. We have tiers and back up tiers. Bryon is working on food and will utilize Boy Scouts to serve it. Everything is slated for success, please bring power cords. The Board toured the new and used items to be used for the silent auction or to prop up the fly tying tables. This tour was cut short by the madam of the house who was disturbed in her reality TV show viewing.

We have purchased 5 rods for $562 that include our logo engraved on the rods.
This space left intentionally blank: <blank space>

Long Draw Mitigation: The recorded decision by the USFS was appealed by CTU with our input. It has come back rejected. Water Supply and Storage also appealed the decision and their appeal is yet to return. If that appeal is rejected, it is not clear how or when the greenback restoration plan will proceed.

Dave P. reported he is working with CTU to explore various paths of actions that may salvage portions or all of the greenback restoration plan.

Halligan Seaman project: The Shared Vision plan is at the end of funding so is now in recess. Two possible avenues of further funding were not successful. However, the Corps of Engineers is now in the process of rewriting their EIS for NISP, and it is thought this new EIS will take and expanded view to include the watershed and Halligan Seaman. The matter has become very complicated with many bodies of water impacted, but the report is expected sometime late this year nonetheless.

RMFC is aware of a non-profit called Wildland Restoration Volunteers. They have opened an office in Fort Collins and have the ability to generate large numbers of volunteers. They may be a future cooperative partner should projects such as habitat restoration become available.

Natural Area Improvement monies are being cut. Bob Streeter alerts us to be in on discussions of what needs to be done in those areas on a volunteer basis.

Big T Access: Walt urges the Board to attend the upcoming County Commissioners meeting and is pushing to make a decision on the remaining county properties to be done with it. He also urges individuals to write letter to their commissioners.

Narrows Park: Our county representative has been abducted by aliens (see above) but we still plan to clean the park at our annual river clean up, tentatively slated for June 13th, 2011. We still do not have the signs in the park we were promised. The president is working on that as we did not hear in his report he didn’t give.

New Business: For those of you still reading these minutes, you may call Cullen for your FREE pile of fliers to distribute! Good Job!

Newsletter: A discussion ensued on how to list Expo sponsors as donors to the chapter and noted in the newsletter and website. Byron and Paul will work on this as well as figure out their pixel preferences for logos. The board members were generally pleased to be educated on such matters as pixel size, print versus digital imaging, and grouping considerations. No one complained or slit their wrists. Yet.

The President again reported that he will be leaving office in May and encouraged board members to run for office to continue the chapter. It was duly noted no pins were heard to drop following this entreaty. The president then said he would try to lure new members to the board meetings so they could take over leadership positions in May.

Expo at the Ranch: If anyone hears about the expo let us know so we can put up our new tent! Paul Fromme commented his last Budweiser Center Fishing Expo experience was an occasion for undisturbed rest under the TU banner. Kids casting and Girls in Waders were briefly discussed.

Paul Fromme then entertained the Board with a money making idea selling police quality LED flashlights he can get from a “guy” for about a quarter the cost of retail. Some discussion ensued on the state of our online sales store. Paul Wehr noted he had sole one hat. One. Child labor was questioned, but no specs were available for the lights.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20pm

Minutes humbly submitted by a “guy” who will graciously receive all corrections at secretary's email (eatmyshortsguffstason@gmail.com is copyrighted).

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019