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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Board Minutes
December 8, 2010

Ah, a wonderful relaxed evening waiting for the teapot to whistle, listening to Christmas tunes, near the gas fireplace. Writing up the TU minutes doesn’t sound so bad. Nostalgia sets in. I’ve been doing something with RMF for a while now. And now, with only five board meetings left to fabricate minutes for, what would I pass on to the next Secretary? Who would that be? Do I have any words of advice? Is the future Secretary reading these minutes right now? Can’t wait to find out….

Our meeting was called to order at the home of Lee Evans at 7:08 pm. Present for a quorum were: Cullen Emsing, Paul Wehr, Dave Piske, Guy Turrene, Ken Eis, Bryon Fessler, Greg Evans, and Dennis Cook besides our illustrious Pres, Lee Evans.

President report was brief and described a skewed view of fishing at Grey Reef. The President lamented that streamer fishing requires you have to be a jerk on one end of the line to get a jerk on the other. That reworked, plagiarized saying was met with mixed reviews and it was noted Lee did not catch any fish of note streamer fishing. He did however have plenty of sour grapes during and after his trip. His son caught and released a 21.5 inch fish of remarkable girth at the Reef estimated at about 5 pounds, sink tip line, morning glory streamer.

Minutes of last meeting were approved with revisions collected by Lee Evans prior to this evening’s meeting. Lee recorded minutes in place of Greg who was on unpaid administrative leave pending the investigation last month.

Treasurer’s report was delivered by Paul Wehr accompanying a two page, multi colored spread sheet. Summarizing the report; we are flush with about 15 big ones.

Membership report was delivered by Byron Fessler, also in spread sheet fashion, downloaded from Constant Contact and contradicting the antiquated data base of NTU. Summarizing, we have about as many members as we did last month and year. Of note, CDOW is now a sponsoring member.

Our Guest Night netted 21 new members and 8 renewals for about $345 chapter proceeds that will doubtless show up on the above mentioned treasurer’s spreadsheet in 13 months, subject to the capabilities of the also fore mentioned NTU software.

Youth Activities Report was delivered by Dennis Cook in a word document of only one page given the off season. The Windsor HS TIC is doing well with 408 fish that will soon outgrow their tank, and board members will visit the classroom on Dec 14th. A fish fry was suggested following the visit but quickly dropped with no discussion save stern stares. Despite extensive and expensive testing of eggs and water by the CDOW, the fish are still feared to be contaminated so will not be released directly into a river but held in some pond where the children of Windsor HS are encouraged to visit and name their pets until they are cleared of any to-be- identified pathogens and ready to be exposed to the already known and largely ignored pathogens of the entire Colorado watershed at a date to be determined. Did I mention CDOW donated $100 to become a RMFC sponsor?

Day Camp (abbreviated name, you know what I mean) secured transportation from Larimer County Boys and Girls Club and possible future funding after a very excited director got a plaque to show his buddies. Some board members suggested giving him a puppy or small trout from you know where to get him really excited, but no motion was suggested nor seconded. In January, the Day Camp will be advertised so kids can sign up in February for dates in July. Competition appears to be heating up for available slots.

Old Business: The Holiday Party (abbreviated name, you know, the Christmas End of Year Blow Out) will be held at CB Potts on Horsetooth and it’s all taken care of including the RSVPs even one from a couple that did not RSVP. The handling of the rod raffle, and white elephant exchange was painfully discussed ad nauseum, but I went to sit in the bathroom until the voices stopped.

Rod purchases will be arranged with Elkhorn Rods. By unanimous voice vote, the board approved the Pres to purchase five rods in the $80-90 dollar range and drive a hard bargain. Board members requested the bulk of rods be in the 3 to 4 wt class, four piece.

Speaker for General Meetings: January 19, 2011 Brian Shipley of Kingfisher Drifters on Delaney Buttes. March, April and May—don’t bother me I am working on it more or less.

Budget: FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE CHAPTER A BUDGET WAS DISCUSSED AND APPROVED BY THE RMF BOARD! Hearty congratulations to all; it was a long journey and present members acknowledged standing on the shoulders of past member accomplishments to reach this auspicious milestone. Those accomplishments, and the fact that we have Paul Wehr, who took a few dozen hours to actually do it instead of just talking about it.

Expo: The tie flying expo was officially set on Wednesday Feb 16th by board consensus. The CRC committee is no longer in charge of the Expo, which will be now organized by one sole board member, Lee Evans, as is our tradition of running individual members attempting fundraising into the dirt. It was decided that the entrance fee would be $20 with students at half price. Admission would include 5 raffle tickets for the bucket raffle, dinner and admission. Bryon will be cooking with help from his homies at Texas Roadhouse, who plan to donate about half the food. Rod raffle and silent auction were also discussed. Admonishments were delivered unto the President about various ideas and way of accomplishing things. Members will bring power cords.

New Business: The Board approved keeping with five free raffle tickets for any new members registering at a General meeting.

A proposal to buy a laptop computer was discussed. Ken Eis among others volunteered to bring his laptop to meetings to run the projector now that Phil Wright can no longer bring his. The matter was dropped without a motion.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm without cookies. Popcorn recipes were exchanged.

Greg Evans, Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019